BREAKING NEWS: Takis Website Defaced

UPDATE: Memmaw has retired from CP Armies, and apparently the Takis were shut down by him and Nitro, but have been revived with Tompenguin as sole leader of the army. You can find Tom’s statement here.


NORTHERN LIGHTS, Takis Empire – Through a week of hirings, firings, retirements, and plain out stress throughout the Takis, their site has once again been defaced by an unknown user to top off a horrible past couple of days for the army.

This is a developing story, so CPAC will keep you posted with updates and other news regarding the current situation.

Note: Some of the content in this post may be inappropriate for viewers under the age of 13.

The Takis Army, being a new, you could say, “permanent” top ten army, has risen the past couple of weeks, maintaining sizes of around 15-20 at every event, reaching the top five of CPAC at one point. They are currently ranked 7th.

Here is an event held by the Takis last week, with sizes of around 15-17.

Over the past week in a half or so, the Takis have been undergoing a number of changes in the leadership, hoping to improve their army and strive towards better sizes and achievements. The first major change was Tompenguin6 and Robot being appointed leader of the Takis, with myself becoming leader shortly after.

Due to a number of arguments between myself and Nitro, I was removed from the leadership, when then caused Robot to depart from the army. Following this, Takis creator and legend, Memmaw, retired from the army. Nitro retired shortly after, leaving Tom the sole leader of the army. After that, Orange was appointed leader, with the leadership standing as Tom and Orange.

Earlier today, Takis legend and co-creator, Risk, was instated into the leadership along Tompenguin and Orange.

At around 9:30 Eastern Standard Time, Takis website was defaced by an unknown wordpress user that went by the name of “bignigger10” in an attempt to sabotage the army. After every post, page, widget, etc. was deleted, Memmaw quickly removed the user from the site, and took down the pornography that was posted. Here is an overview of what the site currently looks like:

Memmaw has yet to release a statement regarding the situation, or restore any former content to the site. We do not know who this person is, but a number of accusations have been made as to who committed this offense, including myself, Risk, and Nitro.

Rumors have been spread that Memmaw will close the Takis because of this incident, which would mark the end of the Takis’ most exciting and successful generation yet.

What do you think about the Takis site being defaced? Who do you think it was, and do you think this will cause Memmaw to shut down the Takis Army? Let me here YOUR thoughts, and thanks for reading.



46 Responses

  1. Glad to see someone trying to tell mem that the takis ban-wagon is done

  2. has news really been so slow that this qualifies as “breaking” now

    • i had to take a shower bro

  3. “Due to a number of arguments between myself and Nitro, I was removed from the leadership, causing Robot to depart from the army. ”

    ur not really supposed to report about shit about armies u were in, let alone actual fucking events about u

    • I’m supposed to cover all factors possible, and the constant leadership changes over the past week was something that needed to be added, and I was part of one of the changes. I hate to mention myself to but theres no way around not including those facts.

      • “Horrible past couple of days.” The past couple of days haven’t been horrible :S

  4. Thank god. The Takis were getting hot headed…

    • Multiple armies are hot headed, just ask the Nachos LOL

    • they may had too many takis *ba dum tshh*

  5. Yay The Takis Are the worst army to ever go to cpac. Hope they die.

    • Another hater.

      • You must have to say that a lot.

        • Yep because people are haters these days.

  6. memmaw was getting cocky acting like the greatest leader ever

    • Actually I am not so…

  7. Actually, I retired before Memmaw.

  8. The Takis Army of Club Penguin are officially shut down. It’s been a good run, but I don’t have time to lead right now. And it seems to me that Memmaw has joined the Lime Green Army instead of trying to restore everything.

  9. I realize that this isn’t good proof, but I believe that Risk is responsible for the defacing. An hour or so before chat and site were defaced, he was trying to get the chat password from me. He was also trying to get admin on the website. Naturally, I ignored him and logged off. When I logged back on, he had private messaged me “lol”, and had “SWAT Vice-President” in his name.
    Why would he deface an army that he co-created? Because I couped him during his first leadership, so I guess he was still holding a grudge. Why deface his army right after they maxed 20 unscheduled? Because he knows that they only got above 10 because I came on, recruited, filled the chat, and led the event. They hadn’t had an event for days, and there were only 2 troops online when I entered the chat room. I told them that we were gonna do an unscheduled, and to gather the troops and call friends. Then when I got 23 people to the chat, he complained that he wasn’t able to get anyone.
    Honestly, if he didn’t want to lead Takis he could have just quit. There was no need for him to be an immature brat. There was no need for him to kill the army that he helped create.

    • Yes. Nitro do you have a Kik?

      • My kik is: Nitrohammer

        • nitro find me on xat

          • Meet me on IW chat right now

            • lol “takis are the greatest” “I cant be active” >Joins IW for 4ic. But im the coward. logic nigga

              • I’m not active enough to lead an army. I can spare 30 minutes a day though.

                • Lol i got fired from CPAC, but i guess thats ok i dont really care haha

                  • Why are you telling me this?

                    • Because you so proudly stated that you were going to get me fired, so i felt the need to congratulate you

  10. shit man finally. memmaw started getting me angry

  11. Risk was hired to lead alongside me. I gave him admin as I saw him a good fit for the army. Obviously, he was not.

  12. I will admit we were dicks and getting cocky. I know Memmaw will probably return and hire me for the third time and we will get accused of multi logging because you bastards believe everything you hear. Well I am done ranting.

    • Roasted and this guy’s right because most of this community is gullible as shit LOL

  13. whats funny is bad posted about this with bias, but he has the person who defaced SWAT owner.

    Last night Bad was rambling like “stop with all the defacing.” then laughing about the matter as if he wanted it to happen. Just to get his revenge of being couped or just a post topic. Either way is desperate.

    But I will just wait to get thumbs down from Bad and his nulls and then get “roasted” or “bashed” by him with an illiterate comment.

  14. hahahaha!!! Takis are dead. I really expected this sooner.

  15. im a fag

    • lol wtf

      • Bad, quit editing my comments. I can post the proof that you defaced site as many times as I want. If you’re going to keep editing my comments in a cowardly attempt to defend yourself, I’ll make sure that you’re fired from CPAC

        • looooooooooooooooooooool

        • that isnt even the real account the other bignigger10 is bignigger10 with a lowercase b

  16. Memmaw is best when he’s fearless chicken!

    • Look at this fake ass nigga Aint nobody like me except me, stop posin bruh

    • lol you’re not the real bignigger10

    • Bad, get off of your null account man. You’re making yourself look like more of a idiot than you actually are.

      • preach nigga

  17. LMAO

  18. That last image though put the lulz in this post for sure

  19. I am very smexy indeed

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