Lying To Troops: Morally Wrong vs. Tactically Right

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters, Zing’s Office – One of the main things that army leaders appear to do these days is lie to their troops. They promise rewards, but these rewards don’t come like they were promised. Today, we’re going to look at the argument of how it’s morally wrong – but so tactically right.

Recently, the Club Penguin Army community lost one of it’s best leaders in the form of Waterkid. Waterkid parted from the community leaving us with many messages, but in his retirement post, Waterkid also said this:

Also, I am sorry for the new recruits. I lied to you.Yes, those membership codes DID work two months ago, however many people discovered the site and used them all up. I just posted recycled membership codes. This affected the army, as many troops realized and quit. It was true what Mustapha10 said. We just had troops that stayed for like two days until I recruited 50 more before an event. If you really want membership, then just play on a CPPS or save up to buy one. All other armies are lying as well, no army has a working membership generator.

CP Armies recently found a site in which there are a massive list of working membership codes. Waterkid posted a few of them onto the Light Troops official website, but then other armies also started to use the site. With all armies using the exact same membership codes, they soon found that they had no membership codes left and couldn’t keep using that as a way of creating bigger sizes…

but they did anyway. Despite not having any working membership codes, they continued to promise their troops membership codes while just recycling old ones. Troops would log on for army events believing they would be about to reach rewards only to be given used membership codes for their troubles.


Generally, lying is seen as morally wrong in the world. Lying generates a lot of feelings such as the feeling of distrust and disrespect for one another. In terms of armies, troops need to be able to trust the leaders and vice versa, the leaders need to be able to trust their troops. By lying to your troops, all you do is simply create a culture of distrust in your army and among your ranks.

Picture a scenario where you retire and you need to find a replacement. Your replacement needs to be someone you trust to have the well-being of the army in their mind. You need to be able to trust them to lead the future generations of your army. If you lied to them about things such as rewards, why should they trust you and more importantly, why would you trust them?

images (1)

Lying is morally wrong – but that leads us onto our next point. In terms of gaining a tactical advantage in the CP Army Community, lying is absolutely necessary if you want to get to the top. It’s a sad fact, but it’s true. By giving troops something to log on for, they will log on as they want the rewards. The more troops you have, the better your army performs. As a result of this, lying is actually quite rewarding for army leaders.

Waterkid mentioned that it did bring him success in the short-term as people would log on hoping to get the rewards as our autotypers would spam “FREE MEMBERSHIPS” over the Club Penguin game. While rewarding troops is a great strategy if you want to get higher sizes but it can be expensive to do so. Using fake, recycled codes is simply just a cheaper way to do this.

images (2)

Autotyping on Club Penguin has made us hated by most. When we do autotype, we do attract some new recruits – but think of it this way. 70% of Club Penguin hate our autotypers, 20% don’t care and 10% listen to them and join our armies. If we use them to spread lies such as “Free Memberships” that 10% will drop and the 70% will rise.

We’re close to losing even more support for armies. Waterkid touched on the fact that troops leave when they realise the codes are fake. This is going to happen sooner or later and when it does, Club Penguin will simply have one more thing to add to their list of reasons why they are waging war on us as a respective community.

What do YOU think? Should leaders stop lying to their troops about things such as rewards? Or is this a necessary way of keeping armies alive?

Zing King To

CP Army World Media Chief Editor


11 Responses

  1. It is a sad thing, but armies are currently in their hardest summer ever and armies are growing more and more desperate.

    • I’m quite sure its much worse now..
      PS: EW UR NAME

  2. Nice post, Zing.

  3. ayyy

  4. Yeah. It has happened to me before. I was told if I go to one more event I would be given DW mod. I kept going and going and no one never gave me it. So I went into temp retirement. Then came back when I heard of the hibernation of the DW. Toy saw me and gave me mod right away.


    • You were temp mod in DW till you “recreated” the Greeks and failed.

      • Are you still around?

  5. I agree. So dont Listen to the Owners in ACP IF it comes to Planning stuff then cancelling however I do not put disrespect Since ACP is my Army But This Post is 100% Right. CP will keep on Hating us more if we go on in this behavior let people in CP armies know about this even if there not CPAC armies

  6. The problem is that we treat recruits like they’re stupid and brain-dead. They aren’t going to buy into bullshit like ‘free codes’ and they’re especially not interested in the flame wars that go on between sites through posts. People must stop treating them like retards. They KNOW that Thinknoodles didn’t join, so it just puts recruits off.

  7. Articles like these should get more attention. But whenever someone posts an article about the problems of the reality of CP armies it usually gets swept under the rug. I love your post, Zing. Usually I don’t enjoy philosophy posts because they used recycled and garbage concepts. But this one is truly unique and exceptional. You are attempting to bring attention to an issue that has been in this community for awhile. That is something respectable and deserves more praise. Anyways great job.

  8. How did I miss this?

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