Breaking News: Kingfunks4 Leaves Ice Warriors; Rejoins ACP

BREEZE, Army of CP Empire – In the midst of the Army of CP and Nacho Army war, Kingfunks4 has now rejoined the Army of Club Penguin, following being asked to lead with Andrew24, from the Ice Warriors as a result of the Drew Crew cleansing the Ice Warrior’s Army.

On July 11th, Iceyfeet rehired Andrew24 to the Ice Warriors. It’s currently being debated on whether Andrew is an advisor rank or a leader rank. Kingfunks4 who was a current Ice Warriors leader didn’t like this and has decided to quit the army as a result.

Almost immediately after this happened, Kingfunks4 logged onto the Army of Club Penguin’s chat, a chat in which Funks is a former leader. Funks then rejoined the Army of Club Penguin for his previous leader rank within the army.

Kingfunks4 has currently not made a statement on the ACP blog or Ice Warriors’ site about his leave. He did tell me however that he had left on his own accord as opposed to being a victim of a “coup” like many believe. There also hasn’t been a statement from Andrew24 but he did post this:

The cleansing has begun.

The following four words appear to imply that the Ice Warriors believe there are current elements within the army holding them back that Andrew24 intends to remove from the army. If this indeed was a coup, it’s completely possible that one of those corrupt elements could have very well of been Kingfunks4.

Most recent UK Division event led by Funks.

Most recent UK Division event led by Funks.

There are several comments being made that a civil war is close to breaking out in the Ice Warriors but the leaders seem to think that isn’t the case. Whether or not there will be tension and issues between the Ice Warriors and ACP which would result in a war is yet to be known but we hope to find out more soon.


We managed to get an interview with Kingfunks4 about the recent changes and developments within both Ice Warriors and the Army of CP. I asked him about the Drew Crew, the Nacho War and other things.

Interview with Kingfunks4 (Army of CP Leader)

Why were you removed from the Ice Warriors Army?

I was not removed. Iceyfeet wanted me to lead with Andrew and I declined.

According to Iceyfeet, Andrew is only adviser. Is this information that you are aware of?

Andrew has been changed to leader.

Why don’t you want to lead with Andrew?

I cannot lead with Andrew and we do not get along.

How do you believe your role in the ACP will affect the Nacho war?

There’s a Nacho war? Probably should know this. I believe it will be a positive impact on the UK Division and army as a whole.

As you can see, Kingfunks4 left the Ice Warriors after a dispute with Iceyfeet about the presence of Andrew24 in the army due to their past history. Funks now intends to help the Army of Club Penguin with their war against the Nacho Army, even though Funks didn’t know about this.

What do YOU think? Will Kingfunks4 be able to lead the ACP to victory against the Nacho Army? Will there now be a created tension between Ice Warriors and ACP?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer


50 Responses

  1. Fever 20 also leaves the Ice Warriors and joins ACP

    • LOL

  2. Many owners/mods have swapped from IW to ACP too.

    • Only ryan and you ^

      • And inb4 the anti Andrew Act hits the newsfeed IF it happens Lol

    • Give me a list please but email it I would prefer

  3. IW is fucked.

    • You think there will be a civil war?

      • maybe or iw could fall.

        • I agree with you and Zing and surprised there isn’t the Anti Andrew Act yet lmao

          • ahaha there is

    • With Andrew I would think very sadly lmao

  4. this is drew irl js

    • LMFAO

    • That is the only thing today to make me laugh

      • oreo haiiii

    • You’re an idiot if you think thats me.

      I’m not indian, i am caucasion. Nor am i the Andrew24 person that has been in the iw kik’s.

      Smh also horrible edit btw, you need work.

      • Tbh tat was Scream

  5. ACP?… They exist?

    • ACP is like UMA, dead. *cries*

  6. Wanna hear the truth? Straight after Funks retired from IW, Andrew banned him forever and reset IW Chat and also banned the retirees as well henceforth that was what “the cleansing has begun”. Wiping out everyone that he hates behind Icey’s and Ghost’s backs. Safe to say that no one has ever seen IW like this, threatening, undermining.just sad…

    • Amen.

    • Leo is exactly right and I am not going back on the beloved chat now for sure for as long as Drew is main owner because he’s a dick who’s just talking shit to the people he has a problem with and because dumb

      • I thought you said you were quitting anyways. Guess that life thing didn’t work out?

        • You didn’t listen obviously I said in August I was leaving and do you people have slow attention spans because I said that I was gonna leave August 18th when I turned 21 but I changed my mind and decided I was gonna leave after the end of this month

        • But of course you and others would assume that would lie as usual being that I never lie and when I thought I was leaving previous times I just changed my mind those times because I had too much time on me and this time its not changing because this time I didn’t change my mind and don’t tell me to get a life because you’re still here Lol

          • >says the guy who writes a novel on every cpac post.

            • LMFAO

  7. acp who?

  8. How could he have joined ACP if they don’t even exist?

    • ‘Cause Mercury is in line with Venus DUH! Learn Astronomy!!11

  9. i can translate acp speak
    “nachos retreated”=nachos moved rooms after 20 minutes
    “we held our ground”=we sat in a circle the entire battle
    “we prevented them from spamming”=we didn’t move
    “good formation”=we sat in a circle
    “great tactics”=we did a few emotes in our circle
    “we averaged around 30″=we maxed like 27
    “we won”=automatic phrase said after every event
    “we exist”=we don’t exist lol

  10. Welp this definitely did not make my day or make me happy

  11. Thank god for the chat reset cuz now that I am unbanned I dont have to be there for as long as Drew is in this community even though I still love that army since it was the first army I ever ended up giving a shit about that I joined before DCP AR WV and DW of course and others that you can see at page is Club Penguin Armies Lol

    • You’re Rocky? No wonder you have posted so many comments

      • Excuse me what the hell are you implying by my appearance because I may be 20 and only weigh 105 but do not judge this book by its cover negatively or it will slam you hard?

        • LMFAO

          • Rocky wants to “slam” Daquan. Isn’t that kind of behavior forbidden by the bible. Wink wink nudge nudge.

            • gg

            • You read that way wrong IF you read the “dont just this book by the cover” part, you would realize what I meant by slam

  12. but acp doesn’t exist lol

  13. Funks is not ACP leader, this post is incorrect.

    • He was at the time of the post.

  14. andrew should just die already

    • That or seek mental help

  15. whats an acp? :S

  16. I forsaken all idiots from being part of my life and armies is one reason why

  17. They banned me forever on IW chat just because I was veteran. Does this cleansing remind you of anyone? A certain German… with an awful haircut and a very notable mustache? First name Adolf? Ring any bells?

    • Pol Pot?

    • What the hell is wrong with Andrew and his bandwagoners aka supporters? LOL

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