Nacho SS Take Snow Globe From Army of Club Penguin

SNOW GLOBE, Contested Server – Following 24 hours notice, the Nacho SS logged on recently to invade the server Snow Globe from the Army of Club Penguin after it was successfully drafted during the server draft. The Army of CP however, didn’t show.

On July 12th, the Nacho SS logged onto the server Snow Globe to invade the server from the Army of Club Penguin. Prior to logging on, the Nacho SS had given the ACP the needed 24 hours notice that they would be invading the server at a specific time and date.

The invasion post was made on July 11th, 24+ hours before the Nacho SS even stepped foot on the server Snow Globe. The invasion dates and times can be seen clearly here:

Invasion of Snow Globe from ACP

7/12/15 (US) / 7/13/15 (UK)


Due to the 24 hour rule being met, that rendered this invasion completely legal. The only thing that would make this invasion not legal is if the Nacho SS didn’t manage to get the required 5+ soldiers on. Sadly, the Army of Club Penguin decided still not to show up to the battle despite the Nacho SS getting more than the needed 5 online.

With this invasion being perfectly legal, it is unknown why the Army of Club Penguin decided they wouldn’t show up to the event. The army in fact didn’t even post the event to their website to inform their troops that a battle would be taking place. It seems that the ACP for what ever reason are simply dodging the Nacho SS.

The ACP retained the server Snow Globe in the Server Draft which rendered this invasion of the ACP Empire still valid. If they had lost the server however, the Nacho SS would have had to serve 24 hours further notice on which ever army owned Snow Globe or simply 24 hours notice on yet another ACP server.


I managed to get an interview with the Chancellor of the Nacho SS, Shivertoe2 who I asked about his continued plans in the war as well as other things such as why ACP is ignoring their invasions.

Interview with Shivertoe2 (Nacho SS Chancellor)

Why do you think ACP ignored your invasion of Snow Globe?

Because they think they have the power to ignore invasions. Poland wished they had that power back in 1939.

Do you think ACP will continue to ignore Nacho SS invasions?

Yes because they are simply too small to respond.

Do you believe ACP is scared of the Nacho SS?

Obviously if they wont respond to us.

What are the plans for the foreseeable future?

Invade ACP until they die.

Shivertoe2 certainly seems to think that he has got the ACP reeling and scared. With the ACP choosing not to be able to defend themselves against the Nacho SS, signs certainly point towards what Shiver is saying to be true. Shiver plans to keep up the invasions of the ACP until the army eventually dies. With the ACP now losing a server, they will need to invade more soon.

What do YOU think? Are the ACP scared of the Nacho SS? Or are the ACP simply ignoring the Nacho SS for other reasons?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer


36 Responses

  1. Oooo

    • That’s the sound ghosts make, and ACP cuz they don’t exist lol.

      • quit tryna’ be funny fatfuck

  2. You can’t blame ACP for not going to these invasions. It’s a joke anyways. I mean, it IS impossible to go to a defense when you don’t exist lol.

    • Wait jed as in jedimaster?

      • no jed as in the one kid who created that army with that one guy a long time ago and hasnt done anything really since

        • kk

  3. Lol @ Bam criticizing Nachos for making ‘rage posts’ while he rages at CPAC…

    • There is a big difference between a post directed towards a clearly one sided post and a post with you calling acp faggots and bitching at every other army lol

      • Like I asked you for about half an hour yesterday, please quote a line of this post that is bias.

        None of this post is bias. Everything in this post was written due to fact. In the time it’s taking you to bitch at CPAC and Nacho’s – You could be recruiting so that ACP is able to actually beat the Nacho SS as right now, the Nacho SS is kicking ACP’s ass as you haven’t beat them once during this war.

        • Once again THAT STATEMENT is biased as shit LOL

          • You still haven’t told me any of the post that is bias.

  4. whats an acp

    • who are the marines?

      • A nonexistent army, I guess them and ACP have something in common.

  5. LOL

  6. 5 comments above me from irrelevant individuals, 2 of them are from the legendary combo of a midget and a jiggaboo

  7. Lol. I think ACP is scared of one of the smallest armies in the world. lol

    • On what grounds do you make such a bold statement? Is it ok to say your mother’s pussy is hella tight?

  8. Well, the ACP is currently at a war with the Nachos but not Nachos SS. And people decide to think ACP is a small army. The ACP has been around for years and some are ones that have just been created or have been around since a time like 2010.

    • Actually, the ACP are at war with both armies. The Nacho Army declared war on the ACP so that makes the Nacho’s and ACP War happening.

      In a separate turn of events, the Nacho SS also declared war. This is a completely separate war but it’s still a war. Therefore, Nacho SS vs. ACP is also valid.

      • Are you shitting me? Nachos and ACP agreed on a 1v1 war since nachos SS is a separate army they can’t participate in the war.

        • They aren’t involved in the war. They are involved in a completely different war with you.

          Nacho SS vs. ACP
          Nacho Empire vs. ACP

          Those are two completely different wars. The Nacho Empire vs. ACP being 1v1 simply just means that armies cant help Nacho Empire during their war invasions/defenses against you. It doesn’t stop other armies from invading you.

      • I love your good amount of douchebaggery right now. You and your little minions think the ACP is a small non-existent army. Well look at the history of CP Armies. It was one of the FIRST armies, Nachos came later in the history but back to the topic at hand, There is no declaration of war on the SS site that I can find, They’re some small fry army who thinks they’re like the real life SS and the Nachos SS are not apart of the Nachos in anyway. And actually PROVE to me that there is a war declaration on the chat

  9. Soo maybe instead of making a bias as shit post you could maybe make a post of the battle of yeti where acp had 40+ 😉

    • Please quote just one line of this post that is bias and favours the Nacho SS over the ACP.

      Just because you don’t like seeing your own failures, doesn’t mean you can just chuck the word “bias” about.

      • No interview of acp, no research done that its a 1 v 1 war Nachos (no SS in this one) vs ACP. It’s coming from an ex-nacho too.

        • Firstly, I didn’t interview ACP as all of the ACP owners were AFK at the time of writing this.

          Secondly, this is the Nacho SS vs. ACP war, nothing to do with Nachos vs. ACP WAR. I do believe you may be blind as you cant seem to understand there are two wars currently going on.

          Thirdly, me being an ex-nacho means nothing. The Nachos now are nothing like the Nachos are when I was in there. I have no bias for or against the Nacho Empire.

          Now, I’ll ask for I believe this to be the 4th time, please – I dare you – quote one line of this post that is bias.

  10. Who?

  11. Bullshit

  12. Literally everyone in armies know that zing king is biased even CPAC itself know lol

    • If CPAC thought I was bias, they wouldn’t want me to report (Shrug)

  13. They can’t point out the bias because there is none, Zing.

    They’re upset because everything stated was fact. They don’t know how to react to reading about their failures so they just cry “bias”.

    The bias in this post doesn’t exist, just like ACP lol.

  14. I love how much of a freaking douchebag Zing his. He is such a prick at life. Not because he’s a nacho but it’s just his attitude pisses me off

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