CPAWM Back To School Hunt and Kill

As Summer for many comes to an end, CP Army Central and SM Army Press celebrate the summer with a Hunt and Kill event. There will be a giant Hunt and Kill for the armies in SMAP and CPAC and there will also be two winners of this. One winner will be chosen from the “CPAC Bracket” and one winner will be chosen from the “SMAP Bracket”

How It Works

A Hunt and Kill is practically a giant Practice Battle all over the Island. There will be judges stationed all over the Island moving in and out of rooms in their governed district. They will be rating armies in terms of performance tactics wise, size wise, formations wise and also their consistency. Armies will start in a given room and then will be allowed to move around the Club Penguin Island at the pace they want.

For the purpose of deciding a winner, there will be two brackets for this Back to School Hunt and Kill. We will be inviting all armies that make it onto the CPAC Top Ten and SMAP Top Ten. All the armies on the CPAC Top Ten will be part of bracket one, and all of the armies on the SMAP Top Ten will be part of bracket two.

The judges, after the one hour battle will go to the CP Army Central Ownerpool and discuss who we believe the winner from the CPAC Bracket is and who the winner from the SMAP Bracket is. We will then all meet in the CPAC Chat and announce the winner of the event.


A trophy will be given out to both armies that win that they can display on their blog to show their troops all of their achievements and accomplishments. The trophy will have their name on it with the bracket that they competed in. 500 Xats will also be provided to the leader of both armies. These xats can be spent on things such as Days, Membership codes, Coin codes, Powers to make your chat better – or what ever you want!


Normal rules still apply for this tournament. Ddosing/hacking and any other foul play is not allowed. Multilogging will not be tolerated and if it is proven, your army will be removed from the tournament and possibly see a point reduction from the Top Ten. While allies will likely not be a problem with 20 relevant armies all being invited to the tournament, if you do ask an army to help yours – your army will be disqualified. If you ask troops from an army to help however, it is different. With 20 armies being invited to the tournament, we have no problem enforcing these rules.

To make it easier for the judges, there will be six judges and each judge will be given a certain amount of rooms that they will keep bouncing between throughout the duration of the hour long event. While you may go to rooms not listed below to regroup, you wont be judged for anything you do. The only rooms you will be judged in are the following:

Bluesockwa1’s District 1: Town, Coffee Shop, Dance Club, Giftshop
Lorenzo’s District 2: Berg, Skatepark, Cove, Forest, Mine
Zing King To’s District 3: Plaza, Pet Shop, Puffle Hotel, Pizza Place
Zaksters’s: District 4: Mountain, Ski Village, Beach, Lighthouse, Dock
District 5: Stadium, Snow Forts, Puffle Park
Gobby’s District 6: Boiler Room, Mine, Underground Cave, Hidden Lake


>>>> Saturday 5th September 2015 <<<<

Klondike || 1 Hour Long 

8pm UK

3pm EST

12pm PST

2pm CST

1pm MST

12:30am IST

Invited Armies And Assigned Rooms

If you were in either the CP Army Central Top Ten or the SM Army Press Top Ten, you are invited to attend this tournament. Please select one of the rooms below to be your assigned room. You don’t have to stay in this room all for the tournament, it’s advised that you move around the island. This is just the room, that you are expected to log onto. Leaders, please comment on the room you want.

1. [Ice Berg] Water Vikings [CPAC Bracket]

2. [Stadium] Nacho Army [SMAP Bracket]

3. [Town] Dark Warriors [CPAC Bracket]

4. [Dock] Snow Ninjas [SMAP Bracket]

5. [Snow Forts] Rebel Penguin Federation [CPAC Bracket]

6. [Beach] Water Troops [SMAP Bracket] 

7. [Ski Village] Army Republic [CPAC Bracket]

8. [Plaza] Ice Warriors [CPAC Bracket]

9. [Mine Shack]

10. [Boiler Room] 

11. [Pool] Dark Bandits [SMAP Bracket]

12. [Cove] Doritos of Club Penguin [CPAC Bracket]

13. [Forest] Underground Mafia Army [CPAC Bracket]

14. [Fire Dojo] Dark Knights [SMAP Bracket]

15. [Hidden Lake]

16. [Night Club]

17. [Gift Shop] Cobra of Club Penguin [CPAC Bracket]

18. [Mountain]

19. [Skatepark]

20. [Puffle Wild]

Current Brackets And Battles

CPAC Bracket

Water Vikings vs. Dark Warriors vs. Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Army Republic vs. Ice Warriors vs. Doritos of CP vs. Underground Mafia Army vs. Cobra of Club Penguin

SMAP Bracket

Fog Phantoms vs. Water Troops vs. Nacho Army vs. Dark Bandits vs. Dark Knights vs. Snow Ninjas

Good luck to all armies that enter the Hunt and Kill! We hope that you all enter as at the end of the day, it’s a bit of fun for the community before we go back to school. Thank you.

Zing King To

CP Army World Media Chief Editor 


54 Responses

  1. disregard boiler room
    wv picks ice berg

    • The Water Vikings have received the Ice Berg. The Boiler Room is now free.

  2. DCP the cove & UMA will take the Forest

    • The Doritos of Club Penguin have received the Cove. The Underground Mafia Army has received the Forest.

      • awesome thanks!

  3. The Takis of Club Penguin have recieved the Snow Forts.

  4. Iw picks plaza by the way, the time for it says Saturday August 29th…. That date already passed

    • The Ice Warriors have received the Plaza, and the date will be September 5th 2015 🙂

  5. Takis doesn’t want to be in this. Sorry!

    • The Takis have been removed. The Snow Forts is once again a free room.

      • Thank you!

    • WTF BRO

    • Why did you remove us from this? 0.0

  6. Could the Dark Bandits be involved in this? We havn’t opened yet but our chat is usually full.

    • The Dark Bandits have replaced the Takis of Club Penguin. You will need to choose a room.

      • Why were Takis replaced? We aren’t dead. Our site and chat were just defaced multiple times yesterday.

  7. The Dark Bandits want the pool.

    • The Dark Bandits have received the Pool.

  8. The Rebel Penguin Federation choose the Forts.

    • The Rebel Penguin Federation has received the Snow Forts.

  9. Reblogged this on SM Army Press.

  10. COBRA want giftshop

    • Cobra of CP has received the Gift Shop.

  11. Dark Knights want Fire Dojo

    • Dark Knights receive Fire Dojo, pending current Multilogging Investigation.

  12. Takis want the town.

    • Sorry, the Takis requested to be removed from the tournament.

  13. Fog Phantoms want the Stadium, please.

    • this is awesomebird’s other account.


    • Fog Phantoms have received the Stadium.

  14. Water troops want the beach

    • The Water Troops have received the Beach.

  15. Army Republic want the Mountain / Ski Hill?

    • nvm, we want Ski Village :$

      • The Army Republic have received the Ski Village.


    • The Dark Warriors have received the Town.

  17. The Nacho Army wants the beach

    • WT got beach, we take Plaza

      • I just realised Plaza is already captured. Nachos take boiler room.

  18. The Fog Phantoms actually want the Underground Lake, Mountain, or Skatepark. One of them

    • …Choose one.

      • Alright, now that FP wants one of those 3, stadium is empty. Nachos take Stadium please.

        • …Nacho’s have received the Stadium.

      • Underground Lake

    • The Stadium has been converted to a free room. Please choose a room or you wont be entered in the Hunt and Kill.

      • Stadium, I wamt

  19. As the Main Adviser of the Snow Ninjas (Along with Jack Frenzy), We would like to choose the room Dock, as our starting room.

    • Blue Miners Army of Club Penguin have declared themselves “Anti CPAWM” and therefore wont be invited to this tournament. As a result of that, they have been replaced with the Snow Ninjas who has received the Dock.

  20. i guess i have to help nachos bcuz they are in boiler room and thats like the only room not ruined right now

    • How so?

  21. the conquest tournament last year was my favorite i’m excited for this 😀

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