The History of the Legends Cup

Table of Contents: 

  1. The Legends Cup
  2. Interview With Zakster (CPAC CEO)
  3. 2010 Legends Cup
  4. Interview With Ads (Nacho 2010 Leader)
  5. 2011 Legends Cup
  6. Interview With Iceyfeet1234 (Ice Warrior 2011 Leader)
  7. 2012 Legends Cup
  8. Interview With Kingfunks (ACP 2012 Owner)
  9. 2013 Legends Cup
  10. Interview With Elmikey (RPF 2013 Leader)
  11. 2014 Legends Cup
  12. 2015 Legends Cup
  13. Interview With Bepboy09 (WV 2015 Leader)

The Legends Cup

The Legends Cup is a tournament hosted by CP Army Central every year first beginning in 2010. The tournament sees armies compete against each other until there is only one winner. The last army left standing wins the Legends Cup.

The Legends Cup was created in 2010 by Oagalthorp. It was first announced on the Army of Club Penguin’s site. The post has been lost to history however and is currently not cached by Google, available on ACP’s site or archived in the Wayback Machine. The tournament was created by the ACP creator believing that it would be a tournament that the ACP would have in the bag.

Throughout the last five years, over fifty armies have competed for the chance to call themself the Legends Cup Champion however only FILL have been able to claim that title.

Interview With Zakster

How has the Legends Cup changed CP Army Central?

The legends cup has helped CPA Central grow into a sort of hub for the entire community, providing the biggest competitive event of the year annually.

How has the Legends Cup changed CP Army Warfare?

It’s made summer even more of an excellent time for warfare.

Which Legends Cup is most memorable for you?

The Legends Cup V, due to its high amount of drama and upsets.

Which army do you best associate the Legends Cup with, why?

The Ice Warriors, as it seems they come so alive every year during it.

2010 Legends Cup

The 2010 Legends Cup was of cause the first ever Legends Cup and therefore it was met with high expectations. 40 Armies competed in the 2010 Legends Cup with armies divided between the Alpha Bracket and the Bravo Bracket. Due to this huge mass of armies competing, the 2010 Legends Cup became the largest tournament to ever take place in CP Army Warfare.

The Semi-Finals saw the Army of Club Penguin face the Ninja Warriors and the Nacho Army. The battle was voted a Nacho victory by the judges which sent them through to the finals. The second semi-final battle was a showdown between the RPF and the Ice Warriors. The Ice Warriors began as the favourites to win this. The conclusion of the battle didn’t leave very many shocked as the Ice Warriors advanced.

A third place battle was announced between the Army of Club Penguin and the Rebel Penguin Federation. The battle was about pride and the winner was eventually voted on by the judges in the favour of the ACP. The RPF were the 4th place army and the ACP were the 3rd place. It was time to determine who would be 1st and 2nd.

The finals saw the Nacho Army take on the Ice Warriors. The battle took an hour before a winner was eventually decided. The win went to the Nacho Army in the end which sent shock waves through the Ice Warriors who protested the victory. The Nacho Army won the first ever Legends Cup tournament.


Interview With Ads

How important was it for you to win the first Legends Cup tournament?

Personally, it was pretty important because we were still recovering from Person’s retirement and our downfall during Aka and Jay’s leadership. Winning a tournament would have really boosted the morale of the soldiers leading us forward.

Do you believe that your win contributed much to the bad blood between ACP and Nachos for the last five years?

I don’t think so because it was just a tourney battle. They beat us, we beat them.

Was the 2010 Legend Cup Victory the biggest of your career?

I’d say it was the biggest of my career. It really shaped my career as leader. I probably wouldn’t have been leader for much longer if we didn’t win it.

What is your most memorable moment from the 2010 Legends Cup?

Accidently retreating during the last 10 minutes of the battle. The Ice Warriors ended up following us into the town, but we quickly went back to the Dock which ended up locking most of them out. It’s the reason why we won.

2011 Legends Cup 

The second annual Legends Cup took place in 2011 over the course of 10 days. There was once again a lot of expectation for the second annual Legends Cup due to the success of the first tournament. All eyes were on the ACP, Nachos and Ice Warriors during the tournament as they were the three favourites to win the tournament.

The Semi-finals of the 2010 Legends Cup saw the Ice Warriors face off with the Watex Warriors. The Ice Warriors managed to take home the victory in the battle. The Ninjas got an easy ride on Day 9 of the tournament when the Golden Troops neglected to show up.

In a huge one hour match, the ACP, Ice Warriors and Ninjas ended up clashing in the 2011 Legends Cup finals. We knew that no matter what happened, we would crown a new champion due to the Nacho’s not being in the finals. This happened and the Ice Warriors took home the gold.

iw-trophy (1)

Interview With Iceyfeet1234

What has been your favourite Legends Cup Victory?

All of the victories were pretty fun in their own way, so it’s hard to single one out.

Why do you believe Ice Warriors rise so much when the Legends Cup comes?

I think it’s just in our nature. The troops get super motivated more than other armies, which helps us secure our victory.

What is your most memorable moment from a Legends Cup?

The most memorable moments are always when e are announced the winners.

How important is winning the Legends Cup to you?

Although winning the Legend Cup is more important than other tournaments, it isn’t something we obsess over. We still focus on army warfare while preparing for the big tournament event.

2012 Legends Cup

The 2012 Legends Cup was the third tournament under the Legends Cup brand name. It featured 48 armies. All eyes were on the 2011 Legends Cup winner, Ice Warriors in an effort to see if history could repeat itself and have the Ice Warriors win the Legends Cup once again.

The 2012 Legends Cup saw the Army Republic get a huge victory over the Shadow Troops while the Ice Warriors managed to achieve a victory over the Nacho Army. With the Army Republic and Ice Warriors both advancing, they would be the two armies that would achieve a coveted spot in the Legends Cup finals.

In the annual one hour battle that dictates the winner of the Legends Cup, the Ice Warriors were able to overcome the Army Republic and therefore take the Legends Cup championship home for the second time. Furthermore, the Ice Warriors became the first army to win the Legends Cup in back to back years.


Interview With Kingfunks4 

Which Legends Cup tournament do you believe ACP came the closest to victory in?

I believe ACP came closest in the very first Legends Cup. ACP were firm favourites considering they were in part hosting it with CPA Central and were dominating armies at the time. Ever since that one they have failed to even compete for the Legends Cup.

What are your thoughts on Ice Warriors winning the 2011 as well as 2012 Legends Cup?

It was pretty incredible. The Ice Warriors have never been the top army, never have been the favourites to win any of the tournaments. However, they seem to step it up for Legends Cup tournaments and Iceyfeet in particular seems to make an increased effort.

What is your most memorable moment from the 2012 Legends Cup?

From the 2012 Legends Cup, the ACP were very disappointing. We won the first battle against a fairly small army, but I soon went on Holiday (during which time I was removed from the army) and we quickly exited the tournament.

2013 Legends Cup

With eyes on Ice Warriors seeing if they could make it a hat trick, the Legends Cup IV took place with 24 armies competing for the Legends Cup IV trophy. The stakes were once again high, especially for the Ice Warriors as if they had won this, they would become the first army to win three Legend Cup tournaments. Whether or not this was going to happen was debated with the Ice Warriors not looking as strong as they were going into the tournament with armies such as Dark Warriors, RPF, Nachos and ACP at the top of their game.

The Legends Cup IV Semi-finals saw the Doritos defeat the ACP in the normal semi-finals and also saw the RPF defeat the Dark Warriors. The Redemption Semi-Finals also occurred with the Nachos defeating the Water Vikings, and the Army Republic defeating Chaos. Due to this, the finals became established as the Doritos of Club Penguin taking on the Rebel Penguin Federation. However, due to the redemption round being won by the Nacho Army, they were also given a spot in the finals making the battle RPF vs. DCP vs. Nachos.

Going into the battle there was a two out of three chance that we would crown a first time winner of the Legends Cup as the RPF and DCP have never won the championship before, whereas the Nacho Army took home the prize in 2010. With both the DCP Leader and the Nacho Leader announcing this as their final battle, the stakes were even higher. Unfortunately for Bam and Edd64, the RPF were crowned the victors.


Interview With Elmikey

Was the 2013 Legends Cup Victory the biggest of your career?

No, I’ve led too many massive battles.

What was your most memorable moment from the 2013 Legends Cup?

My most memorable moment of Legends Cup 2013 was RPF’s 3 line formation tactic in Stadium utilizing all 3 branches. It was our first time performing that formation as we hadn’t even practiced it and it sealed the win for us. RPF was very fast.

What did you think of your opponents, Nachos and DCP during the battle?

From what I recall, Nachos weren’t supposed to be in the finals but they forced CPAC to give them a second chance after we beat them once. DCP put up a good fight.

2014 Legends Cup

The 2014 Legends Cup was the fifth Legends Cup tournament to ever occur. Legends Cup V featured 26 armies trying to win the tournament. With the Rebel Penguin Federation erupted into a civil war of sorts, no one expected them to win and all eyes were on the Dark Warriors.

After the Nacho Army pulled off the huge upset defeating the Dark Warriors, they moved on to the semi finals in order to face the Light Troops. The Ice Warriors also moved on to face the Night Warriors in the battle. The Nachos and Ice Warriors both won their battles to set up for a very interesting finals.

Exactly five years later, we get the rematch from the first ever Legends Cup tournament. In 2010, the first Legends Cup saw the Nachos defeat the Ice Warriors. Five years later, Ice Warriors finally got their revenge defeating the Nacho Army.


2015 Legends Cup

Heading into the Legends Cup, all eyes were on the Ice Warriors and the Doritos – two armies that many people predicted would meet in the finals. If the Ice Warriors were to win this tournament – they’d be the first army ever to win four of the same CPAC Tournaments. If the DCP were to win, they’d finally win a CPAC tournament like they’ve wanted to do.

The semi finals made for some interesting battles. We had the Rebel Penguin Federation taking on the Army of Club Penguin, this of cause meaning the Ice Warriors were out. The Rebel Penguin Federation managed to pick up a victory while the Water Vikings managed to defeat the Blue Miners Army. This meant that the finals would be the RPF vs. Water Vikings.

The Water Vikings have never won a Legends Cup, whereas the RPF had already previously won it two years earlier in the form of the 2013 Legends Cup. The battle waged on for an hour after an overtime was decided. It was easily one of the closest battles of the 2015 Legends Cup but in the end the judges voted in favour of the RPF.


Interview With Bepboy9 

How proud are you about what the Water Vikings accomplished in the Legends Cup VI?

More than extremely proud. Not a lot of armies can say they reached the final, nevermind put on a performance like Water Vikings did. We were the underdog of the tournament and we beat all odds put against us.

What do you think as to people stating the WV Creator, Zakster isn’t impartial enough to judge?

When it comes to judging, I don’t think Zak would ever put an army in front of his media career, even in the past he made that very clear. I can certainly see why some people would have discomfort in him judging their battles against Water Vikings but I don’t think he would ever be bias.

Do you feel the recent rise that WV has achieved will continue as the community heads back to school?

Yes, Water Vikings have recently just began a new recruiting program and we have a lot of upcoming plans which will led us into stability during the annual “school depression.”

What do you credit to stopping you from winning this years Legends Cup?

I think the main reason we didn’t win was due to a couple of delusional, and/or retarded, members of the judging panel (Zak, Zing, Mach, Nick and Superoo) Although, I have no bad words to say against the Rebel Penguin Federation.


The Legends Cup tournament is by far one of the most, if not the most important tournament held by CP Army Central. We thank all armies that participate in the Legends Cup and congratulate all of its three winners.

Zing King To

CP Army World Media Chief Editor


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  3. Just by seeing the Table of Contents I decided that this post was a tl;dr


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    Gud times 2011.

  5. Um I believe the Legends Cup was created by Iasgae56,(CP Army Legend.) And please FILL the fills. Anyways good post!

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