SMDL Invades Dark Warriors To Retrieve Big Snow

BIG SNOW, Contested Server – News broke recently, that Toysoldier from the Dark Warriors threatened to declare war on the Snow Ninjas if they didn’t give the Dark Warriors a server. The Snow Ninjas opted to give the server Big Snow but at the same time scheduled a secret invasion of the server.

A couple of days ago, Popcorny gave the server “Big Snow” to the Dark Warriors after reportidly being threatened with the possibility of war. As this transaction took place, Zach 11 took to the Snow Ninjas site to schedule an Invasion of the server hiding it behind the read more tag.

At an inactive part of the day, the link to this post was linked on the Dark Warriors blog in the form of a shortlink believing that the shortlink would make the Dark Warriors not want to click it. Due to this, the 24 hour rule was intact and the Snow Ninjas were ready to invade the server. Due to the Snow Ninjas making the ruling, they decided to allow allies.

With allies being allowed, the Snow Ninjas enlisted the help of the Small Medium Defence Legion and at the advertised time they logged in. They realised something strange however in that the Dark Warriors were nowhere to be found. Upon going to the Dark Warriors chat, it appeared that everyone was AFK. They hadn’t realised they are being invaded.

Dark Warriors Chat AFK

Dark Warriors Chat AFK

The Snow Ninjas proceeded to log onto Club Penguin for the advertised event. They logged on and invaded several rooms while waiting for the Dark Warriors to turn up. It seemed as if Dark Warriors had either forgot about the event or just not clicked the post when it was linked on the chat. Regardless of the activity status of Dark Warriors, the event continued.


The alliance maxed 12+ which isn’t very much but enough to successfully invade a server. With no comeback or defence put into play from the Dark Warriors, there is no possible disputes to be had on who won this as Dark Warriors maxed 0 and Snow Ninjas’s alliance maxed 12.

With the Dark Warriors losing a server to the Small Medium Defence Legion, it’s possible that we will see Dark Warriors launch a full-out war on SM Armies as they have already attacked armies such as Snow Ninjas and Hawks who are smaller than them. Some have actually gone as far as to call what the Dark Warriors are doing “bullying” and exclaiming that they “cant beat an army their own size like RPF”. RPF of cause is the 2nd place army in the current top ten.


I managed to interview the creator of the Small Medium Defence Legion, Coldblight about the invasion of the Dark Warriors. I spoke to him about a number of things including possible consequences for helping.

Interview with Coldblight (SMDL Creator)

Why did SMDL and other armies involve themselves in the Snow Ninjas/Dark Warriors battle?

We got involved because DW invaded SN’s server, so we decided to invade to get it back. We will not invade first. We always invade if an army has invaded an SMDL server.

Are you worried about the possibility of Dark Warriors attacking armies like Army Republic?

We have found Dark Warriors’ weakness. We are not afraid of them anymore. If they invade the Army Republic, we will be prepared.

Could you comment on what that weakness is?

I will not reveal Dark Warriors’ weakness due to the risk of there being war.

Do you believe you can actually beat the Dark Warriors when they attack in full force?

We might be able to beat them if every army in the SMDL logs on with all of their soldiers maxed, but again we can win with their weakness.

As you can see, Coldblight is very confident in the SMDL being able to defeat and take the fight to the Dark Warriors believing to have found a secret weakness about the army. The weakness is so far unknown which may cause the Dark Warriors to become frustrated with the SMDL’s mind games.

What do YOU think? Are Dark Warriors cowards for attacking smaller armies? Will the Dark Warriors now leave the Snow Ninjas alone?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer


21 Responses

  1. im shivering

    • Well they are technically 1-0 against you

      • You’re not wrong

      • Your not wrong

    • why

  2. i know the secret 🙂

    • I know their secret as well… 🙂

      • Yeah I’m in the Snow Ninjas too 🙂 I know too.

  3. Nice meme

  4. I hope SMDL knows they’re fucked if DW takes action.
    If this whole thing was legal, it’s funny that they pulled a fast one over DW.

    • It was technically legal, yes.

  5. reportedly*

  6. Maybe if the alliance was bigger they’d have a chance, unless they just plan to invade as much as possible

  7. The only thing that pops into my head when I say SMDL is “Suck My Dick Legion”

    • I think that’s the joke. It’s like defending smaller armies and telling bigger armies to suck em off.

      • lol

  8. We just attack other armies because it’s well funny. Really funny. And hey we went against ACP.

  9. Ya but really SN?
    We are working hard and we try.

  10. I’m a Dark Warrior and I got admit, what they did was clever. I mean seriously i had no idea that we lost the server “Big Snow” until reading this post. Well played SN and SMDL.

    HOWEVER, if you got to war with us you’re doomed. I think its pretty obvious this “weakness” of ours is just them bluffing.
    Unless of course they plan on doing this secret invasion type stuff again.

    • the secret weapon beats all

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