Burr and Vinny Leave Nacho Army For Army Republic

BLIZZARD, Nacho Army Empire – As we enter the Legends Cup tournament, Burr and Vinny have announced their leave from the Nacho Army at what is seen by many as awful timing. Not only have they decided to take leave from the Nacho Army, but they’ve also decided to take back their positions in the Army Republic.

Anger and uproar currently exist in the Nacho Army as of July 25th due to second in commands, Burr and Vinny deciding to move on from the Nacho Army in exchange for their home army, Army Republic.

The Nacho Army is currently experiencing a fall being in the lower top ten of CPAC’s Top Ten, not having a very active leadership and seeing several owners retire. Despite all of these ongoing problems, Burr and Vinny have decided to also move on from the Nacho Army in order to focus on the Army Republic.


Burr and Vinny currently believe that Kevin, Nacho second in command should by now be leader of the Nacho Army. It’s unknown currently as to why the leaders have chosen not to make Kevin a leader, but with Burr and Vinny seemingly pushing for Kevin’s promotion, it’s possible that the Nacho Army will see a brand new commander to lead.

It’s commonly known that Burr was the main recruiter within the Nacho Army and he used the basic bot script that the Nacho Army gave him in order to make recruiting easier to do. Burr has expressed his intentions on using the bot script that the Nacho Army gave him to recruit for the Army Republic. This has caused many, including retired Nacho Leader, Edd64 to believe that the duo of Vinny and Burr have used them and are now taking the resources given by the Nachos out of the army.


Edd64, as you can see above, currently believes he has a level of power within the army and could make Kevin leader if he wanted to. With Burr, Vinny and also Green Dai taking leave from the army, it might take a huge change in leadership to get the Nacho Army back on track, especially so close to the Legends Cup.


I managed to get an interview with Vinny, now Army Republic leader. There is a lot of current tension existing between several Nacho’s and the Army Republic’s new leaders so this interview served as a platform for Vinny to get his point across. While this interview is quite long compared to others, it is an interesting read.

Interview with Vinny (Army Republic Leader)

Why did you and Burr choose to leave the Nacho Army?

Gotham needed it’s Batman.

How do you respond to the claims that you are stabbing the Nacho Army in the back by simply moving onto the Army Republic?

Our home army needs us the most, and when they call, we must answer, we owe AR everything. We’ve given them everything.

If that was the case, why didn’t Burr and yourself go back to the Army Republic when they first started falling over a month ago?

Trail and error, we gave them a time table on when to show promise. Now we must show a better example, one last time.

Is it fair to say you were using the Nacho Army as a temporary placement for your careers while you planned a return to Army Republic?

No, and who ever says that is a moron, and is blind to the true facts on why we joined in the first place. We joined to help stabilize the Nachos, we took a good part in that, the owners of today’s Nachos know such things. It didn’t have anything to do with furthering our careers, we’re already legends, we have nothing left to prove.

If stabilizing the Nacho’s was really a goal of yours, why are you leaving as they start to fall?

Us leaving as they started to fall is not out of spite at all. It was because our HOME army, the army that matters at the end of the day was falling. We created our legacy with AR, not Nachos. Priorities is all what it comes down to.

Do you agree with Burr’s decision to carry on using the Bot Script given to him by the Nacho Army over in Army Republic?

Of course. What do you expect us to do? Sit there and act dead? Let’s be real here. It’s like a hungry wolf, and you’re asking him is he gonna sit there and not hunt, or do something about it and feed himself?

What message would you like to give to all the people who are angry with you for leaving the Nacho’s for the Army Republic?

Duty calls. To the batmobile. May the force be with all of you.

As you can see from that extended interview, Vinny believes that Burr and his leave from the Nacho Army is the best thing for their home army. He doesn’t appear to feel sorry for the state of the Nacho’s nor does he appear to feel remorseful for leaving. He’s assured the army that the leave was not out of spite, only out of his morals telling him he had to help the Army Republic.

What do YOU think? Will the Nacho Army continue to fall with Burr and Vinny gone? Will the Army Republic be restored to the power it once had? 

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer 


72 Responses

  1. Let’s do a little vote of sorts.

    If you support Burr and Vinny’s choice to leave in order to focus on their home army, thumbs up.

    If you believe Burr and Vinny shouldn’t abandon the Nacho Army while they are falling to go back to the Army Republic, thumbs down.

    • Army Republic has always been their true army so I liked your comment

  2. Who the heck would do that?

  3. So basically they joined nachos ownership, got the bot script and ran for ar?

    • …Well basically, yeah…

    • I could have gotten the script without the Nachos… it is all over Rile.

      • But Burr, do you understand why the Nacho’s are angry over this?

        To them, it feels as if the Nacho Army shared their resources with you who they trusted only for you to take those resources else where to make a Nacho Army competitor better.

        • Of course I understand and I sympathize with them.

          Competitor? I still like to think of us as close allies.

          The thing is, though, while we were there, I was one of the very few people actively using the program to recruit people to the Nachos. From creating penguins to actually logging them in day in and day out, only a handful of people were actually trying to use it.

          • By competitor, I used that word because anyone who is using the botting script is doing so because they want their army to be the best. You are competing with the Nacho’s to be the best.

            I also did mention in the post, not sure if you read it or not lol, but I did mention you were the main guy recruiting within the Nacho Army.

            • I know and I’m not upset with you at all, you’re just doing your job and reporting the news, but I think I should make it clear that we did not join the Nachos just to steal their resources.

  4. For the record, the majority of the Nacho ownership, especially the active serving ones understood why we left.

    We love the Nachos and I’m grateful for the opportunities they gave us, but we owe AR everything and to simply watch it descend into death isn’t something we can let happen.

    Sapper did a great job keeping AR afloat, but he did not have the foundation he needed to build from and when the leader was sent into hiatus, we stepped up for the sake of the army we owe everything to.

    As for the Nachos? They are struggling right now, but they will bounce back. They have a talented, but young ownership who simply needs to find their place and strive. When we joined, we made it clear that we would not be long-term options for the Nacho army and as far as I’m concerned, they understood that.

    Hopefully the majority of the tension has been resolved between us and I have all the desire to maintain the strong alliance the Nachos and AR have built for years.

  5. For all the lazy cunts who cant be bothered to read the post:

    • I also don’t know if I can approve how it is being described as the ‘Nacho’s recruiting script.’ IW, DCP, LT and others have known about this script and been using it just as long as the Nachos.

      • Yeah but for the purpose of explaining this post, the Nacho’s are the ones who had the script and gave it to you so at the time, they owned it.

        • But as Burr said, it’s all over Rile so even if they were never in Nachos, they would probably use it right now anyway.

          • You’ve missed the point completely.

            • What’s the point?
              Your dumb fucking picture says “quits nacho army. takes bot recruiting strip to army republic.”
              what am i missing?

              • The point isn’t that he could have gotten it anywhere. The point is that the Nacho’s feel as if Burr using the script he got from them is disrespectful.

                • But your picture makes it seem as Burr is the “bad guy”.

            • Zing, you are looking at this like a simpleton. Look at it from our point of view. I ask all of you to do the same thing before placing judgment on Burito and I.

        • hey zing u should shut the fuck up 🙂

          • Who are you?

            • ur worst nightmare

              • Right…

                • You made this post, yet you’re bashing them.
                  You’re biased as fuck.

                  • ew wtf i agree with 11 someone cleanse me

                  • Let’s not forget he’s a figment of Nachos..

          • Nick be nice to Zing he works for me at CPACC bish Lol

  6. their really is no problem bur and vinny and most of ar’s troops will still help the nachos anyways

  7. Jesus, was that a fucking interview or an interrogation

    • If you actually read the post, the interview was done that way so that Vinny could argue against the criticisms that he faced for leaving.

      • So you attack him with questions, crap on them in the comments, and it’s all so he can argue against criticism? Lolk.

        • Hardly attacked him with questions. I’ll teach you how to give a constructive interview later.

          • You attacked him with the questions. That’s not even debatable. I would try to teach you how to not take things too far, but way too many people have already tried. You’re like a lost cause v

  8. I don’t get why Burr & Vinny are getting so much shit for this. They spent a decent amount of time in Nachos. But they felt it was time to go back home. Simple as that. I, for one, wish them good luck back in AR.

    • Because teenagers and because people like to be judgmental cunts for no reason

  9. tbh i respect burr’s decision, AR needs him the most and are struggling.


    • Dying

  11. The best luck for both .

  12. I agree with the comments about defending Vindaily, but yeah Kevin might be a good leader for Nachos.

  13. the shit that happens when you don’t happen to come on is astounding.

    • Hey at least you’re not making a big deal out of this like some are

      • Yeah. It’s completely understandable what Burr and Vin did. I wish them the best of luck with the AR. 😀

  14. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BOOOOOOO he did a back stab, he only came for the bots BOOOOOOOOOO. Only thing is, I don’t believe its true. For example say cutie join nachos and left for a while and went to idk, ACP. When Nacho was in trouble of course shell come back to it. But burr and vinny both leaving is bad. Why did Burr have to leave, vinny could’ve just gone, we had hope I you burr :@

  15. Bias much Zing we all know you hate AR and VinDaily, you don’t need to keep showing us that. I don’t get why you can even be on CPAC with your personal bias.

    • …Quote one line of this post that is bias and I have no problems with the Army Republic.

      Even the Army Republic leader, Burr said the post wasn’t bias.

      • LOL

  16. Honestly I didn’t understand why they even joined Nachos at first but then I somewhat understood but I also can understand their purpose for going back to their true home army of the Army Republic and whoever is making a big deal about this like a cry baby bitch grow up, get over it and cry me a fucking river cunts Lol

  17. And by the way irdc IF I get ridiculous irrelevant dislikes from assholes anymore either

  18. Best of luck AR.

  19. I’d like to know why we let a former Nacho cover this post and then bash Burr and Vinny in the comments. The fact he has the audacity to try to call them out for being criticized, interrogate them about it and then go on to bash them in the comments of his OWN post is sickening. Zing is probably the most biased person on the CPAWM team.

    • Quote a line of this post that is bias.

      • I can quote a lot of lines of your bias in the comments, too many to count. If you ask me, the interrogation of Vinny was way too far, especially bashing them in the comments. Let’s not forget that you’re a former Nacho, a figment of the army as a whole. If you’re going to say “I’m not in Nachos anymore! :S:S:S” It just shows how desperate you are to not have the title of bias.

        • The comments is the place for opinions. End of the day, any “bias” that I might have is left out of the posts.

  20. I find this ironic tbh. Here is the full story. I was a 2ic that went inactive for only 2 days, and returned to see that I was replaced. I worked my ass off to get back to 4ic, and when I did, I saw that my replacements ran off with a top secret program and leaked it.

    Moral: Leaders, don’t hire owners. Promote your loyal mods that started from private to owner.

    >>Extra Note: I do not have a grudge against Burr or Vinny. This is just my viewpoint, and I just wish to express it.<<

    • Your “replacements” were never expected to stay through the summer. They were hired to help us establish stability within our ownership, which they did perfectly.

      We thank Burr and Vinny for their hard work and support from their first day in May to their last in July, and wish them the best of luck with leading AR.

      • k

    • Why promote loyal mods if they are an absolute pile of shit at leading?

      • Promoting someone solely because they are loyal, wastes a lot of resources and could cause instability. Loyalty is NOT a good reason to make someone owner,because you can never be sure on how loyal someone is. How do you know that someone isn’t just going to leave if they, as a 4ic who has served in the given army for a long period of time, is not selected to be owner over somebody else? How can you be certain that they will not leave during their term as owner? It is unlikely that a long-serving member of the army would do the above, but it is still likely. Furthermore, loyalty ultimately does not demonstrate skills required to be a good leader.

        If you expect your leader to promote you out of sympathy, you clearly have no respect for the leader, because you assume that your leader is weak.

        • So you mean to tell me that unload owners are better than loyal ones? k

          • Unloyal*

          • If you read my comment, you would’ve noticed that I said this: YOU CAN’T DETERMINE HOW LOYAL SOMEBODY TRULY IS. It’s utterly pointless to use your argument.

            • You’re also assuming that loyalty is the only thing that makes a good leader, which I argued against in my above comments (I suggest you actually READ them before you start bitching about loyalty). There’s far more to it than that.

              • k

    • who are you spi? bold letters! seriousness!

  21. This cunty ass community LOL

  22. they’re just going to ar to piss dcp off in legends cup lol

    • Fuck the Legends Cup. We all know that Mustapha isn’t going to sleep this entire tournament.

      I’d be embarrassed if I were him and lost.

      • Damn

  23. Well, to me this is sad news. I liked Burr and Vinny, but Army Republic has an alliance with Nachos, so I can see them whenever. They were really good warriors.

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