Army of Club Penguin Loses Brumby To Nacho Army

BRUMBY, Contested Server – Earlier today, the ACP defended the server Brumby against the Nacho Army. The invasion was legal according to the 24 hour rule and therefore went ahead as planned.

The ACP and the Nacho Army have been at war trading victories with each other for quite a few days now. On July 13th however, Brumby was the server in question and Brumby at the time of the event was held by the Army of Club Penguin.

The Army of Club Penguin acted as the defenders in this battle. In invasions, the defender typically has to follow the Invader going to them when they move room. This is done as they have to defend what ever room is being invaded by the invaders. It is a simple ruling that’s easy to follow.


In the battle, the ACP claims to have maxed 35+ and the written statement made by ACP Leader Bam117 about the Brumby invasion can be seen below:

Hello troops we did good today we came in with a huge victory where we outnumbered nachos with both tactics and sizes [Naturally they ran away the whole time and won’t admit to anything] But overall good events, We got 35 + 🙂

As you can see from the above, the Army of Club Penguin believes that the Nacho’s invading different rooms is actually running away from them. With the Army of Club Penguin admitting that they didn’t follow the well known “defenders follow invaders” rule, it has left the Nacho Army to claim victory.


The Nacho Army, more specifically Burr, took to the Nacho Army site in order to combat Bam117’s post and claim victory in their own right. The following was published to the Nacho website by Burr.

Hola Nachos!

Today we battled the Army of Club Penguin for the server Brumby and we pulled away with the victory! ACP was once again too scared to leave their safe room and fight us, while we went around claiming their server. Out of pure boredom from their pathetic antics, we attempted to force them out of the Pizza Parlor, (where they hid for about 25 minutes of the battle) however the room’s small loading capacity locked the majority of our army out.

Even as only half our army could successfully fit inside the room, they still stood shamelessly in the same formation for the entire event, dumbstruck that an army wouldactually leave the safe room to try and fight the other army in a battle! Who would have guessed?!? :O Then, after 25 minutes of sitting in the Pizza Parlor, they finally moved to the town and what happened when we tried to attack them in the town? They logged off. 

It’s worth noting that we had more soldiers on despite the fact that half of ACP’s army was DCP. At one point when I was spying on their chat, I even saw 2-3 DCP owners actually leading the event. Some army huh?…

As you can see from the Nacho post, they have declared victory due to ACP not following them like they were supposed to. With this, this battle became the first battle since the Server Draft to have two armies both claiming victory – a problem. Mach and Zak both decided that due to the “Defenders not following the Invaders” rule, CPAC will be recognising this as a Nacho Victory on our War Invasion post and Server Page.

There are currently more invasions of both army scheduled on each others blogs. It will be interesting to see if we get any more disputed battles out of this war or if sportsmanship will avail much like it did during the Invasion of Blizzard earlier in the day.

What do YOU think? Who deserved the victory of the server Brumby? Who will win the ACP/Nacho War?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer 


53 Responses

  1. Like if you are on #TeamNacho.
    Dislike if you are on #TeamACP

    • I’m on team RPF


  3. Like I stated in your previous post–I believe that it’s best to leave this war to other reporters in order to prevent criticism towards your standpoint as a CPAC reporter. I’m not claiming that the information on this post is forged or anything, but you are damaging your reputation by doing this.

    • I’m not damaging my reputation at all. I haven’t been bias once. It’s more damaging to me if I don’t post stuff just because ACP tells me too.

      ACP doesn’t own me.

      • Once again, like I stated in your previous post, it’s ultimately your choice. Nobody is forcing you.
        You can continue to believe that you aren’t ruining your reputation but there could be a difference to what you think and what others think. It’s all about how the public eye looks at you.

        • and so far no one has taken me up on my offer to quote just one line of either post I’ve written that calls me bias.

          Right now it’s a matter of principle. If I don’t post about ACP/Nachos cause Bam says so, what happens when Silver, Water, Zach, Shiv and all the other Top Ten guys say the same? Exactly.

          • Funny how an ex ACP leader says “I’m not claiming that the information on this post is forged or anything, but you are damaging your reputation by doing this.” How? He’s doing his job right, just because the famous ACP leaders/vets will have something negative to say doesn’t mean everyone else will. The world doesn’t revolve around ACP and tbh, their opinions were discarded fucking years ago. I know you didn’t say that Flipmoo, but it was definitely an implication. If ACP was actually winning the war it’d be a different story… Sounds a lot like bias to me. This post is completely factual and I saw nothing wrong with it.

            Keep doing your thing Zing, you have my respect.

            • Thank you Vinny.

            • I’m merely stating that in order to avoid the situation where Zing is blamed to be biased he should avoid the ACP versus Nacho war battle coverages. I’m not criticizing him directly for doing so.
              There are many others that could report this issue besides Zing, so why does it have to be a former Nacho leader? And I think you would say the same thing if a former ACP leader was reporting this war, would you not?

              • I never lead the Nacho’s.

          • Flipmoo, you seem to be acting like it is in HIS best interest to stop reporting on a battle that deserves coverage…

            I’m pretty sure that you are asking him to stop out of YOUR interest knowing that it is bringing attention to ACP’s antics… antics that other armies are committing which are plaguing our community.

            He is merely posting by the accepted standards and rules of our community that states, if you don’t follow the invading army at all… you lost.

            • I never said that the battle does not deserve coverage.
              Like I stated, I don’t mind if he’s reporting it or not, but it would be best if someone other than a former Nacho leader was reporting this war. Like I said to Vinny, would you not feel the same way if a former ACP leader was reporting this?

            • As for the rules, Bluesockwa2 said otherwise. Though I don’t really know much about the rules that apply for CPAC atm so even if you bring up an argument regarding that I can’t really answer it. I haven’t said anything about who lost or who won.

              • Okay. I’ll explain the deal in regards to the rules.

                CPAC has got a brand new “War Invasions” post coming out. This post will list all the invasions in the community, it will help us keep track of who owns what server when we come to update our Server Page.

                Armies don’t have to follow it obviously as we are simply just a news site. We don’t dictate the rules. We report on the news.

                The “Defenders must follow Invaders” rule is one of CPAC’s rules in order to make it easier for us to govern our Servers Page and stop overlapping claims.

                • First time hearing this.
                  Merci, but when does this apply?
                  Does it apply even before it was officially announced?

                  • We did briefly go over the rules in the Server Draft I believe.

              • Guess what?!
                Zing doesn’t fucking care if you or anybody tells him not to write about this war.

                • Yeah I really couldn’t give a shit. I mean when you asked me not to, I posted about it two more times.

        • Flip Zing’s reputation is only being damaged in the eyes of ACP. Since you are affiliated with ACP it is by no surprise that you believe so too. So stop being a hypocrite and crawl back to your hole.

          • Thank you for the support, Yuri. You see it my way. 🙂

          • Who are you again?

            • The guy that beat ACP in a war when you were still irrelevant. Now shut up Jap and go screw your Bukakke Warrior mother.

              • Oh I remember now!
                You’re the guy that couldn’t accomplish anything and had to resort to sucking Waterkids dick! :O You’re so irrelevant that I forgot that you even existed for a moment lol
                Sorry :C I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings.

                • If kicking ACP’s ass so many times that they fell down to SMAP and resorted to staging a fake coup is irrelevant, then I don’t know where you were in 2012/2013…. oh wait, sulking over the failure of that forgettable army called IMAF.

                  It’s funny Flipmoo, because I remember you making up bullshit stories on how you had met me on Deep Snow years ago and how we were buddies. Although I would never hang out with egocentric Japs like you, you kept on insisting how you knew me.

                  Please stop tarnishing your already dirty image and go back to making delusional stories about your past 🙂

            • “retired”

  4. I don’t consider an army that’s in another room “running away’ to be honest.

  5. This victory should just be considered “disputed” as both claim a Victory.

  6. How can this be called reporting when it is both editorialized and coming from a former Nacho?

  7. Zing you will be facing disciplinary action from the CPAWM board.

    • lol no

  8. Zing stop fangirling Nachos and get your panties out of a bunch, There is no rule stating that that the defender HAS to follow the invader. If you want our server you have to force us off of it.

    • And furthermore, you should know how to avoid sounding biased with a position as high as yours in CPAC and being a part of CPAWM. As someone who has worked with you in the past, This writing is far from the quality you would normally produce.

      • I’m legit loving how the only people who have a problem with my posts is the ACP.

        • If I were a nacho I would love it too, but you fail to realize when multiple people are criticizing you it’s for a reason.

          • You’re all in the same army. The reason for you guys complaining is that you cant admit defeat.

            • The Nachos never forced us off of our own server. That is by no means a victory for them. And of course ACP will complain when you continue to argue that the Nachos were the victor. The Nachos are just going to go along with you saying “yeah he wrote that post he knows what he’s talking about” and the other armies in the community don’t give enough fucks to involve themselves in these comments.

            • ACP can admit defeat but since you are from the Nachos, You think that you’re some top dog person but yet you’re the one who gets heavy amounts of criticism.

              • …I’m not in the Nacho’s.

          • The reason being they are butthurt and are trying to point out anything that will support their idiotic cause.

            • If Zing was originally an ACP troop, and he wrote in a style saying that ACP were the undisputed winners of a battle when he had no concrete evidence to back up such a claim. Nachos would be commenting on his posts claiming a biased writing from their point of view.

  9. lol acp didn’t max 35.
    complete bullshit.


    • I only wrote what was stated in their sources as can be seen by the quote in the post.

  10. Nachos have a better chance of winning against the academy cats ACP. Nachos did also win that battle.


  11. It wasn’t even Zing who said it was a victory. He was just reporting it. Plus, he was fired. I wouldn’t wanna write good things about an army I was fired from.

  12. Are my comments going to spam?

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