Editorial: The Water Vikings Don’t Deserve Our Sympathy

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters — It seems, in the three years since the White Alliance paraded through Klondike in victory over the Black Alliance, we have forgotten what war is. I’d like to refresh everyone’s memory. 

As Badboy noted in one of his posts in response to the Water Vikings defense spam, he has played this game before. And as Mustapha10 stated when he initially announced the New Dawn Alliance’s declaration of war against the Water Vikings, this is a revenge game. It is ironic, then, that with so many leaders of years past fighting their old enemies for old reasons, we are seeing so much pushback on this war game.

In case anyone needs to be reminded (and some clearly do), war is not in need of justification. It is the fundamental purpose of this community to aim higher and overcome your enemies, and back in the day, before Woton handed Zakster the Top Ten tablets and had him preach them to the Israelites on Mount Klondike, war was how one overcame their opponents, not statistical competition.

The Water Vikings will be choosing one army at a time from the NDA to battle with, the first being DW. The only invasions we will attend  are those from the Dark Warriors (No, I’m not delusional enough to state the others are invalid, but we are just ignoring them). We honestly don’t care if you want to invade 4 of our servers at the same time, because all we care about is winning the battles that we log on to- because THAT is what is going to show who the real strong army is in this scenario, not ‘strategically’ teaming up with other armies and invading servers at the same time.

Bepboy9, Water Vikings Leader

Above you see Bepboy9 preaching to his army in what was one of many response posts the Water Vikings made to the joint war declaration. In it, he says that while he does not argue the invasions to be invalid (step up, step up) he will be ignoring them anyway (JESUS FUCK). It is essentially a decision to allow servers to be taken, though whether or not the Vikings see it that way is up for debate. Some on the WV-side of the conflict are taking the angle that invasions can be ignored for the simple immorality of the idea that an alliance is teaming up on one army. 

In fact, Tax1, another leading figure of the Water Vikings, seems quite confident in his army’s ability to ‘quadruple’ the sizes of the Dark Warriors and overcome similar competition. However, when the Dark Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation sizes are amalgamated by the sizes of the Doritos, the army has some cause for concern. Thus, they argue that because the alliance idea is “immoral,” despite it being used by the Water Vikings against the Doritos, by armies against ACP in World War IV, by the Black Alliance on multiple occasions, and essentially being an age-old expected precedent of warfare, they have the right to ignore it, by Bepboy’s count.

The Water Vikings can ramble on for ages and ages about how immoral the decision of the New Dawn Alliance is — and I have some qualms with what the NDA’s leaders said as well — but that still does not justify the idea that invasions can be ignored for immorality. They can be ignored for illegality, but in case anyone was unclear, those are two very different things.

The Alliance armies allowed the ACP to go through with their reconstruction plans because the Alliance believed that the ACP would crumble and fall. This fatal mistake would lead to the ACP’s victory in the Christmas tournament a little more than a month later, and ACP’s competition with the Nachos through 2009. Boomer 20 would go on to bring the ACP to their golden age, at the same rate that Person1233 led the Nachos to their golden age during the same time period. The legacy of this war is felt even to this day in Club Penguin armies.

Above, from an entry on CPAC’s History Page, we are told that the fatal mistake of the Great Alliance, which attempted to destroy ACP in World War IV , was in laying off ACP when they thought it would finally crumble. In the majority of the seven most important battles in this World War, the Great Alliance claimed victory, while the Army of CP avoided making public statements. All of this information together tells one story: armies attempted to overcome the top competitor because said competitor had made the mistake of making too many powerful enemies, and the competitor was almost destroyed, had the armies not decided to allow reconstruction.

This whole idea that for an alliance to be formed, it has to be taking on one of equal size/power, is falsified historically at best. In the two most important alliance vs. alliance or alliance vs. army wars in history, World War IV and World War VI, the powers were not equally matched. The Great Alliance was bigger than ACP, and the White Alliance systematically outnumbered the Black Alliance at almost every possible juncture throughout the 2012 offensive, leading to their victory when 2013 rolled around.

Size differences do not absolve the army from fighting a war, and from the sound of it, the Water Vikings have done an admirable job of making enemies as they paraded to first in the recent weeks, without giving any serious consideration to making allies. This army made a decision that they didn’t have to make — if they wanted to, they could’ve rose to the top by forming an alliance base within their control who was willing to go when they said go. The leaders of the Water Vikings don’t lack the intellectual capacity to establish something of that sort; no, that isn’t the problem. The problem, the ultimate mistake they made, was that they became cocksure in their rising tide and did not consider that when they reached the top, they would need one of two things: allies, or a troop size so great it would render any and all challenges futile.

Above all, let’s reestablish what being the top army in warfare means, because only ACP, RPF and the Nachos ever seemed to teach us: if the Water Vikings truly are the best performing army of Summer 2015, if they truly are the top army in all of warfare, if they were truly victorious at the Legends Cup VI, if these armies are truly so corrupt, cowardly and barbaric, and if the Water Vikings truly intend to prove that they are the best, then let’s see it established that they deserve the rank of top army; if they wanted to rise without allies and on the premise of lasting power, let’s see them take on the full New Dawn Alliance and defeat it. If they can’t, I’m not convinced. 



50 Responses

  1. The ACP has proved itself to be capable of surviving countless “gangbangs” from alliances in its prime.

    • I laughed.

  2. gg WV

  3. I still am defending the fact that WV was only chosen cause they are first, and Zak was a scrape goat, I can confirm Bep loves ignoring others opinions.

    I still want a piece of that ass though.

    • Zak very well was a scapegoat, and I’m the first to let any and all know that Mach put the Top Ten together yesterday. I’ve got much to say about the CPAC-WV angle of the whole argument, but this post didn’t focus on that to avoid derailment.

      • I did like eight of the descriptions. It’s not really relevant, but I felt it should’ve been said.

      • Do you plan to make a post on that as well or are you going to hold off?

        • Planning to wait and see how the war shapes up.

    • LOL

  4. If WV were smart, they’d put a little more effort into finding an alliance of their own and a little less effort into their flame posts.

    • ^

    • Why should they find an alliance? So we can have another pointless ‘world war’ which ends up in a treaty and solves absolutely nothing?

      • Or you could just die and have your entire nation wiped out instead, it really is up to you.

        Don’t think I’m defending the NDA either… all those armies are just as scared as you guys. Haven’t seen any of them fight a true 1v1 war in years.

  5. The hilarity of the situation is that we were ‘brother allies’ with RPF, allies with DCP and DW, and just began making amends with IW.

    • Says a lot about how much respect this community ACTUALLY has for WV.

  6. The Water Vikings’ mistake was getting complacent and focusing too much on talking the talk. There’s been too much talk from them and not enough action. There’s been an air of arrogance from some Water Vikings as of late, which has made finding allies damn near impossible. Once you become the top army, you become a target for those who want to surpass you. Not having allies is one of the worst mistakes you can make in a rise like that.

    • bias

    • but i must point out when the power allience attacked dcp, we didnt call on allies except acp and we killed swats nation. so it really depends on the sizes of the armies your fighting. as of right now water vikkings and dcp are tied for 1th place. if they really want that apot to them selves than they should only do the battles with us. not dw. so heres a hint wv. pick on an army your own size. and dont provoke other armies if u want to maintain that #! spot

  7. They say alls fair in love and war.

  8. This sounds … familiar. It’s almost as if WV is also guilty of joining an alliance with five other armies just to take down another army they don’t like. They’re just getting what they deserve tbh.

  9. This is good for WV.

    • The NDA is there to help WV understand what war is

  10. Technically, you can ignore invasions for literally any reason. Ignoring the invasion is the opposing act to instigating an invasion, which can also be done for any reason. For example, if I were a piece of shit, I’d ignore all invasions dealt against me by a certain army to spite them. Say, as an act of disrespect that my army would rather let you take our servers instead of showing up and giving you an honourable, honest fight.
    I have no problems with WV ignoring invasions of their own accord, as long as they know the repercussions of not having any servers, but I don’t support their attempts of trying to show themselves the bigger, more honourable army, because it’s been shown that they are not. I believe that any army that uses propaganda to sway their troops into supporting them does not trust in their troops’ loyalty to their army, but instead hopes they will stay “for the good cause”. Calling your enemies out as barbaric and evil even though they are nothing more than opponents shows a lack of respect, or at the least common courtesy.
    If WV is going to insist that they are the more honourable, stronger army, then they need to show it, but no army can dominate an entire alliance of multiple armies throughout an entire war. ACP can survive a gangbang, but can ACP turn a gangbang around on the gangbangers straight from the start? Judging an army’s strength by whether or not they can beat an alliance is like judging a man’s running ability by whether or not he can outrun a car. I don’t think calling WV out as not the strongest because they cannot beat 5 armies that are similar, if not the same (which would mean the alliance, if it were to amalgamate on a server, would be 5x the size of WV) in power to them is quite fair, and in a community where all armies are small as hell now (don’t deny it, armies used to be much bigger than this), is it realistic to expect the strongest of all the armies in this community to be that strong so as to accomplish this?
    I accept the possibility that WV might have released trash talk posts stating that they could beat alliances, or have proclaimed themselves the absolute strongest in history, and this could null everything I’m saying, because posts like that not only show a lack of respect, but they also cause people to start banking on the fact that WV can support their claims, which means they have no right to state what they will or will not fight, as it shouldn’t make a difference anyway, right? They’re so strong! However, I have not seen or heard of such posts, and I have no choice but to give WV the benefit of the doubt until further notice.

  11. Haven’t read the article yet, just the title. My first thought was ‘oh god another buttfuck editorial about nonsense’ — then I saw the author. GG 0 re.

  12. “It is the fundamental purpose of this community to aim higher and overcome your enemies, and back in the day, before Woton handed Zakster the Top Ten tablets and had him preach them to the Israelites on Mount Klondike, war was how one overcame their opponents, not statistical competition.”


    • That is the best quote in the world.

  13. Any side can win but there’s legit no main reason to make flame posts. I understand I am in one of the armies from NDA but I could care less about the situation. It’d be great if IW actually had WV neutral again and soon allies but shit happens. (sorry if I sound like an ass rn it’s unintentional) It’s a game and the community was made for fun battles and wars. Flame posts aren’t really needed. My opinion though, I’ll just expect the down votes that everyone who speaks their mind gets.

    • the last part probably isn’t helped by your picture literally saying “crybaby”

      • its an album ;-;

  14. This is one of the best posts CPAC ever did. I can’t wait to see WV’s reaction.

  15. WV will thrive off stupid posts like this.

  16. this is legit the most retarded post i’ve ever seen

    • Your leader is a retard.

      • i’m not in wv anymore, but either way, NONE of them are “retarded.”

  17. WV are irrelevant.. just stop trying already wv. you’re gonna fail anyways lmao

    • You can argue about the morality of an ally war against one army, however calling them irrelevant when you need five or whatever number of armies to take them on pretty much disproves your ‘point.’

      • they have the option for allies but if wv are gonna be stupid and not take it than its your own fault when u lose. I must admitt that when it was the PA vs dcp the stakes were similar except that many of those armies such as swat and sp couldnt compare to our sizes. Dcp is similar in size to wv and we wont show alot of mercy to u. wv is corrupt. i go on wv chat to wish them luck in this war and i get banned right away. i had only come to make peace not war. but they choose war so thats what they are gonna get

  18. I’m one of the only DCP owners who’s against the war against WV; however, it doesn’t help that the WV have been continuously making unsupported claims against the DCP (i.e. trash-talking)

    I’m all for peace, but making flame posts about how “evil” the other armies are isn’t going to help. Because as B1 stated, you don’t need justification for war.

    • ‘The evil Water Vikings have attempted to tarnish our image, with their creator (Zakster) being bias on a media outlet, giving them points for sizes that aren’t proven.’ Holy shit, do you realise how hypocritical you are?

      • the trash talk really comes from both sides. no side is innocent, even these comments create biasism and trash talk

      • ‘‘The Water Vikings have attempted to tarnish our image’ – exactly what spurred the war declaration.

        Not saying DCP is perfect for replying, but then again, the WV started it first. And before you say I’m being brainwashed by Mustapha, I was personally on WV chat when noob/chip claimed DCP to be a frail army who can’t beat WV’s sizes even with half their army being multilogs.

        • Erm… k. The message that I was trying to convey was that you can’t call out armies for using ‘evil’ as a justification of war when the army you’re in does the exact same thing.

  19. Blue, do you expect us to attend 3 invasions at once? no.
    we physically cannot attend every invasion, so we have to focus on one army.

  20. Seems like a army is calling YearOfRaid for support. And as per being the Creator/Leader of YoR I would like to clear some facts out. WV IS AN ARMY LED BY MY 10 BFF’S / Brothers. So If WV ever need YoR’s HELP FEEL FREE TO SKYPE ME @WV

    • You’re a faggot.

    • hi flen/jazzer/cpworld/dan/whateverthefuckyournameisnow

  21. What was the point of this post?

    • There was none.

    • Probably to argue that the Water Vikings don’t deserve sympathy for putting themselves in a situation where they failed to establish 1.) a troop base that had no challengers or 2.) any worthwhile allies, and thus, should they continue to argue themselves as the #1 power, they should prove it and take it on the alliance in full instead of picking and choosing. However, taking a more spiteful turn, one could say it’d be aimed at drawing reactions out of people like yourself and your WV colleagues, who have tried each and every angle including arguing that it was pointless. The post may not sit well with you, or make you angry, but it clearly has a point, so let’s refrain from using words we don’t seem to understand.

  22. Bold

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