Summer In Stats 2015

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Analysis Section – CP Army Central celebrated this years summer with events such as the coveted sixth Legends Cup tournament won by the Rebel Penguin Federation. Now, it’s time to take a look at the Club Penguin Army Community’s summer by the numbers:

Did you know? 

We, at CP Army Central tried our best to cover all the happenings in the community this summer, and through our Top Tens we ensured that we tracked the progress trajectories of Major armies and summarized their activity weekly. The criteria included for the Summer Top Ten are the average Top Ten ranking from June 1 to August 30, the longevity on the Top Ten and also the number of events and site activity. (Sizes per division and tactics are automatically taken into consideration.)


1. Doritos of CP [247]

2. Dark Warriors [238]

3. Ice Warriors [220]

4. Rebel Penguin Federation [217]

5. Army of Club Penguin [189]

6. Nacho Army [160]

7. Water Vikings [148]

8. Light Troops [111]

9. Army Republic [106]

10. Pretzels of CP [92]


Congratulations to all of the armies that managed to make the Top Ten. We’d like to especially congratulate the Doritos Army – the best performing army of the 2015 Summer.

Zing King To

CP Army World Media Chief Editor 


6 Responses

  1. Great top 10! (First XD )

  2. Mayweather should have went for 50.

  3. Awesome job everyone! 😀

  4. WV did good. The only reason we’re 7th is because we weren’t really alive during June.

  5. LT Forever.

  6. Zing, did sidiecock pay you xats to make ACP first?

    Tbh they have been doing really good at their events with fluffydicks multilogs?

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