2015 CPAWM Summer Sun Hunt Results!

Over the past 12+ hours, you’ve been searching all over CP Army Central’s site and all over SM Army Press’s site looking for 12 suns. At this time, we can now announce who managed to do this in the fastest time and give out the awards!

We are going to give four prizes away to the fastest four people. CEO’s of both sites can not enter, anyone else can as only CEO’s put this together. Here are the official prizes up for grabs.

1st Place – 1,000 xats + 2 months adspace on CPAC & SMAP

2nd Place – 500 xats + 1 months adspace on CPAC & SMAP

3rd Place – 300 xats + 1 week adspace on CPAC & SMAP

4th Place – 2 weeks adspace on SMAP

If you already have adspace existing on a CPAC/SMAP site, the time you win in this contest will simply be added onto your time. We will not be endorsing or offering adspace to competing news sites.

In 1st Place… We have…

*** Red ***

In 2nd Place… We have…

*** Mr Burns ***

In 3rd Place… We have…

*** Stone 523 ***

In 4th Place.. We have…

*** Brigade3 ***

Thank you for all who joined. The above four people have until Sunday to claim their prize. 

Zing King To

CP Army World Media Chief Editor


9 Responses


    • Why you gotta be so meannn 😡

      • w0t

    • i swear, you’re gonna get rich off these cpac contests xD
      but CONGRATS :O

  2. Nice! 😀

    • What chat are you on

      • ACP

  3. congradulations to the 4 people that won im really proud

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