Editorial: Get Rid Of DCP? Stop Being Hypocrites

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters, Zing’s Office – The Doritos of CP have recently caused a lot of controversy, not only in the media but it’s being discussed everywhere – from DCP Rebellion Blogs to XAT Chats. Throughout all of it however, a lot of people are showing off what they are – Hypocrites.

Note: The following post is an editorial and contains the writer’s personal opinion. It does not represent the views of CPAC as a whole.

Anyone who has read the special report written by Zakster knows the basics of what has been happening with the Dorito’s but what I found to be extremely interesting on that post, was not the content – but the comments section.  As of this writing, there are currently 124 comments – but a couple really stand out.

For the sake of providing context in regards to the Multilogging Allegations put forward against the Doritos, I’ve placed the video above for you to educate yourself on what is currently going on. If you’ve not currently read Zakster’s post, I suggest you read that before this.

“CPAC is just a news site”

My apologies for sounding cliché, but if I had a penny for everytime I heard the above quote, I’d have more money than what I get for working for CPAWM! CP Army Central was designed to inform the community about the goings on. We were designed as a news site, 5+ years later we are still a news site.

When CPAC tried to help armies with the Server Draft at the beginning of the Summer, people said “CPAC is just a news site.” People accused us of trying to run and dictate armies. They accused us of trying to become a Government, a Government that has no legitimacy.

As a result of the Pack Mentality of the community now siding against DCP, suddenly now you’ve all changed your mind. No longer is it “CPAC is just a news site.” Now it’s “CPAC needs to do something about DCP not just post about it!”.

A DCP hate site set up, (will probably protest bullying soon though)

A DCP hate site set up, (will probably protest bullying soon though)

I’m now going to take a look at just some of the comments in the comment section as quite a few of them, I can link back to the idea of hypocritical thinking.

Change: This army is a f*cking joke and should just be boycotted by CPAC and the rest of the community.

Maxy777: You can make as many of these posts as you want, but nothing will change unless you start deducting or banning armies from tourneys and CPAC-related events for multilogging.

Mr Burns: Wow, this is terrible. DCP might have to be taken out of the Top 10 completely if they multilog so much, they have to stop this.

Change Again: given to the CPAC without exertion is more than ample, yet the executive CPAC administration have (once again) failed in allocating an appropriate punishment for the Doritos.

Stromae: This is great and all, but DCP and Musty have no reason to stop. A 10 point deduction is far too small, especially when the extra size points they get from the multilogging is far above 10.

Katie0715:Yeah, it would be nice if they actually DID something about it.

All of the above comments in some form called upon CPAC to act outside of their legislation as a News Site. In some way, shape or form all of the above comments believe it’s up to CPAC to punish them.

Now, it’s true that CPAC does have the Top Ten which seems to be the most effective punishment. What I found from reading the comments however is that no army threatened to declare war on the DCP. Everyone just jumped on CPAC and told us to do something about it. Why? Because it suits them.

CPAC is a news site. We have a weekly Top Ten. We also have no concrete proof of any multilogging. If someone would like to come to us with something more than a jealous ex girlfriend who was savagely dumped, a bunch of people with an axe to grind and a video of some newbies stampbooks, then please be my guest.

CPAC deducts points in our Top Ten not because we want to own the community, but because we want an accurate and fair Top Ten. If we get solid proof of DCP multilogging, points will be deducted.

Allegations are not causes for deductions or bans. CPAC has tried to help the community with things such as the Server Drafts, and tournaments to try to bring some fun into the game – but you’ve thrown it back in our faces with raids of tournaments and “boycotts” as we’re trying to “take over the community.” Now that you need us to get involved, you want us again.

What do YOU think? Is it time for Army Leaders to stop burying their heads in the sand and form a Government? Should CPAC continue on as a news site or have a more prominent role?

Zing King To

CP Army World Media Chief Vice President (CVP) 


73 Responses

  1. Dorito’s may have multilogged. They might not have. There isn’t yet enough evidence to pass judgement. The above post isn’t about whether they multilogged or not, it’s about the reaction to the controversy.

    • I agree with your post

    • great post really enjoyed the innerview.

    • Your best post zing zing 2

  2. okie..

  3. From my years of experience with this place, and just my general knowledge of the community, I personally think there is nothing anyone can do. CPAC probably has the best chance of creating a government authority, but they refuse to do it because they know it is not their place and they also know because of previous attempts that the public will tell them to either stop trying to control armies or they will just ignore CPAC.
    Until the public can sit down and work together to create their own government to keep the rules. nothing will change here. There is too much arguing to allow change and after 2 weeks this will die down and the people will be apathetic again. Why bother to attempt change when the 100 or so members of this community can’t even agree on little things let alone laws and a government.

    • #First like

    • oops I meant to comment #2ndLike and not reply

    • Exactly, you are right. I’m with you on it. If we make a government, people are going to support us until we make a move that they don’t agree with. Honestly no one in CPAC can be bothered to deal with that.

      This community has told us to “just be a news site” so as far as I’m concerned, that’s what we’re doing.

      • For fucks sake I was in charge of the last CPAC supported council with B1, Weatherboy and Pie. A good reason why that went down was because they were asked to help judge battles between the Black Alliance and White Alliance and when we did judge, the looser refused to accept the decision and told us to “Fuck off, you are biased.” That reason right there is why CPAC does not fully sponsor the meetings between armies. They are willing players offering promotion and a place for meetings due to the lack of bias compared to armies, but they have no plans to take over because the staff are not enthusiastic enough to take charge and become the government and as we both said, the moment CPAC makes a decision that an army does not like, that army will make their own news site because “CPAC is Biased.”

    • Tap Dancer you are genius

  4. #2ndLike

    • #Disliked

      • #Cri

  5. No.

    • Then who is really the bad guy?

      • You, jk.

  6. Can you update this post under the opinions section where some people have said what they think of DCP. I want my comment included?

    The Doritos army is what corruption was invented for. They have brought nothing good to our community and have chosen to make our community depressed. They should be banned from top tens and tournaments.


    • …You clearly didn’t understand the post then.

      • I didn’t even take the time to read it.

        • i laughed so hard at this comment chain

          “hey put me in the post”

          “do u even know what its about” ”

          “no i didnt read it”

          • Aww, well Goblin. I aim to please so if you laughed at my comment then I have truly satisfied myself. I will sleep better tonight knowing that you laughed at this comment chain.

            For the record, It’s “I laughed so hard at this comment chain.”

  7. People said this about IW and did shit get done to us? No it didn’t, DCP gets editorials siding with them and numerous armies have got punished by this before. Deducting 10 points isn’t shit, what’s hypocritical is your stance as a news site, then you go and stir shit up by acting like you decide everything about this community. When LT bot recruited you went crazy, but when DCP multilogs they get deducted 10 points.

    • technically most armies bot recruited

      • His point still stands.

  8. thanks for not showing the

    ty babe

  9. dcp are a bunch of multi-loggers who should be ignored/boycotted by the community until this all stops. Also a 10 point deduction isnt enough for all their multilogs

  10. #DownWithDcpMovement

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  12. To be honest I have no idea what to do. xD

  13. BIASED


  14. the community at large got together to punish dcp, and it used cpac as its vector since this is where we come to learn about the shit that happens in other armies

    by ignoring the issue of multilogging and allowing shit talk from dcp to the group of people in charge of putting armies where they are supposed to be, it shows that we truly don’t care if people are being dicks in this community and ruining the shit that we’ve spent all these years to build

    armies can and should go after each other, as well as armies to cpac, but to allow multilogging and botting to go unpunished for such a long time because everyone is afraid to speak up and work together as a community rather than just stick to their army is utter cowardice and stupid as hell.

    tl;dr good job cpac, don’t second guess yourselves now

  15. at least all armies have multilogged at least once , but DCP has taken it too far.

    I mean just saying *wary*

  16. This post made me cry.

    • Pussy

  17. I somewhat agree with the post, however; the reason everyone is asking CPAC to do more is because no one wants to see their army always getting a place in the top 10 other than 1st.. DCP ruins the army experience for every army. I honestly don’t know how “solid” the proof has to be regarding the multi-logs, but this is honestly as legitimate as it can get.. I don’t see how more proof could be provided.
    You guys are pretty much asking us to RAT Mustas computer and record him multi-logging.. come on! My personal suggestion is that you deduct more points from DCP. Everyone knows that DCP is barely a top 5 materialized army if you scratch out their multi-logs. They are not multi-logging 10 points.. more like 30.. As you stated “CPAC deducts points in our Top Ten not because we want to own the community, but because we want an accurate and fair Top Ten. If we get solid proof of DCP multilogging, points will be deducted.” Solid proof is provided.. now please do as you stated and make the top 10 accurate and fair for everyone and deduct more points. Have a good one.

  18. And also for those people that say “Top 10 means nothing” You’re lost, because that’s what every army works for. Every army works towards achieving a bigger size.

    • >”hurr we dont care about the top ten family forever hurr”
      >multilogs 25 to get 1st on the top ten

  19. Editorial: Tupac is Alive

  20. dcp nulls going wild and disliking any hate comment at them 😦

    • ~People from other armies having a lot of dislikes at every comment DCP makes on a CPAC post, yet someone points out that some people are disliking their own comments.

  21. “No one has declared war on them, yet they ask CPAC to handle it” Who in their right mind is going to go to war with an army who does nothing but multilog, use bots, and cheat all of the time to boost their sizes to have an edge over their opponents. It would be pointless, because either way, if we were to form an alliance and take all of their servers, they’d still be DCP and still do the same shit regardless. It’s up to CPAC to wager a heavier punishment, because lets be honest, although I don’t agree with the top ten being the sole focus for a major army, that is what they all focus on, and no matter what we do, DCP won’t stop breaking the rules unless they receive a heavier deduction or be removed from top ten as a whole for one week. Then we’ll see if it sinks in for Mustapha and if he wants to continue being a cheat and a liar, and risk losing the actual troops he does have. Because taking 10 points just makes him laugh. Hes sitting back saying “oh 10 points, big deal, they don’t have the balls to do anything more”. That’s what he thinks, and hes right. But if we were to give them a bigger punishment, and remove them from top ten completely for a week, then he would come to realize CPAC is for real, and not just some jokes he’ll laugh at as it passes by.

  22. tl;dr

    its up to armies to stand up to DCP. CPAC is just a news site and it should act as such. Rather than bitch, take action.

    • Burr, armies have tried to do that. If we make alliances to take them down, then they’ll just multilog more, wars are just ‘feeding’ them.

      Look at the Power Alliance; If they worked hard they could get 80+ BMA, SWAT, DW and others – they failed because DCP, by ‘magic’ got 80+ (With their multilogs)

      CPAC have killed DCP before, do it again.

    • amen to that

  23. Forming a central government would be beneficial, but there is always going to be people who defy or ignore it. Eventually it’ll get to the point where it fails and ends up dissolving. This case has also happened in real life with the League of Nations, most countries during that time would ignore them and do what they chose to do. I really don’t think a central gov would work out unless the governed(armies) were willing to give to see the success of it

  24. The fact is the evidence for DCP is undeniable. The Doritos should be boycotted from CP Armies completely.

    • then the CP armies can do that, they don’t NEED CPAC’s “help”…

  25. So, make up your mind. Do you want to be a news site or a government? The way I see it is as long as you are sitting there ranking armies and setting up events, you are still playing a government role. On the other hand, you have control over the top ten. Whether you play the “government role” or not, you can still affect an army. Make up your mind on who/how/why you’re gonna get a message through armies and do it via the top ten. Lastly, it would be a shame to see DCP die. I know there are people there who are actual troops and actually do things for that army. It would be a shame to see those people have to go through loosing their home army. The way I see it is to figure out a way to punish the people who caused the most issues. If DCP dies in the process, that’s one thing. If DCP dies because a supposed “government” decided to ban, shut down, etc their army. Just putting that all out there. Issues with it? PC me. I’d love to have a debate over this. 🙂

    • but what if the armies don’t care about top ten positions, if they deduct or even ban them from the top tens that wouldn’t prevent them from conducting operations still.

      • We can’t control how other people feel or what they care about. So, if they choose not to care about the top ten, that’s their decision. That just means it reflects on that army’s reputation.

  26. I think that CPAC should go back to being a news site
    We can get rid of the CPA site as well, it’s trying to dictate the community.
    In addition, we can ban autotyping.

    • thats one of the stupidest comments ive ever read, and i dont say that lightly.
      if cpac posts just news, we get rid of cpa (which is already essentially dead), who the hell is going to enforce a “ban autotyping law”?

      Lets say every army says “ban autotyping” and RPF goes “no way. we’re keeping it” what then?

      • Similar to the 24 hour invasion rule. No one enforces it but, it’s unwritten.

        The other option is CPA being wholly democratic with monthly elections.

        • it actually is written. see the cpa committee’s constitution. quite dated though.

          • It was enforced before then though.

  27. If it’s true that they’re multilogging, then a war would be pointless, because they’d multilog so they could match the power of any army/alliance that tries to stand up to them. There’s a reason why we ask CPAC to do something.

    • pretty much this.
      the doritos’ sizes are paradoxical. the degree they multilog to his a dependent variable to the size of the opponent they face. simple as that, really.

      • *is

    • It’d be possible to have a war because if the proof of them multi logging is true, if the two sides agreed to meet up in a room it’d be harder for them to get the multi logs in the room unless they enter early

    • CPAC is a news site and has no responsibility to do anything.

      • then why’d you comment “justice” on the first post? you basically just flipped opinions.

  28. “stop being hypocrites”
    no fucking army has (ever had) the audacity to multilog to this extent. ever. i find it funny how cpac representatives outline ‘hypocrisy’ in their blatant attempts to cover dcp’s ass when only earlier this year did they punish the ice warriors based on little to no support for the allegation. regarding the evidence provided by the “jealous ex girlfriend who was savagely dumped”, the matter of fact is that west’s id was included in the picture. that’s alone is enough proof to identify dcp’s fraudulence. the source has no relevance on the legitimacy of the corroboration provided, as all that really makes an impact is the rock solid facts.

    • what you are saying is total bullshit… why the fuck would CPAC representative want to cover dcp’s asses?!

      The only person in CPAC upper staff that has any connection with the Doritos is West, the rest of us hate them.

  29. I agree with what you say about people saying CPAC is just a news site.


    • Owned


    a dissection of the dissection; dcp vs the community and using CPAC as the vector to punish DCP for multi-logging. all that and more in the “mass produced” and what the special report means to the community at large

  31. #SimplyToHellGoesTheHypocrisy4Life

  32. In all honesty, I am not taking a side here but if armies really are “tired” of the whole DCP multilog situation then actually sit down and discuss it among yourselves and form a central government or treaty that makes things clear about what happens to people who violate it’s guidelines. CPAC is and will always be a news organization. They in no way can “legislate” things without someone complaining about it. Not to mention that CPAC does not have it’s own military force so in no way could anything be imposed on DCP because we are a news site. They don’t do the fighting. They merely report the facts.

    • So don’t complain about a problem you cause or can’t fix. You let this issue grow and fester by not properly addressing the issue as a community when people did multilog. DCP or not.

    • we did do this for the cp army website, however commando has been gone from some time now and no one else updated the site

      soon something will be coming though.

      • I would hope so because I personally am getting irritated by the poor handling of a situation that can or could have been easily fixed a while ago.


          come attend the meeting on thursday; we could always use more people and more opinions

          everyone is welcome to attend

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