CPAC Legends Cup VI Finals: Times, Breakdowns and Predictions

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – The CPAC Legends Cup VI finals is finally here. We started off with 27 armies and have now narrowed it down to just two. The Water Vikings will take on the Rebel Penguin Federation in the finals of the Legends Cup – but how did both armies get there?

As a result of bots recently, we’re electing to announce the server on the actual date of the tournament. This will also obviously be the case when it comes to choosing a room in order to host the battle. We can however tell you the times for this battle. These times are fixed and won’t be changed. Both armies should make sure to inform their troops of this time and date.


  • No allies.
  • No entering the designated room before the judge says to do so.
  • No leaving the designated room unless the judge orders.
  • Bots, hacking, and otherwise malicious behavior is not allowed in the slightest.
  • We will be judging you on size, tactics and consistency.
  • Judges may not be banned on participating armies’ chats.
  • Depending on the severity of the rule broken, the offending army can be penalized with any of the following: Subtraction of a judge’s vote, disqualification from tournament, or removal from CPAWM activities.
  • The judges reserve the right to deem unlisted things as offenses if they do see fit.
  • The first two rounds will be 20 minutes per battle, while the quarter & semi final battles will be 30 minutes each with a room change at the :15 mark. The final battle will be 45 minutes with a room change at the :15 and :30 marks.


Finals Times



Sunday, August 23rd


Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Water Vikings







The battle will be 45 minutes long and there will be a total of 3 room changes. You will enter the room when the judge announces it at :00. At :15, we will announce yet another room which you shall enter. Finally, at :30, you’ll enter the last room of the battle. At :45, Judges will invite all troops from both armies to the CPAC chat and we will announce to all the winner of the Legends Cup.

The winning army will then be presented with the sixth ever annual trophy for them to proudly display on their Club Penguin Army site and one of the leaders of the army will be presented with the 5000 xat prize fund.


The Rebel Penguin Federation started the tournament with a battle against the Water Troops. The Water Troops were unfortunately defaced the week before and therefore didn’t turn up to the event giving the RPF an easy first round victory. They then had to face the Pretzels in the Quarter Finals. The Pretzels had upset the Nachos the week prior but the RPF still managed to beat them. They then faced one of the favourites, ACP in the semi-finals winning them.

Recorded Size vs. Water Troops: 31 Soldiers

Recorded Size vs. Pretzels of CP: 60 Soldiers

Recorded Size vs. Army of CP: 60 Soldiers

The Water Vikings have spent majority of this battle looking as if they are the underdogs. They started the tournament off in Round 2 taking on the Cobras of Club Penguin. The Cobras originally won this battle due to bot interference but Gamesmaster Zakster declared a rematch which the Water Vikings eventually won. They then advanced to face the Dark Warriors in which they won with a 3-2 vote. This set up their semi-final match with the Blue Miners Army in which they once again won.

Recorded Size vs. Cobras of CP: 25 Soldiers

Recorded Size vs. Cobras of CP Rematch: 42 Soldiers

Recorded Size vs. Dark Warriors: 45 Soldiers

Recorded Size vs. Blue Miners Army: 55 Soldiers

Since Sunday, we’ve been asking you for your opinions on who will take home the Legends Cup Trophy. We’ve had a poll on our site in which you’ve been able to vote. Currently, the Rebel Penguin Federation appears to be the favourite to win the tournament. If you haven’t already voted, you’ve still got a chance to vote.

 Currently, the Rebel Penguin Federation is winning the votes which is to be expected as the Water Vikings are no doubt the underdogs heading into the battle. While the RPF appears to have the side of the readers, what side are you on? Let us know in the comments.

Zing King To

CP Army World Media Chief Editor


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