Dark Warriors Wage War With SM Army Alliance

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital – The Dark Warriors have recently decided that they would be declaring war on a minor SM Army which has caused several alliances to develop. The war is the result of racism, insulting troops and more importantly, chat recruiting.

On July 13th, the Dark Warriors made the controversial decision to declare war on an army that is currently 6th place on the SM Army Press Top Ten, 16 places lower than the Dark Warriors. An extract of the post as written by Toysoldier can be seen below:

First they stole our troops, and I thought, “if my troops leave, then I know they’re not loyal, so it can’t be that bad.” Then, I noticed they started trash talking us. After that, I decided to take action. Invasions of their servers will occur tomorrow (24 hour notice), and further throughout the week. They can ignore, but that will just be free servers for us.



As you can see, the Dark Warriors were fast to dictate the rules believing that no other alliances can show up. This however is not the case. The actual ruling is that if the Hawks ask for help from an ally which shows up, they will lose. If the ally decides to show up on their own free will and declare war on the Dark Warriors it is perfectly legal.

Providing that the Hawks don’t ask the army to turn up to the event, any army can come and raid the event as the Dark Warriors’s have no control over what server people are allowed to log onto. If you do however raid the event, the Dark Warriors do have every right to declare war on your army as well.

The Small Medium Army Alliance was designed with the intent to protect small and medium armies from larger armies who would try to take their servers which is once again a legal move.

Balls kid

In a very gutsy move, Dark Lexicon who leads the Hawks Army logged his troops onto the Dark Warriors capital and told the Dark Warriors second in command that they have every intention of going onto the Dark Warrior capital. Dark Lexicon then made the bold statement of daring the Dark Warriors to log on and have a battle with the Hawks. The Hawks then proceeded to call the troops to chat while Perry informed Toysoldier.

Balls none

Perry informed Toysoldier that the much smaller Hawks Army had dared Toysoldier to log the troops onto Club Penguin. Even with this information being at hand, Toysoldier decided not to log the troops on giving no reason for it. The Hawks began to call the Dark Warriors cowards still deciding to log on.

What do YOU think? Will the Dark Warriors be able to defeat the Hawks of Club Penguin? Will any more armies join the fight and declare war on the Dark Warriors?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer


29 Responses

  1. Dark Lexicon (or whatever his name is) invaded Frosty with merely a two minute notice, and claimed it as his own. You can already tell this war is just going to be a laughing stock, considering the Hawks apparently don’t know the simple rules of warfare.

    • Yeah I’ve already told Lexicon about the 24/7 war. Apparently they are scheduling an invasion of Frosty. I think you may need to call backup!!!11

  2. Why can an army just say “oh no enemy army you can’t use allies” That’s no unreal, an army can use allies if they feel like it…. In World War I and World War II an army or nation couldn’t just say to the enemy “oh no you can’t use allies” that’s just retarded, the hawks should be able to use allies if they feel like it, DW can’t tell them what to do…

    • DW declared war we are able to do what needs to be done

    • We didn’t say they HAD to follow the rules. They can cheat and lose all of their servers.

      • Shouldn’t even be a rule.

        • if you’ve been in armies for longer than a year you would know rules are allowed. A 1v1 war is obviously way more legitimate than a 1v10.

        • The thing is, buddy, this isn’t real life. We’re simulating armies, but in reality, this community is something completely different. The rules are results of tradition; while it is true that we can’t stop the “Hawks” from using allies, when an army chooses to create an alliance in order to face a threat, that action is usually the subject of ridicule from the opposing side. My point is that, because this is a game, it’s going to be easier if there are rules restraining idiots from doing stupid stuff like invading servers on a minute’s notice. Why do you think CPAC chose to do their servers reset campaign recently? Without something governing the game, we’re just going to go in circles and get nothing accomplished whatsoever, something that is arguably already happening today.

          • I’ve been in armies for 5 years, just letting you know, and I agree with the rules CPAC has set (such as the 24 hour rule) but I don’t think the allies thing makes sense.

            • Good. You are entitled to your own opinion lol 🙂

  3. I was defending in the 2min battle. Lol. It was funny when they just logged off without them seeing me.

  4. Lol so DWw wont even give them a chnace? If DW can max 45 and hawks get like 7 and you wont let them use allies is pathetic, I think DW just wants servers tbh

  5. Member of DW, but reporter who supports SM armies. (Wary)

  6. The hawks are the biggest fucking joke in armies
    If they think the #1 army is a coward because they didn’t log on to fight against their raid, they’re pretty retarded.
    If I was DW leader, I could’ve just send my spies or whatever and we’d still win.

  7. This easily has to be the most pathetic thing I’ve seen in quite some time.

  8. I dont think armies that are invading another armies server should be allowed to make the rules. It sounds unfair for a major army like dw to invade a smaller army and say that smaller army cant use allies. That sounds like a pussy move on DWs part and has no fair game for the smaller army.

    • Yeah? It doesn’t seem to me like DW started this whole thing now

    • Maybe the “Hawks” shouldn’t have hired a noobish leader that ended up chat recruiting and insulting DW to such an extent

      • come on chat for event

  9. lol

  10. DW is gonna eradicate the Hawks, but let’s go Hawks. You guys are the underdogs. Maybe the Hawks will surprise us and beat DW at a battle. Who knows.

    • LOL! The hawks max 10+ and say that’s INCREDIBLE, and DW is capable of maxing 50+. Go figure.

  11. So basically Hawks are gonna get SMDL or whatever to troll Dw. Ladies and Gentlemen this is indeed the war of the year.

  12. Things are heating up!

  13. I don’t understand you people, seriously.
    “Unfair” They can recruit ALL they want and par up with our sizes. It’s their loss. It’s 100% fair to not include allies so it is a 1v1 battle. I declared war on the Hawks, not every army in SM.

    • You do know that by now any major army that invades an SM will get allies either way.

  14. oh god the banter is overwhelming

  15. Hawks are pretty idiotic tbh. You can’t invade an army within a 2 minutes notice or it will be invalid

    • ^

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