Army of Club Penguin No Show Nacho’s Invasion of Blizzard

BLIZZARD, Contested Server – As the Rebel Penguin Federation involves themselves in the business of the ACP and the Nacho’s, we see two invasions take place at once. Both invasions were of the ACP nation. One of these invasions was the Nacho’s invading their former capital of Blizzard from the ACP.

The Army of Club Penguin and Nacho Army have been at war for several days now trading many victories with each other. One of the Army of Club Penguin’s invasions was an AUSIA invasion of the Nacho Army on the 13th July 2015. This invasion was of Blizzard which at the time was the Nacho Army capital server.

Due to this, the Nacho Army decided to schedule an invasion of Blizzard in order to once again get their server back. With this invasion having the 24 hour notice required, the invasion was legal. Due to this, the Nacho Army logged on to the server with every intention of invading. The complication however is that at the exact same time the RPF also logged on to legally invade an ACP server.

The following invasion time was posted by the Rebel Penguin Federation 24+ hours before the battle begin. It was posted by Silverburg on the RPF website and details how they are going to invade ACP’s capital.

Tuesday, July 14th 2015


Server: Breeze – Room: Town

Times: 3:00 PM EST, 2:00 PM CST, 1:00 PM MST, 12:00 PM PST, 8:00 PM UK

The following invasion time was posted by the Nacho Army 24+ hours before the battle begin. It was posted by Burr on the Nacho website and details how they are going to invade ACP’s server of “Blizzard”



When: Tuesday, July 14th


3:00 pm Eastern

2:00 pm Central

1:00 pm Mountain

12:00 pm Pacific

8:00 pm United Kingdom

As you can see from the above, this move was one that forced the Army of Club Penguin to choose what was more important. They had to choose between Blizzard and Breeze. In an event that didn’t suprise many, ACP chose to go and defend the server Breeze, their capital, from the RPF. The Nacho Army proceeded to log on.

The Nacho Army claimed that the army was completely relaxed on their part and that they didn’t get everyone on. Burr stated that the invasion was an easy victory and the statement can be seen below:

Hola Nachos!

Today we had our invasion of our birth server, Blizzard, which was taken from us by ACP in an Ausia invasion days earlier. We faced no opposition and cruised our way to an easy victory, successfully re-obtaining our homeland. Nice job to those who logged on, but we need to do a better job of getting everyone on. Too many of our soldiers were AFK on chat which we can’t allow. I realize this was a relaxed battle, but our army is better than that and we are aiming to prove it.

Viva Los Nachos!

Currently, the Army of Club Penguin haven’t released a statement on the Nacho’s battle but it is more than likely that they will reinvade the server during AUSIA times if history serves to be correct. The ACP didn’t value the server as much as it did it’s capital which is the reason for ignoring the invasion. The ACP also wasn’t big enough to split their army among the two invasions.

We currently don’t know how the RPF will continue to impact the ACP and Nacho war and whether or not they will also attack the Nacho Army. Currently, there are no scheduled attacks on the Nacho Empire. This may have changed by the time you read this post.

What do YOU think? Should ACP have split their army and made an attempt to defend their servers? What impact will the RPF have on the Nacho Army vs. ACP War?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer



39 Responses

  1. furst lol

  2. I think the Nachos might have probably known there was another invasion going on.

    • When I scheduled it, I wasn’t aware.

      I’m not too concerned if it was cheap though considering ACP has scheduled 4 Ausia invasions within one hour two nights in a row.

      • Alright, I think incase something like this happens, you should always double check the sites of the armies in the war. I do that to make sure nothing is going on.

  3. Why are there so many reports on this war?

    • Because it’s news… and this is a news site.

      • if it’s a news site why are you resetting servers?

        • Because the community asked us to

          • yeah and​ were asking to migrate to oldcp
            but that’s not happening now is it?

            • Nope. OldCP doesn’t want us there, what do you want us to do about it? If Damen doesn’t want OldCP on his game, CPAC has no control over that.

              • He would have accepted us if you didn’t ruin it

                • No, he really wouldn’t. He found out about CPAS and got pissed.

                  • Then lets move there

                    • Move where? OldCP or CPAS?

                    • CPAS. Why should we stay with this dump known as cp when we can go on and be innovative.

                    • Meta, cp rocks. Private servers are full with mean amd rude people cussing and stuff. With that, we won’t be able to recruit as people on private servers also dislike armies and advertisements (autotyping)

  4. lol acp weak

  5. Bit of a dick move.

  6. What happened to the coverage of ACP’s invasion of Fjord?
    I thought you said you were going to post about it on the previous post until you were “interrupted” by Mach, yet you end up publishing this instead.

    • Reporting one side of the story is pretty biased, Zing. You are the only reporter covering this war and only reporting on Nacho “victories”.

      • cuz the other reporters don’t do shit if you haven’t noticed.

      • and how does he report the other side of the story. ACP wasn’t there.

        • He’s stating that he has only been posting about events that the Nachos claimed to have won. In other words, Zing hasn’t posted anything on the victories ACP has had. Especially the undisputed ones.

          • The only undisputed victories ACP had were Ausia battles which hardly any ACP attended and literally no Nachos attended.

        • Exactly. There isn’t another side of the story.

          ACP chose not to come instead choosing to fight RPF. Due to this, Nacho win Blizzard….

          That’s the story, that’s what I reported.

      • So it’s my fault that you guys aren’t beating the Nacho’s? If you want your victories reported, actually win some.

    • You guys are seriously hypocrites. First I’m covering the war too much, then you’re complaining that I’m not covering ACP’s invasions despite the fact I cant get things like interviews with you etc due to being banned.

      Grow up.

      • You’re the hypocrite here. You said yourself that you couldn’t post about the war anymore, thus being unable to report about the ACP invasions at AUSIA times, but instead you end up posting another Nacho invasion where they claim victory.

        Find a way around it (like asking someone else to interview for you). Anyone who has a brain could think of something that simple.
        You’re just making excuses like a kindergartener. If anyone needs to grow up, it’s you.

        • Firstly, at the time I wasn’t able to post on the war. Just before the battle however I asked who was covering Blizzard and no one was available for it.

          B2 came and saw this and realised that they still need me to actively cover the war especially now that RPF is getting involved, therefore I posted that.

          • What is your excuse for not posting the battles that resulted in an ACP victory?

            • Give me an example of one of these battles.


                • I believe Blizzard was posted by Max.

                  Fjord I held off on posting as I wanted to talk to Burr because he was saying that it’s invalid (This way I get to report both story’s because I’m not bias) but Mach stopped me.

                  I’ve started the AUSIA Invasions Spamming post now. TBH though from the pictures, it looks like a tie.

                  • It was. My bad.

                    So you decided to stop posting because Mach told you so, but continued reporting on other battles where the Nachos claimed victory?

                    “AUSIA Invasions Spamming post” Oh boy, can’t wait. 🙄
                    We don’t care if it looks like a tie or not. You’re a reporter, not a judge. If both armies are declaring victory then that’s all you need to post, but obviously you can’t think that way because you’re biased!!!!!!!!

                    • Flipmoo, I know how to report. I don’t need your advice. You seriously need to grow up and quit bitching.

                    • ok big boy

                    • Flip, just shut up. Zing is posting based on what he sees and reads on our sites.

  7. And that’s why Nachos have an SS (To those who complain for SS)

  8. Now Bam is really really stupid.

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