We Want You: Choose The Next Column

Here at CP Army Central, we enjoy bringing you several of interesting weekly columns. These include the Top Ten with Zakster, Leaders Lounge with Dr Matt and Friday’s with Mach! Now, we’re going to be introducing another – but it’s up to you to decide what you want to see added to CP Army Central!

The way in which this is going to work is, I’m going to give several options for new columns on CP Army Central. You will then be able to vote in the comments section for the column you want to see added to the site. The column that gets the most thumbs up by Tuesday at 3pm EST will be added to CP Army Central.

Picture Perfect

Host: Zing King To

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, and we’ve got most of them. In this article, we will look at a significant picture or screenshot from the CP Army Community and talk about its impact on the community as well as a number of other things. We will look at a different one each week and open the comments up for a debate.

Interaction Insanity

Host: Zing King To

CP Army Central is the home for debate about a wide range of topics and news that happens in the Community. Interaction Insanity looks at some of the biggest fights, rages and general butthurt comments ever to be published on Club Penguin Army Central. We will be looking back at some of the biggest and the best rants ever commented.

CPAC Inbox

Host: Zing King To featuring CPAC Staff

Each week, the CPAC Administration will answer three questions whether it’s about the site, our views on the community or something else community related. You will get the chance to comment the questions you want us to answer, and then you’ll get those questions answered by one or more of the CPAC Staff in a weekly column.

World War Three: Moderators vs. Armies

Host: Zing King To

What is the deadliest enemy of the Club Penguin Army Community? The Club Penguin Moderators. Join us in the story of when the Club Penguin Army Community had to unite as one to take over the Club Penguin game and defeat the evil Club Penguin moderators trying to chuck us of their game.


Host: Zing King To

What do we as Human Beings love the most? Having a good argument about anything we can argue about. Debate! offers that chance. Each week, there will be a new topic discussed on the CP Army Central website and we will open up the comments section for you to all collectively argue about the subject.

News Digest

Host: Zing King To

First seen on SM Army Press, the News Digest is a weekly newsletter that covers majority of the news that didn’t get its own post. It’s also a general recap of the CP Army week in terms of Major Armies. It will cover retirements, wars, practice battles and all general news in the community.

Five Things

Host: Zing King To

We list five things about different topics ranging from five things you didn’t know about something, to five things you wouldn’t believe actually happened. Each week, a new topic will be discussed and a new five things will be listed. As always, the comment section will be open for you to discuss our lists.

Women In Armies

Host: Zing King To

There is a huge focus on men in the Army Community due to them making up 90% of it, but in this exclusive column, we will look at the women who have been involved in Club Penguin Armies and look at what they’ve done in and for this community. We will also hopefully attempt to get interviews with some of the women.

You have until Tuesday at 3pm EST to decide which column you want to see added to CP Army Central! 

Zing King To

CP Army World Media Chief Vice President


33 Responses

  1. Picture Perfect

  2. Interaction Insanity

  3. CPAC Inbox

  4. World War Three

  5. Debate!

  6. News Digest

  7. Five Things

  8. Women In Armies

    • Were all these comments of your even necessary when you already brought them up in the post because you sound like me when I used to comment a lot and every day just by making these comments of yours in this post alone LOL?

      • Yours* god damnit

      • Yes, they were necessary; he stated in the post that whichever of the comments he posted (ie the names of the column ideas) got the must thumbs up would be added.

        • But he already pointed them out in the post?

  9. News Digest

  10. you can do that,


    you can down vote all of them for lulz

  11. How many times do you need to include your own name in your post..?

  12. Debate.

  13. I don’t have a certain preference

  14. Bro Zing ily, but y u sucking your own dick by making yourself the host of every option haha

  15. women in armies

    (Is armies for dummies coming back soon?)

    • I don’t like that idea but I do respect them and am not a fan of sexism but I wish they did bring back the For Dummies thing

      • I don’t support sexism either, I just thought the Army Girls For Dummies post was funny, so I thought Women in Armies would be good, too.

        • True but some of the people in this community that would post about it might say something sexist or inappropriate because we have all seen that before

  16. ww3 or news digest

  17. women to armies. look. I love women, i cherish women. i think they’re fantastic. i’d easily put them in my top 2, maybe 3 genders. great gender

    • “women is in the top 2 genders”

      lmao badboy, you actually made me laugh for once

  18. *CTRL F “Zing King To”*

    1 of 50000000

  19. anything zing isnt in

  20. Debate

  21. I would like to see either Interaction Insanity, Debate,or the one called the Five Things

  22. Atticus for News Digest

  23. Would you be able to tell us about the history of CPAWM staff?

  24. Debate

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