Elmikey Takes Final Leave From Armies

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Nation – After finding himself a victim to a busy social life, Elmikey has handed the reigns of the RPF over, retiring from the army.

On September 3rd, Elmikey took to the Rebel Penguin Federation official website to issue a short statement. The post, as seen on the RPF site can be seen below in its entirety:

Life is good so we shouldn’t waste a single day. I’ve been holding this off for months. It’s never easy. I, Elmikey retire from RPF & CP Armies. It has been a long journey and knowing you all has been a great honor. I am 19 now, I’m pretty much out of time. I had lot’s of fun here and RPF did amazing this summer, I could not be more proud. I believe in each of you and I know you will all make big differences in the world. I hope you all remember what it means to fight the good fight. And on that note, I’m signing off.

As you can see from the above, Elmikey leaves the community as a result of feeling the need to move onto a new chapter of his life. Despite this not being easy for him, at the age of 19 he has decided to finally hang it up and leave the community in order to not “waste a single day.”

Elmikey noted that he is retiring from the army community on a high note stating how proud he is of the Rebel Penguin Federation – an army that alongside Silverburg, he really helped to rise from the depths of the smaller and medium army Top Ten to a Kingpin in the community and the winners of the sixth annual Legends Cup.

The Rebel Penguin Federation pay tribute to Elmikey.

Elmikey is known in the CP Army Community as one of the all time best recruiters in the community past, present and possibly future. He is also known in the Rebel Penguin Federation as a legend serving more than one successful term in the army. Elmikey’s most recent return however saw him help lead the RPF to victory in the biggest tournament of the year, Legends Cup securing victories against the likes of the Army of Club Penguin and the Pretzels of CP.

Elmikey’s retirement comes not long after his working colleague, Silverburg also announced his retirement making this quite bad timing. Elmikey has been wanting to retire for some months now, but he had to wait until he could find a stable and dedicated leader for the RPF – in which he found Serpent.


I was lucky enough to be able to conduct an interview with Serpent in regards to Elmikey’s retirement and his reign as leader of the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Interview with Serpent (RPF Leader)

How do you feel Elmikey’s retirement from the RPF will affect the army?

I don’t know, really. I know that Elmikey and Silverburg were the heart of the army, and now I have full responsibility of the army. To be honest though, I don’t think we’ll drop much. I can only see a positive future for RPF.

Do you anticipate any more retirements among your moderator and owner ranks?

Not among our owner ranks, no. I don’t expect it among the moderator ranks either, although the members I do expect a few to leave. We’re going to have to do a lot of recruiting to make up for lost troops over the past week.

What changes can we expect to see in the RPF?

Not a lot. Elm and Silv seemed to have a pretty good idea if what they were doing when they ran RPF, so I don’t plan to change too much. What I can say, though, is that I’m not either of them, so I may relax a few rules a tiny bit but as for the most of the general policies of the army, I plan to keep those in tact.

How do you feel towards the decision to put sole responsibility of the RPF in your hands?

It’s kind of scary, actually, I didn’t really expect it to come this fast. There’s a lot I’m learning at a constant rate, I don’t think anyone can prepare for something like this.

Serpent appears to be happy with his new role as RPF Leader though there is an apparent lack of confidence in his own abilities. Serpent was very respectful towards Elmikey and Silverburg and believes that their losses wont hurt the RPF to a point of no return so to speak.

What do YOU think? Will Elmikey stay retired forever? Will the Rebel Penguin Federation be able to survive on its own? 

Zing King To

CP Army World Media Chief Editor


58 Responses

  1. Regardless of whether or not we like him, Regardless of whether we think he’s too old for armies – I for one respect what Elmikey has done in this community. Not too many people can say they have accomplished what Elmikey has.

    Without a doubt, Elmikey is a true RPF Legend and one of the main revolutionary people involved in the Auto Typer – a device that we use so much today in our everyday routine as part of armies.

    Goodbye Elmikey and have a good life if this retirement is for real. You’ve had an amazing run in this community. Be safe and enjoy your life.

    Zing King To

    • *routine

      • Dammit 11 :@ My heart was in the right place!

  2. Elmikey, your idea of the autotyper may have been controversial, and may have gotten us in trouble with CP’s moderators on more than one occasion, your influence on this community was, and will continue to be highly significant in a positive directly. Sure, many negatively criticize you; however, autotyping has saved many armies and for that we thank you.

    You will be missed dearly.

  3. Although*** (in between Elmikey, and your)

  4. Direction******

  5. Funny Gif photo: Sandlot gif sandlotkiss.gif

    • LOL

    • Mr.Waffles?

  6. Is this a repost?

    I feel like I’ve seen this post at least 2 times.

    • Not sure if you’re taking a shot at Elm for always retiring or accusing me of stealing posts :$

      • Elm

      • Still love you babe

  7. bai

  8. #RPFfor19thsmap (hehe)

    • #NachosforDead

      • NEVAAARRRRRRRRRRRR (sinister)

        • Fine, #DummySuckers4dead

          • I know that dummy suckers died. We died 4 months ago. We will reopen soon under new name, tornadoes cp

  9. Good post Zing. Elmikey, have a nice life and don’t come back to hell where CP armies awaits you just stay in the real world

  10. Good luck to Serp. Elmikey is a great leader and im very glad to have led alongside him. I hope you have a good time in retirement.

  11. But late than never.

  12. So i can finally temp retire without a fear of me being demoted*WARY*….jk jk…..farewell elm…..u were a great leader……enjoy life bro 😉

    • *clears throat*

      • lol

  13. Goodbye Elmikey, you are by far the greatest person I have ever served under in armies. My leadership is based of your style, and I would not be here right now if it were not for you.

  14. go to college and stay there

    • Its his personal life.If you really want to interfere in somebody’s personal life through cp armies.Youre as dumb as maxy777

      • “Youre as dumb as maxy777”
        remember those apostrophes!!

        • im not saying a dialog that im gonna include those…and nor am i a grammer nazi….they are used when u repeat a direct speech…according to that whole of speech should be in “

          • lol what?

            • something you don’t know

              • You aren’t making any sense.

                • “Not making any sense”,almost as honorable as you

                  • What? How is that relevant? Go to school.

                    • its holiday today,sorry i can’t

  15. We all have hated Elm at a point in time, but we have to admit. He did more better stuff for armies then most of you will ever do.

    • More good stuff* I don’t grammar.

  16. Are you sure he won’t return to come back and act like nothing happened?

    He was controversial but without a doubt, he was one of the most influential figures in Club Penguin Armies. Sayanora, Elmikey.

  17. We will miss u Elmikey and Silv. U both teached me a lot in rpf. I will always remember you. thnx for ownering me and thnx elm for teaching me everything that’s needed for being a good leader and a person. I hope u both will be back and we will miss you a lot. U have done everything for RPF. U both are best leaders. 😦 for their retierment

    • and enjoy ur life and be safe forever. and be sure to be far from over and always fight the good fight

  18. I’ll give him 3 months….

  19. See you in 2 weeks!! Seriously though, one of the greatest leaders in history. No doubt. Who cares about your age. Haters gonna hate bro 🙂

    • haters hate u

      • haters of the haters+the official haters+you=haters of you

  20. Rebel Penguin Federation need 3 leaders to hold themselves up to last 1 year.

    • Oh, really? I didn’t know that, they sure haven’t needed 3 leaders in the past.

      Let’s look back at Commando717, who led RPF alone back in 2007. The army reached sizes rumored to be around 70.

      Let’s look at Elmikey, who led RPF alone more recently in 2013. He actually did reach 70+ for the first time since then and was considered to be a legend for his time.

      Silverburg led with Elmikey, yes, but Elm was inactive for a majority of the time so Silv might as well had led alone. Recorded sizes of at least 50-60.

      Now, sure. I’m none of these people, and I’m going to have to make a name for myself. But the RPF does not REQUIRE exactly three leaders (or any other number of leaders, for that matter) to be successful. All it needs is a smart leader, or multiple smart leaders who know how to work together.

      Thank you for your advice.

    • RPF is a dictatorship how can they have 3 leader lmao

      • leaders*

  21. I remember elm from dw 2014 , those he was controversial , he got us to huge sizes and I will never forget


  22. Ok, while we have all hated Elmikey, hes one of the greatest god damned leaders I have ever seen.

    God speed you jewfro bastard.

  23. “After finding himself a victim to a busy social life, Elmikey has handed the reigns of the RPF over, retiring from the army.”

    Does no one realize how savage this is?

  24. RIP elmikey the mao zedong of this community

  25. Well done Elmikey, you are one of the greatest leaders of the modern CP Armies.

  26. Inb4 RPF closes down

  27. i mean he’ll probably be back by next summer lets face it but goodbye elmikey if it really is the last time!

  28. Elmikey, you were by far one of the coolest people I have ever met in this community and your contributions to RPF, DCP, and DW were more successful than anyone would have thought years ago and you sir have left this community with a legendary mark in the CP Army community although things have changed and you will be missed 😀

  29. oh wow now he can go to college!

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