End Of Summer @ CPAC Schedule


This Summer, CPA Central has seen the Legends Cup take place as several armies battle to be the best of the summer. It’s also seen the 31 days of Trivia Challenge take over the site and individuals battle it out to win 2000 xats by participating – as school draws closer, take a look at what CPAC still has install.

Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Water Vikings

Sunday 23rd August 2015

The RPF and WV have made it to the finals of the CP Army Central Legends Cup tournament and on the 23rd, they will compete against each other for the 5000 xat prize and a trophy. The RPF have won the championship once before in 2013 and look to regain it whereas the Water Vikings have never held it before – but will this be there time?

Summer Sun Hunt

Sunday 23rd August 2015

Not too long after the Legends Cup concludes, all over CPAC and SMAP will be pictures of suns. Each sun will have a number on and you will need to add the numbers up to claim your prize. Full instructions will be given closer to the time. There is a chance to win 1000 xats here as a total of 1800 will be given out.

CPAWM Card Jitsu Tournament

29th/30th Weekend

16 people will be invited onto Club Penguin for a game of a Club Penguin. Applications to apply to be a participate of this tournament will be out tomorrow. Whoever wins their match advances to the next round. When we’ve narrowed it down to just one person – the CP Army Community Card Jitsu champion, that person will receive 500 xats.

Top Ten Armies of August

31st August 2015

We will be hosting our annual monthly Top Ten and we will see which army has been the strongest, best performer throughout the month of August. All August Top Tens including that of the 30th will be included.

31 Days of Summer Trivia Challenge Winner

1st September 2015

We will officially announce who has won the 31 Days of Summer Trivia Challenge. If there is a tie, all users with the same, tied amount of points will be invited to CP Army Central’s official chat room. We will ask several quick fire trivia questions and the first person to respond to 5 correctly, will win the xats. 2000 xats are up for grabs.

Awards Voting Results

5th September 2015

We are letting the viewers of CP Army Central vote on a number of awards and your votes will be counted by the CPAC staff and then on the 5th September, we will hand out the trophies on the CPAC site to all of the winners. Each winner will achieve a trophy made by Zakster. You still have a week to vote so make it count!

CPAWM Back To School Hunt and Kill

5th September 2015

Zing King To will be hosting a CPAWM Back to School Hunt and Kill. CPAC will be dividing the map into six sections and there will be a judge in each section. Twenty armies (chosen via the 08/30/15 Top Ten) will battle on the island. Judges will choose one army from the CPAC Top Ten and one army for the SMAP Top Ten. Both armies will achieve 750 xats.

Good luck to everyone participating in contests and tournaments at CPAC. 

Zing King To

CP Army World Media Chief Editor


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  1. more chances to win xats 🙂

  2. lol

  3. for the card jitsu tourney can you ask to be invited or is it just random

  4. Seems great.

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