The Legends Cup VI: Qualifier Round Predictions

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – The Legends Cup VI is officially here and this Saturday we will be starting off with a qualifier round. The qualifier round will see 16 armies go head to head for a chance to make it through to the second round, but who do we think will come out the victor in those matches?


United Countries vs. Shadow Reacon

The United Countries however haven’t seen any leadership changes recently which could serve to be a deciding factor in the battle. The army is coming out fresh from a war with the Army Republic and the Army Republics Reserve Units. With the war being over, the United Countries can fully focus on victory in the battle.

Currently, there are many problems erupting within the Shadow Reacon. SM Army Press recently exposed the Shadow Reacon for multilogging and this led to Icey20115 taking a leave from the army. Shortly after this, Verum decided to deface the site linking it up to the Club Penguin Nation of Islam. This led to Verum’s and Jodie’s departure from the army. Currently, the Shadow Reacon creator Benimish is also away on vacation.

I believe that the United Countries will take the victory on account that they don’t have to deal with internal leadership problems like the Shadow Reacon actually have to do. For this reason, the victory will most likely go to the United Countries as the Shadow Reacon struggle to get back on top.

Army Republic Reserve Units vs. Nachos Special Services

The Army Republic Reserve Units is somewhat like a branch of the Army Republic that is led by Doctor Mine Turtle. The reserve usually springs to action in the result of a war incursion. The Army Republic RU however has been criticised by many as just another part of the Army Republic, if the entire Army Republic log in to attend this event, it would possibly cause the no allies rule to force the judges to make a decision.

The Nacho SS on the other hand has fully established it’s self as simply more than a branch of the Nacho Army. Armed with its own unique identity and persona, the Nacho SS has already had several successful wars and this Sunday, they will attempt to win the SM Army Press Summer Slash II tournament – just a day after their Legends Cup battle.

Due to the Nacho SS being the more set up army of the two, I’m going to give the battle prediction here to the Nacho SS. With Shiver away however, it could cause a problem however Kevin apparently is ready to take the helm with Talex in the army which should see a Nacho SS victory.

Water Troops vs. Red Ninjas

The Water Troops are the newest army on the block returning after the Water Vikings Rebellion army didn’t go to plan. It appears currently that Bryce is going to be the person who is leading. The Water Troops will be starting fresh and new this time which could cause problems for the leadership in having to get the army ready in such a short time.

There are rumours that Mach will be leaving the Red Ninjas in order to focus on his career as CP Army Central CEO although nothing is currently confirmed. If this happens, it’s possible that the army will fall victim to a hit in quality but luckily there are still three more leaders in the form of Step, Lild and Viper.

Due to the fact that they are already established and prepared, I’m going to say that the Red Ninjas will be successful in this tournament battle against the Water Troops that have to rebuild from the ground up. With Red Ninjas already built up, it’s just a case of logging on and securing the win.

Miners vs. Pretzels 

The Miners are currently preparing for a war with the Blue Miners Army. This has meant that their has been an increased influx on the training and the sizes that the Miners army is producing. The Miners however have seemingly drifted into the background recently not really getting noticed much in the community keeping themselves to themselves.

The Pretzels on the other hand are currently attempting to spear head a Small Medium Army Alliance (SMAA) most notably Totidile becoming enemies with several SM Armies in the process of doing so. If the Pretzels are to win this match, they will need to focus all efforts on the task at hand as opposed to building an SM Alliance.

With Pretzels being bigger than the Miners and also more tactical and skilful due to their extensive range of experienced leaders, the victory here will more than likely go over to the Pretzels army.

Royale Penguins vs. Army Republic 

The Royale Penguins were recently brought back by Tobercold and created the CPSATO alliance. The Royale Penguins targeted the Army Republic in their first few days of returning as they disagreed with the Army Republic trying to have a hold over the SM Armies with the Small Medium Army Defence legion. The RP then scheduled a raid of Toboggan and is now in the tournament.

The Army Republic are coming off the war with the United Countries of Club Penguin and entering the conflict with the Royale Penguins. Whoever wins the bout here will have bragging rights and that is important for the Army Republic believing that they have been the victims to unfair verbal attacks of Tobercold and the Royale Penguins.

Since their come back, the Royale Penguins have not had any events nor has Tobercold managed to find someone to co lead the army with him. Due to this, it seems that the Army Republic may have the edge going into this battle.

Hawks vs. Snow Ninjas

The Hawks have been pretty quiet since the end of the Dark Warriors war however they have been making other enemies. Due to this, they might not fully be focused on their Legends Cup battle and if this does happen to be the case, then they wont be able to beat the Snow Ninjas, which recently had a bit of a fall after being fully established as a CPAC Army.

The Snow Ninjas saw themselves suffer a fall to the SM Army Top Ten however they have recently. They are also involved in a war with the Red Ninjas which appears to be bringing out some good results from the Snow Ninjas despite them currently losing in terms of won battles and in terms of total victories.

It appears that the Snow Ninjas are getting back on track in a sense while the Hawks have faded into the background of SM Armies. Due to this, I believe that the Snow Ninjas will be able to pick up the victory here.

 Pink Ice vs. Blue Miners Army

Pink Ice was recently brought back to the community by Brigade who decided to eventually leave the army in exchange for the Cobras of Club Penguin. With Pink Ice still alive, they’ve captured a few new empty servers but aside from that really haven’t made themselves very well-known. For that reason and that reason alone, the Pink Ice could have problems here as they have faded away.

The Blue Miners Army is currently preparing to go to war with the Club Penguin Miners. The BMA are currently stocking up on free land as they prepare to go to battle with the Miners. The BMA will need to put that to one side on Sunday for their Legends Cup battle if they are to be successful in having a victory here.

I believe that the win will go to the Blue Miners Army who already have a fully established and working ownership. The army is also more well-known so will have an easier job when it comes to that of hyping. As a result of this, the Blue Miners Army will most likely dig their way to victory.

Cobras Army vs. Silver Surfers

The Cobras Army recently opened up and is already being called a possible SM Army superpower. The army is led by Brigade and is currently getting fairly good sizes as a part of it. The Cobras are the latest edition to the tournament replacing Chaos who recently dropped out of the tournament, it’s unknown whether or not this will be a problem for the cobras.

The Silver Surfers have also been enjoying success as of late including finally getting on the CPAC Top Ten. Right now, Silver Surfers certainly have the ball rolling and are at the peak of this generations success. If the Silver Surfers want to take home the victory here however, they will need to bring that momentum with them into the battle.

The win here will probably surf into the waves in the direction of the Silver Surfers who are currently reaching their peak in terms of success for their current generation. The Silver Surfers have been successful as of late and that success will no doubt carry through to the Legends Cup.

What do YOU think? Do you agree with my predictions? Who do you think will take a spot in the next round?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer



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    • 1st

    • parody of the washington professional football franchises song eh?

      • Yep. The DW have made it the official song.

  2. Good luck to all.

  3. Good luck to all! – It will be an interesting tournament! 🙂

  4. I disagree with what you say about the COBRA. We’ve maxed 10-13 at the last two battles, and you can’t even say we have no experience battling because we took on the Pretzels. The Silver Surfers aren’t consistent like you argue; be prepared for a good close battle.

    • I honestly agree with the prediction lol, but anyway gl.

  5. I can inform you that ARRU never asks all of AR to help in our events, only people who wish to help train our newest troops come, which usually is only like 2 other people.

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