Army of Club Penguin Issues Several Invasions Of Nacho Empire

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – Recently, the Army of Club Penguin has decided to use the controversial move of spamming out AUSIA invasions of the Nacho’s servers in hopes to gain back some of the servers the Nacho’s have taken as well as take some of the Nacho’s servers too. The Nacho’s in response have decided to invade Ice Berg.

On July 15th, the Army of Club Penguin made the decision to invade four of the Nacho’s servers in the time frame of just one hour. Each invasion was therefore around 13 minutes long. It proceeded over the servers Brumby, White House, White Out and Blizzard. This move is one that annoyed the Nacho Army believing it to be a cheap trick.

❗ Invasion of Brumby ❗


Taken from the ACP (Invaders) Website.

Taken from the Nacho's Website.

Taken from the Nacho’s Website.

From looking at both armies pictures of tactics, it doesn’t appear that anyone had awful tactics. Both armies were active with tactics. Based on the pictures on both sites alone, the Nacho Army had more formation changes in this event. The Nacho Army claimed a max of 15 in the Brumby Defence, however after counting their pictures, 14 is the most I can count in the picture. The ACP didn’t make a claim on their max but after counting their pictures, I can count 23 soldiers at the most giving the size advantage to the ACP. Due to this, the Nacho Army admitted defeat of the server.

❗ Invasion of White House ❗

A picture from the ACP's blog.

A picture from the ACP’s blog.

A picture from the Nacho's blog.

A picture from the Nacho’s blog.

In the same case of tactics, both armies had good tactics in the event as can be seen by the above pictures. The Nacho Army claimed a max of 15 however from counting their photos, once again the most I could count was 14 troops. The ACP once again chose not to give a maximum size in the event however I counted only 14 in their photos which would make this event a tie in terms of the size advantage.

❗ Invasion of Whiteout ❗


A picture from the Nacho Blog.


A Picture from the ACP blog

The Nacho Army here claimed a maximum size of 10+ which was a fair size in which they counted. The ACP once again didn’t claim a max here but from looking at their pictures, they seem to have maxed 15+ which would give them the size advantage. Tactics on both sides were once again fine and both armies had a decent number of formations.

❗ Invasion of Blizzard ❗


A picture from ACP’s blog.


A picture from the Nacho blog.

Blizzard saw the 4th ACP Invasion of the hour and it was once again contested. Blizzard is the major capital server of the Nacho Army and therefore they had to defend it at all costs. The Nacho’s from the pictures on their site appear to have maxed about 13+ whereas the ACP appears to have maxed about 14-15.

The Nacho Army then took the driver’s seat holding their own invasion. The Nacho Army invaded the server Ice Berg from the ACP with the legally required 24 hours notice. The Nacho’s logged onto the server but were met with no defence from the ACP.


As you can see from the above picture, the Nachos successfully invaded the server Ice Berg from the Army of Club Penguin as a result of ACP not logging on in order to defend the server. The Nachos maxed 13 on the server and invaded it without any problems.

As you can see from the above, the last hour or so of the ACP vs. Nacho war has really heated up with many changes. Right now the only confirmed and decided server changes is Brumby going to the ACP and the Ice Berg going to the Nachos. Aside from those two battles, the rest are all disputed.

What do YOU think? Who won the battles? Will the armies keep up the invasions of each others servers at the rate that they currently are?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer


20 Responses

  1. ACP won Brumby. Nachos won all other battles. ACP at battle of Blizzard and White Out, sat at their formation for the entire battle, no bombs, just sitting (or dancing, whatever)

    • Oh you think so? All that talk about me not admiting defeat, i saw the original nacho post (the one where you guys cropped out all of acp) it was pretty funny

      • Yep, you are right. We cropped every battle, we r suckers. Gj ACP (wary)

      • I don’t think 4 invasions in one hour can be legal if all the battles have to be 30 minutes long assuming the enemy army showed up within 10 minutes.

        Then again, this is Bam so anything that doesn’t directly hurt ACP is legal.

        • Agreed

  2. I think it’s a shame to spam all those AUSIA battles, I told Bam to add invasion times to the ACP’s site which I wanted to be UK and US invasion times but he thinks ACP is just AUSIA.

    • Someone is trying to play the “spy” game too hard lol

      • Hey well at least I don’t issue a crap load of AUSIA events and not post UK and US posts.

  3. Why did you use our blizzard picture for white out? Are you stupid lol

    • Yeah I noticed that, the mistake was on your part. That’s how it was on your blog. I thought it was a mistake but if I corrected the mistake, you’d probs complain about that too.

      Perhaps if you don’t spam out events you wont make this mistake?

      • No i checked my drafts and literally didn’t see that mistake at all, maybe you’d be able to tell the difference since you did a bloody report on it lol

        • Perhaps both you and Zing could come to the realization that duking out your spat with one another over a mistaken picture doesn’t really help either party, or either of your reputations.

  4. I think that it was a tie on all of them, except of course Brumby and Ice Berg. So if we’re honest with ourselves the only thing these battles we’re good for is to show that Nacho Army can defend itself, even against a spam of invasions.

  5. NCP won by one server because Bam sucks.

  6. The only reason Nachos admitted defeat for brumby is because it is not an important server to them.

  7. “Recently, the Army of Club Penguin has decided to use the controversial move of spamming out AUSIA invasions”

    Why is it controversial? It’s exactly the same as just spamming USA or UK invasions… So fucking stupid

    • (Adding on)

      Just like the Nachos do with their SS. Spam invasions every 30 minutes. Double standard dickheads.

      • Except these were 4 invasions within an hour meaning that they couldn’t have been every 30 minutes, thus invalidating these invasions.

        We may be dicks, but at least we follow the rules.

        • @Mrtchy. Whoops.

    • Controversial means a topic that is open to debate. Spamming invasions is something that is open to debate as some believe it should be allowed and is a smart war tactic while others believe it to be bad.

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