Nacho Army Successfully Defends Mountain From Army of CP

FLURRY, Contested Server – In one of this mornings AUSIA battles, the Nacho Army defended their server “Mountain” against the Army of Club Penguin who were invading it as a part of the ongoing war between the two forces.

On July 14th, the Nacho Army logged onto Club Penguin with the intention of defending their server of Mountain against the Army of Club Penguin. The two armies have been engaged in a heated rivalry for quite a few days now trading wins and losses with each others respective armies.

Today however, the server Mountain was in the spotlight. Both armies went to the Town on Mountain to battle it out for complete control over the server.


In the battle, the Nacho Army managed to max an overall size of 8 it would seem after counting their pictures although the army did indeed claim a size of 9. The Nacho Army defended against three members of the Army of Club Penguin’s AUSIA Invasion force. Due to this, the Nacho Army claimed victory on account of ACP’s smaller sizes.

In terms of governing CPAC’s server page, the rule that states you “Must have at least 5 to invade a server” comes into play. At no point in the battle did the Army of Club Penguin actually receive a max higher than 3+ and therefore didn’t qualify to win the battle.

Nacho AUSIA leader, Zekrom made this small statement on the Nacho Blog about what he called a successful defence of their server, Flurry. An extract of the post can be seen below:

Hola Nachos,

Today our AUSIA force logged on to defend Mountain. We maxed 9 and Averaged 8. On the other hand ACP maxed a mere 3. Good job to everyone who attended!

As of this writing, the Army of Club Penguin have not yet posted the Mountain AUSIA Invasion therefore making it impossible for me to use sources such as quotations and pictures from their side of the battle. The ACP however took into account that they didn’t have the 5 needed troops online and decided to surrender.


As you can see, Camper asked the Army of Club Penguin’s third in command whether the ACP surrender the invasion of Mountain and in a show of good sportsmanship, Ryan did this. After surrendering the invasion, Ryan complimented the Nacho’s war efforts in a respectable fashion.

The Nacho Army will currently plans on defending Brumby, White House, White Out and Blizzard with their AUSIA Division tomorrow. With both armies now using their AUSIA forces, this battle will continue to be interesting.


I managed to get an interview with the Nacho AUSIA Leader, Zekrom who leads the division alongside Cutie and Legofan. I asked Zekrom a number of questions about things such as the Nacho’s upcoming battles and also how they believe they are doing against the ACP forces.

Interview with Zekrom (Nacho AUS Leader)

How do you believe the Nacho’s AUSIA Division is affecting the war?

Well, I think that the AUSIA Division is really a great addition to the war as ACP is more of an AUSIA army. I have known ACP AUSIA to be larger than their US Division.

Why have the Nacho’s decided to schedule several AUSIA invasions in the space of one hour?

Well, Cutie was in charge of scheduling the events as far as I know. I too find it a bit challenging and a bit “idiotic”.

Do you believe the Nacho’s to currently be winning the war?

Of course. ACP might have taken some servers but before the server reset, we had taken lots of their servers.

What are your future plans for the Nacho AUSIA Division?

My future plans is to expand in sizes, and dominate as the Number 1 AUSIA but the last one for now is just a dream starting to become true.

As you can see, Zekrom seems to believe that it is crusial for the Nacho’s to use their AUSIA Division in order to receive victory in the war due to the fact that he believes ACP to simply be an “AUSIA Army”. This of cause is a claim that has often been disputed in the community. Zekrom isn’t happy that the Nacho’s are having more than 1 AUSIA event a day. Zekrom however does remain confident in his division’s capabilities as the war rages on.

What do YOU think? Will the Nacho Army continue to get higher AUSIA Division sizes than the ACP? Or will the Army of Club Penguin come back fighting?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer


57 Responses

  1. #1st

  2. Glad to see everyone is agreeing if they won or did not.

  3. *grabs popcorn*

  4. Now this will be the best war ever.

  5. is ACP trying to lose their servers/invasions or?

    • I believe so and when I post about it, it’s apparently my fault lmfao.

      • It is your fault scrub!!! Jk m8

  6. I personally think the ACP isn’t just an AUSIA army. It might look like it but I don’t really know what to tell you.

  7. You didnt post about us taking fjord LOL biased ass

    • I was about to but Mach told me not to post about ACP/Nachos anymore. Guess that is your fault.

      • Cpac so far has been filled with only acp / nacho stuff thanks to you it looks like a mess lol

        • Well that’s what the news is you complete utter moron. Now you don’t want anyone posting about the war? LMFAO

          • No that’s not really a problem its just when you look at CPAC you see a total of 5 nacho / ACP things in the past 3 days, lol that’s a bit much

            • Well stop invading them with so many AUSIA invasions because you cant beat their UK/US then (shrug)

              • see that’s another biased statement that i’m talking about, remember your a media man not a nacho troop lol

                • Bias? Fine, it’s the comments. Not the posts.

                  End of the day Bam, if you think we are covering too many battles, stop spamming out invasions then.

                • Yeah Bam, spitting facts is biased right. Your UK/US isn’t as good as ours. Zing states that fact in his comment and you fire back by calling it “biased”, yet it’s clearly hinted in a majority of Zings posts that your Ausia is stronger than ours. No Nacho complains about those hinted statements being biased.

          • besides have you seen us compared to them? LOL

            • Yes I have. Since the server reset, the Nachos have defeated you twice. You have defeated the Nachos twice as well. Guess we need a rubber match.

              Right now, you really cant say you are miles better when your currently tied since the server draft took place.

      • He told you that hours before this post was even published.

        • Yes, but there was confusion because Burr (CPAWM board) told me to keep posting and I believed Board outranks CPAC CEO.

          • Is Mach not in the CPAWM board? xDD
            Or are you just too biased to trust your former army leader’s words over your current CPAC boss? c:

            • Mach is 1, Burr and Chrisi is 2 of the board. 2 usually beats 1.

          • And I told you to stop posting as well hours before this post. Not only that, so did Mach.

            • Yes but due to your status in ACP, you are clearly bias in this situation so I ignored you. 🙂

              • So is Burr, and you chose to listen to him. You don’t think a current serving Nacho LEADER might be biased towards his own side as well?

                • Of cause he is, but Chrisi also said I’m fine with my posts. Chrisi isn’t in Nachos.

                  • Chrisi is a former Nacho Leader…

                    • “former”

                  • Chrisi also posted a completely anti acp post on nachos a day or two ago LOL
                    Are you having fun listening to BURR AND CHRISI LOL

    • ur invasion of fjord was invalid so sucks to suck

      • How was that invalid? LOL Nachos are making up excuses ? AWWW

        • nachos didnt receive the notice 24 hours ahead of time. just like your invasions against the ss which were posted at 12, but notified at 4 am.

          • Okay. We wont be covering Fjord in the War Review. Nacho’s still own it.

        • also, what’s your excuse for sitting in one room for the entire battle and refusing to leave?

          what’s ur excuse for logging off as soon as the nachos attack you in the town?

      • Why was it invalid?

  8. 1. CPACis giving this war far too much battle coverage (or your just being a cunt)
    2. if you wanted people to not call you biased id suggest covering the parts where acp completely takes there server, oh wait you wouldnt want that would you? Lol

    • 1. If ACP was winning you probably wouldn’t mind it having coverage
      2. If ACP surrenders then the Nachos kinda won

      • ^ This completely

  9. Let’s just all start a “Anti Zing Movement” *wary*

    • Does anyone actually know who you are?

      • Yes actually they do. Just not you…..

        • Not really..

          • Yes really

      • I don’t think so.

  10. I think this is just ended up in huge comment war and I usually don’t approve of comment wars due to the drama in them but it gets tiring when I see these types of things in Comments. It’s just the whole thing of Bam vs ZingKing if I’m correct.

  11. zing for the win *WARY*

  12. Go Nachos. 😀

  13. @Zing why would you say to bam “day over” to end a fight. It’s like your saying YOU LOSE SCRUB like your being a bad sport

    • What are you talking about?

      • Hmmm lets go back to your argument with bam here it is when you said “day over” can’t you just rub that proof?

        • Can you prove I said “day over” to Bam?

          • here it is

            • I said end of the day, not day over you moron.

              • but still you said it to end :/

                • It’s a figure of speech.

                  • blah blah blah

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