Halloween @ CPAC

KLONDIKE, CP Army World Media Headquarters – The month of October is upon us which means it’s nearly time for Halloween to take charge of the community. Halloween is a holiday celebrated all around the world and it will be no different here at CPAC.

With Halloween coming up, we are taking the opportunity to tell you all of the festivities that CPAC has got planned for this years Halloween. These events have been planned by the CP Army World Media staff in hopes to make Halloween an enjoyable event at CPAC.

Paranormal Pumpkin Site Hunt

Much like we did with the Easter Egg hunt, and much like we did with the Summer Sun Hunt, we are going to be hosting a Paranormal Pumpkin Site Hunt on CPAC and SMAP in which we will hide 12 Pumpkins with numbers on around the two sites. It will then be up to you guys to find the Pumpkins and the people who do it the fastest, will win prizes.

Ghostly Graphics

CP Army World Media sites will get a new look as ghostly graphics take over our sites. Both CPAC and SMAP will see new and exclusive themed Halloween headers added to our sites to celebrate the Halloween festivities. The Halloween Headers will be added a couple of weeks in preparation for the Halloween Holiday.

Spooky Story Contest

Fancy yourself as a young Steven Fry? Well now is your chance to make a Spooky Story involving Club Penguin Armies. They will then be read by a panel of CP Army World Media Judges with too much time on their hands and then we will choose a winner to receive a prize. The story will also be published onto CP Army Central and SM Army Press.

Bewitched Background Music

CPAWM will be getting background music with the theme of Halloween put on the sites. CP Army Central will be hosting “Electro Spook” while SM Army Press will be hosting “This is Halloween” from the Nightmare before Christmas movie. The background music will be added to the site along with the Ghostly Graphics.

CPAWM Halloween Party

The CPAWM staff will take to Club Penguin in order to host a recorded Halloween Party. You can either choose to dress up in Halloween Gear, Wear your armies uniform or simply dress up like Zakster’s mom! All will be invited to the Halloween Party and we will be on CPAC chat too in order to host a Chat Party before and after.

Halloween Movie Night

CPAWM will be finding a staff member to host a Halloween Movie Night which will stream many different Halloween themed movies throughout the night to get you in the mood for the holiday. If you are able to be the Movie Night host, please contact Zakster or Mach on XAT or KIK.

CPAWM will also be hosting things such as an October Legends Induction on both SM Army Press and CP Army Central. We hope you look forward to celebrating the Halloween Holiday with us! 

Zing King To

CP Army World Media Chief Vice President (CVP)


16 Responses

  1. Sounds like fun.

  2. Gonna be a fish. Yeah. Gonna be a fluffy fish. Yeah! Gonna be a fluffy fish with pumpkin spice coffee! Yeah!! I just realized we’re out of coffee. Yea- NOOOO!!!

  3. In all seriousness, the party’s GONNA BE EPIC!

  4. On CP I’m gonna be a weirdo. Irl, idk yet. THIS GONNA BE FABULOUS.

  5. Oooooooo. This sounds great. Got me all excited and stuff lol

  6. spooky story contest?

    shit just look at my cp army career

  7. spooky scary party sounds good

  8. screw Zakster mom

  9. Nice, 3 posts in a row too lol.

  10. “Ghostly Graphics”

    Yet we can’t even get AR in the header. Hmm…

    Just teasing.

    • Header definitely needs a facelift in regards to changing the customs. LT is dead and the Nachos are SMAP half the time.

  11. I’m gonna try out for the spooky story contest 😀

  12. sounds fun

  13. If you want a spooky story contest just take Lindsay Lohan’s biography.

  14. What does Zak’s mum dress like?

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