Purple Republic Causes Mass Twitter Anger

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – Recently, the Purple Republic has made a comeback to Club Penguin and we’ve seen them raid several events of Club Penguin Armies, they have also been raiding events of other Club Penguin communities such as the Online Blogging community.

The Purple Republic have been described by many names including simply as being evil. There has also been a constant debate between army players in whether or not we should officially recognise the Purple Republic as an army or not.

Throughout the last five years, we’ve gone back and forth on whether the Purple Republic are an army or simply just a raid group designed with the expressed purpose to torment people through the use of evil deeds. Right now however, the Purple Republic are not being counted towards things such as tournaments and the Top Tens of CPAWM.


After the Purple Republic recently invaded a party hosted by some Club Penguin bloggers, there was an outcry of reports from CP Users to Club Penguin. A few of the people tweeting about the Purple Republic called the group “bots”, “hackers” but probably the worst of all – they called them “an army.”

With Purple Republic raiding party’s such as the above, the community believes that we are responsible and this once again increases Club Penguin’s ever-growing hatred for us as a collective community – a hatred that grows stronger and stronger every time we log our troops on.

While this party happened a couple of days ago, people are still believing this to be the work of Club Penguin Armies. With many people tweeting and emailing Club Penguin to remove the annoyance, armies will need to take careful measures in showing that we are not the same.


The party in question was held by Pup1one who is a famous Club Penguin Twitter user and also Youtuber. Luckily, a few of his fans are seeing the true picture about how Club Penguin Armies are not to blame for this occurrence that is now being called the “Purple Hijack of Sleet”.

Hopefully we will be able to encourage the divide between armies and Purple Republic so that we don’t look in the eyes of the Club Penguin community as necessarily bad guys. In order to do this however, we as armies may have to ease off on things such as Bot Recruiting and Autotyping before Club Penguin finally listens to these complaints and continues to remove armies in the process.

What do YOU think? Are the Purple Republic going to be stopped by Club Penguin? Will these raids continue to make our community look bad?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief 

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer


133 Responses

  1. Not this again -_-

    • I hope you enjoy my childrens’ antics.

      They’re all quite talented.

      • inb4 The Pink Alliance

        • Excuse me, alliance?
          We’re not an army, silly.

  2. I agree

  3. They won’t be stopped, how are you supposed to stop people form making club penguin accounts?

    • Get their IP’s, ban them

      • Dynamic IPs or proxies. Try again.

      • Also, CP has no idea how to do IP bans.

        • that item adder kid got ip banned from club penguin and every disney website.

          • Do you have any proof to back that up? Also there are a few of them around, if he can exploit something so simple then he can exploit something like an IP ban since the engine Club Penguin runs on is outdated to hell.

            • he posted it on twitter, unless I’m thinking of something else.

        • Doesn’t mean they cant learn, which they should

      • There’s easy ways to avoid being ip banned, they can use proxies and vpns, besides, Club Penguin doesn’t ip ban.

  4. Hacking this flash game with no survivors

    • LMFAO

    • I understand that reference

  5. Oh my~
    This doesn’t seem good at all!
    What a shame, indeed~~

  6. Please analyze their behaviour! We should hold a meeting about these purple fiends!

    also talk about the gril that wrote in the sand for us

  7. The Purple Republic always wanted to kill armies.. so I guess this is one way to do it. Nonetheless, it’s an absolute requirement that we MUST lay low and find ways to clear the community’s name. This includes being careful about events and to ease/desist autotyping for a long time. Zing has a good point, it won’t be long before CP’s staff start wiping out the community, banning troop by troop.

    • Why would we want to kill armies. We love you retarded faggots. It makes us feel better about ourselves! Laying low won’t help, we will still do it either way. Anyway CP’s staff never liked Club Penguin armies to begin with and was banning them from the start since it’s classified as a raid.

      • Retarded faggots? Pfftt.. hahahah.. dude your jokes are funny. I’m going to be up front and say that we’re more than what you label us. This community is full of power and perseverance, and against you, we will combine forces and declare war on you. No offense, but once we’re finished with you, you’ll be sorry you even caused trouble.

        • Wow, declaring war on a MMO flash game filled with multicoloured penguins? That’s actually really pathetic, that whole post shows how egotistic you faggots are. Also if you’re more that what I label you, I guess Autistic is on that too then? Only a person with autism will take something as Club Penguin so seriously.

          • I don’t think they’re learning to accept the truth, the PR are back and we’re bigger than ever. Watch your widows kids 😉

        • oh shit
          your cp armies will destroy us
          i cant believe it
          you’re going to e+9 the FUCK out of us
          we’ll be really demolished by your joke bombs
          guess we better delete the group

      • Please refer to CP Armies real term, Penfags. Thank you.

    • if you look at our announcements, we’ve already started something called “report genociding”
      basically in any army event we raid, we report the fuck out of everyone
      cp has been banning armyfags
      everyone gets banned, but we just come right back out

  8. Purple pride server wide

  9. ACP victory

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      • LOL that copypasta tho…

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            • Lol you took what I said the wrong way so I got worked up dude

            • Yeah sorry IF I said anything that was hateful

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  11. we’re not an army
    there shouldn’t be a debate, we’re not an army
    acp victory


    • LMFAO

  13. they mostly come from 4chan i think they’re all like lets raid cp

    • we don’t use 4chan anymore
      hell we rarely even recruit ever
      we just fuck around in our steam group

  14. Each army should contact CP about this

    • Agreed!!!

    • and what will CP do? CP can’t touch us. Give me something they can do, and I’ll tell you why that won’t ork.

    • You guys break the CP rules too. Armies autotype faggoot

      • faggot*

      • Gee then that makes Light Troops the worst army after all LOL

    • club penguin doesnt like cp armies anyway

  15. Purple Republic are the devil to CP’s god

  16. You see what happens when you mess with the PR 😉

  17. Purple pride

  18. PR’s Penguin Rapists Of CP (WARY)

    • we rape grils


        • this is a good example of a kid trying to be funny to get us to like them, by trying to fit into humour they dont understand

      • Ewwww

  19. Destroy Purple Republic entirely CPMods

  20. They are the real evil of this community

  21. Yo, all the armies need to contact cp, reporting these people and that they are trying to get us banned for a little meetup with twitter penguins, and armies go on small servers for events not big servers so this happens.

    • >trying
      we’ve gotten lots of armyfags banned by report genociding

      • Should I report you calling us “Armyfags”

        • I say you call the police and report this cyberbullying at once!!!!

        • go ahead nigga

          • show urself go to a chat.

            • i got banned there nigga
              too lazy to bypass

            • also xat is shit lol

          • Go to this site, <<< Comment there meme, they really care about your thoughts about reporting us, plus check out there chat, were you can get live action to talk to us.

      • Keep calling us “armyfags” why dont u show urself on a chat or somthin, you to scared are ya.

        • no i just don’t get alerts
          sorry i don’t check cpac 24/7

  22. if i ever see a pr i will beat the SHIT out of it how? easy. 1)i trap him/her in a cage 2) i release him/her in a metal box 3)flick the lever and the metal box’s side moves leaving him/her scared 4) get him/her out and goes inside a cage and beat the SHIT and FUCK out of her. that’s how goodbye

    • edgy

    • >her

  23. don’t judge that’s a true thing i’m gonna do

    • sure it is

    • o u mad huh

    • Faggot

      • Watch the language or we’ll assume that you’re one of those trashy people 🙂

  24. I say we take PR and push them somewhere else.

    • And then they’ll come right back.

      They always do, I assure you.

  25. You know what this means? Better get started on the draft for when PR dies in a week like they always do.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      I love how everyone always freaks out about PR but then they just die like they always have, it’s a cycle.

    • >a week
      it’s never a week nigga
      we usually stick around for months
      then we go back to sleep
      we never die

      • Dumbfuck

    • Oh shit Matt, I got a better idea!
      Why don’t you rig another competition, it sure worked last time!

      • competition? what?

      • ghosty you stupid fuck that’s matt bluecockwad not this matt

        • Thats not the Bluesockwa and the Bluesockwa’s are actually smart compared to what you’re saying

          • You won’t insult Bluesockwas or any of my friends faggot

    • Oh shit Matt, I got a better idea!
      Why don’t you rig another competition, it sure worked last time!

  26. How retarded can you be to buy into their bait… Don’t feed the trolls.

    • ^ Trolling or screwing them back is funny too you have to admit at times LOL

  27. PR are dying for more attention than a rejected tranny.

    • we’re not asking for any attention though

      • Then why else would you raid Club Penguin events? For the attention, so that everyone would know about your raids on us ‘pengfags’ – including club penguin moderators. Besides, you must obviously enjoy seeing posts about PR sticked on CPAC for lots of people to read. You’d also obviously enjoy seeing those noobs commenting ‘dis is the end of cp armies as we kno it!!!1!’. You’d enjoy all the attention this getting you.

        • Because they are idiotic trashybags and yes I went there

    • alright, thanks for your edgy comment Cute2854, you must be a very respected philosopher

      • Aw, don’t flatter me further 😉 xxx

  28. Welcome to the Purple Republic, the only army (apparently an army) worse than LT lmao

  29. This is one of the funniest posts I have read since the Adult Diapers post

  30. i think these guys are a group in spain who r not very nice 😦

    • there is also a button on cp which means u cant see them

    • I hate the Purple Republic

  31. These sweary hoes using inappropriate words to start drama shit with others you the real trashy class clowns of our world LOL. Ohhh yeah you’re sooo cool when you tell somebody “Shut The Fuck Up” or call them “Faggot (Not Bundle Of Sticks)” or “You’re A Pussy”, you jokes. Yeah I said it you defiant sinning whores, we don’t appreciate it and think you’re morons because and sound like hooligans. But we already know one person who is a true moron in this community for sure and we know why. You’re all immature when you do that and have no class IF that’s how you talk to people no matter IF its in good or bad way. Also, to those who try to act like their superior or that they’re the shit and better than others to seek attention, you’re a damn whore. But in other words, you’re a self centered, degrading, disrespectful, anti equality, attention whore, you ignorant piece of shit. You also never judge somebody for who they are that you met on the internet + you don’t know them in real life dipshits. That factually means that you don’t know jack diddley shit, and the end. 😀

    • Also, you can stay out of my life too unprofessional scums

  32. PR is hated more than the LT! Wow. Never thought that would happen.

    • Hooligans

  33. pup1one isn’t famous? people like chrisdog93 etc are famous hes just semi lol

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