Women In Armies: YOU DECIDE!

The month of October is famous for being Breast Cancer Awareness Month and as a result, CPAC will be hosting a Women In Armies column that will look at some of the careers of women in CP Army Central. This column was voted for by the public as the column that they would like to see.

In order to really make this a column that you are interested in, we want to know the names of the women that you would like to see talked about here. While we won’t post about all of the women that you ask for, we will talk about majority of them if they are significant enough in the community.

We are looking for past and present women. We will be mostly focusing on women that are still around the CP Army Community in order to get things such as Interviews with them. If you know the KIK username of the person that you are suggesting, then please add it to the post so we know how to contact them.

If you would like to nominate someone for us to talk about, feel free to fill in this form. You may nominate more than one if you’d like.


Significant Army:

KIK Username (Optional): 

We look forward to celebrating the women of the CP Army Central Community with you all throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Zing King To

CP Army World Media Chief Vice President 


130 Responses

  1. First 🙂

  2. Scampi Bri
    Watex Warriors

  3. Name: Mustapha10, Waterkid101

    Significant Army: u know (wary)

    KIK Username (Optional):

    • jk (wary)

      Name: Cutie, Sava346, Laoise

      Significant Army: Nachos

      KIK Username (Optional): Cuties has. idk it, something Cutie XD

      • update: cuties kik: xwayoflife

    • lol I can see it in waterkid but musta is a boy :/

  4. StormWolf, Takis Owner and Cutie from Nachos.

    • And Jodie from SMAC

  5. I’m going to be surprised if a majority chooses me XD

    • well, I won’t be (hehe).

    • Chris, is your birth name “subtle”?

      • No! Not at all! This is my old CP name from 2011 to 2013. It got permanently banned by hackers in 2013. I just use this name in honor of my account.

      • her name def isnt “Witty” either

  6. phin

  7. Name: Katie
    Significant Army: WV

    • Thank you 🙂

  8. Change
    Water Vikings

    • I change my vote to Phin, her significant army being IW.

      • we do not talk about that person

  9. Name: (The girl with the biggest ass)
    Significant Army: whatever army shes in
    KIK Username (Optional): bigbootygirl69

    • Woman degrader alert and confirmed

  10. Name: BoltCurse
    Significant Army: Cobra
    KIK Username (Optional): Oi dont be pedo

  11. Name: Boltcurse
    Significant army: Rebel Penguin Federation
    KIK Username: boltcurse

  12. Name: Adreena
    Significant Army: SRA
    KIK Username (Optional): xRocks1000

    • The community thinks Im a guy. *Wary*

  13. aww yusss

  14. name: machs mum

    significant army: mike hawk


  16. Name:snaily5
    Significant Army:RPF

  17. I rlly want an interview (pray)

  18. Name: Pussy
    Army: My deek

    • Even stupider than Chip’s comment and he degraded women too wow

  19. Bam117

    • u mean marina

      • ^^ yeah who the hell is bam?

        • some fgt

  20. name: finwobbler
    signifacant army: dw

  21. Name: Waterkid
    Significant Army: Pirate Troops

    • Lmfao

  22. Because I’m self-centered, I nominate myself (coz liek y not ?). Having been a 2ic for a major army, and having some rather strong opinions on some army topics, I feel I’m good enough. You know my name. Nachos. You also know my kik.
    Also, I vote for Ghj of FGR too, if you can get in contact with her.

    • I have Ghj’s email, so if anyone wants to get in contact with her just Kik me and I’ll try to get her to come online 🙂

  23. Name: Katie
    Significant Army: Water Vikings

    • Thank you 😀

  24. christopher1 (smap/cpac) and other SM armies

  25. This sounds fascist as fuck.

    • you sound autistic as fuck.

      • Coming from a retard that spent a month trolling CPA is a compliment.

        • What the fuck’s that supposed to mean lmfao. Honestly don’t know what you’re talking about so I’d appreciate if you elaborated.

          • Ohhh boi here we go again gaiz Lel

            • Still waiting to know how I “spent a month trolling CPA”

              • Still waiting on what he meant by that too and I never agreed with him

              • Nvm this is how you were trolling lmfao

              • And you called him fake and because you act like a total prick

      • I think you need Jesus like me and Whatsup have got

  26. Clout

  27. Why no men in armies


    • Patriarch Power! HEIL!

  28. 1. Subster
    2. DW and a few others

  29. 1. Marina, Sierra, Chey & Tay
    2. UMA/DCP, Light Troops & DCPish
    3. Contact me faggot

  30. 1. DrMatt
    2. Shes Retired
    3. thatkidmatt127

  31. Madotsuki
    Army Republic Dedicated Mod, Lime Green Army leader to 1st on SMAC(atm SMAP was CPAF)

  32. 1. Katie and Jodie
    2. WV

    • Thank you! 🙂

  33. name: Ambercrombie29
    army: romans

    keep those top ten points rolling in

  34. name possum03
    army dcp

  35. Foxtails, Teal Violin, Jujuflower/Ana, Redrocks98

  36. sounds groooooovy

  37. Is it because I’m a WOMAN?? You CIS white male pigs, objectifying women!! Women are not sex objects !!!

    • ur mums a sex object

      • Ooo rekt by Rocks.

    • Maxy, what did I tell you about being stupid as fuck?

      • idk

  38. I would like to nominate Laoise and Rose (both are retired)
    Army : Laoise (nachos) Rose (water vikings)
    kik : don’t know laoises kik but roses is : xxRose2207xx

    Suggestion: you should do a post of guys career in armies in the future.

  39. Snaily is all I have to say Lols

  40. Name: Bepboy9
    Army: Water Vikings
    Kik: .

  41. You realize I can report your stupid ass LOL

  42. You’re autistic because you’re insulting people for no reason.

    • and none of u think this is weird that they are asking for our kik? so leave rocky the fuck alone

      • I know right they can screw off already

      • I wasn’t talkin to Rocky, pal.

        • I believe meant that as a reply to Chipfag not you Lmfao because I showed him his comment

          • Ah okay.

        • He’s 20 and he’s not autistic.

          You know what does my head in, I know autistic people like you who just use autism as an insult. People like you have autism, stop taking the mickey out of them

          • LMFAO

          • Don’t even understand why the chipdick decided to insult Rocky, legit Rocky wasn’t even talking to him.

            • I called him a woman degrader for his previous comment on this post and he decided to act like a stupid tard and insult me with a random potheaded comment :O

            • I see.

    • ChipTooPussy4Comebacks

  43. First, I am 21 years old, which I have repeatedly, said. Secondly, I only have ADHD and OCD, and possibly social anxiety, shyness, and just might be somewhat slightly mentally unstable because I was bullied in during middle school and 10th grade. Third, I have never been nor will I ever be autistic so keep enlightening me with your trashy bullshit talk because I really couldn’t give a fucking rat’s ass about your 100% irrelevant and biased opinion. Fourth, look whos talking mister troll who isn’t even a good roaster or troller in the first place. Fifth, you sir need Jesus because you’re corrupt. Sixth, shut your fucking moronic, self-centered, attention seeking, fake, and punk looking ass up because you ain’t better than me or anyone and nobody is perfect so shut your yap you whining arrogant bitch. Seventh, unlike you I actually enjoy learning and education so keep embarrassing yourself with your trash talk to somebody who’s like 5 years older or so than you because I am flattered by your stupid union and trash talk. Eighth, don’t you ever talk to me again until you find common sense and have the guts to be the bigger man and apologize for being an egotistical jerk because you’re a douche, and when you are ready to right what you did wrong. Ninth, actions speak louder than words because for example I actually kept my promise and left and only visit Xat on the Sunday of the first full week of every month unlike others. Tenth, I only read WordPress at the most now 1-3 days (But normally just 1-2 days) weekly because IRDC much anymore. Eleventh, I am not a fool like you apparently are. Twelfth, stop smoking that weed and pot kiddo because it’s bad for your health in every possible fucking way. Thirteenth, maybe you need to see counseling or a therapist you classless act. Fourteenth, how many times am I going to tell you to shut the fuck up and to screw off you devilish evil scum. Fifteenth, you’re insulting somebody who was in this half assed community for 5 years who’s been retired since April, which is very pathetic, too. Sixteenth, do I need to show and tell about how stupid you sound right now because I feel tempted. Seventeenth, guess what nobody cares. Eighteenth, at least I have a life compared to what you’re doing in a kid based community, currently. Nineteenth set an example positively and stop being such a negative Nancy that’s on their time of the month, noob. #YouSoundUneducatedForTheseLegitimateReasons :O

    • TL;DR.

      • What does that even mean and sorry if I don’t know?

        • Too long; didn’t read.

          • LOL

    • dude i didnt even look at your comments till now. please spare me with your insults 😦

      • Okay then stop abusing me on chats IF I visit once a month and I am visiting this Sunday dude

      • And you called me autistic

    • >Nineteenth

      • What?

  44. can I vote for Apollo?

  45. Name: Rose
    Significant Army: Water Vikings
    KIK Username (Optional): xxRose2207xx

  46. Phin.

    • botd

  47. Phin
    Army: Whales of CP

    • LOL.

  48. Name: Marina

    Significant Army: UMA/DCP

  49. Names and armies: Rose (WV), Terminator (WV), Teal Violin, Totopup2011 (IW), Blossom (DW), Ataliva (DW), Honey Singh (Cobras)

    • Ey!! I thought I’d never see my name down here aha! Thanks! 🙂

      • That makes two of us XD

        • yess 😀

  50. Name: flappy112
    Significant Army: RPF for 8 years
    KIK Username (Optional): maria2490

  51. Flappy112
    Rebel Penguin Federation

  52. Name: Flappy112
    Army: RPF
    Kik Username: maria2490

  53. Name: flappy112
    Significant Army:RPF
    KIK Username (Optional): Maria2490

    KIK USERNAME: XxL0v3M4cH1nE69xX

  55. Name: Zing King To
    Significant Army: The Blues Brothers’ Dicks
    Kik Username: Zingkingto

    • ouch fam ouch

      • bring this back bro lmao, l miss this so much

  56. Name: Vonchiefer
    Significant Army: Nachos Leader
    KIK Username (Optional) Vonchiefer, Harper Sinclair
    I’m trans, so yo.

  57. Name: Clout
    Significant Army: RPF
    KIK Username (Optional):

  58. Mai girlfreind who dosent even go on cp armies that much LOL
    Name: Zoey
    army: Acp
    Kik username: Heather

  59. Phin the whale

  60. Smgdh

  61. Name: Badboy
    Significant Army: Well all armies he joins he makes them unsignificant
    KIK Username (Optional): IhaveADHD

  62. Name: Flappy112 and Iceyfeet1234
    Significant army: RPF and IW 🙂

  63. name Caitlyn Jenner

    Significant army Keeping up with the Kardashians

    kik ILuvEveryDickExceptMine69

  64. Name: Katie//Blossom
    Significant Army: WV//DW
    KIK Username (Optional):
    Katie: KraftingKhaos
    Blossom: N/A

    • Thank you, Ataliva 🙂

  65. sandwiches

  66. Name: Cookky2
    Significant Army: Nachos
    KIK Username (Optional):

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