Statement Regarding Recent Inappropriate Content on CPAC

Hello all. As of around seven hours ago, in the early hours of the morning, Coff and Zack3166 spammed this site with inappropriate content ranging from pornography to gore and ISIS-themed images. By infiltrating one account and impersonating a second former CPAC employee, the two gained author clearance to CPA Central and attempted to get the site shut down by WordPress. At the time, Shivertoe2, Associate Producer at CPA Central, attempted to post a series of blank articles to cover up the inappropriate content, since no administrators were on at the time.

By sheer chance, I woke up around 3:30am EST and worked with Albaro Lord, CPAC Executive Producer, to remove the inappropriate content from CPAC and wipe the site’s users. While, luckily, no news content was deleted (as a breach in editor-level clearance was not made), complications with doing this from our mobile phones prevented us from simply changing clearance of users — we were forced to wipe the users almost entirely. For this reason, please allow us some time while we get CPAC back on track and get our staff back on the site. The site should be fully operational within the day.

It is CPAC’s dedicated team that truly sets a parallel against the skids of our community, and it is because of these staff that we were able to effectively handle and overcome the defacing. Thanks to Shivertoe2, Max43810, Zing King To, Tap Dancer36 and Albaro Lord for embodying what it means to work at warfare’s highest level and to continue setting an example for administrations to come. Regular content, including news coverage, the Top Ten Armies, and coverage of OldCP’s Snowball Showdown will continue as usual. We are stronger now, and we will continue to be the best army news site in CP Warfare. Thanks.

The Bluesockwa Brothers

CPA World Media Chairmen


25 Responses

  1. typical idiots

    • LOL

    • Yeah, you.

  2. That moment when i warned most big armies about not opening any links on cpac cuz of viruses.

  3. yeah

  4. coff and zack deserve an award

    • Lol yeah.

  5. anti social skid

  6. badboy better step up if he wants to be known as defacer of the year

  7. shouldve just let cpac die already

    • *jewpac #DeathToJewPac

      • Smgdh

  8. dead to jew pack ohhhhh

  9. The inappropriate content is idiotic

  10. best short post ever

  11. Seriously! Who the check would do that! That’s just crazy.

    • *heck (sry kindle glitching up like the usual)

  12. I bet Coff defaced Water Ninjas website.

    • Like I said it was Benjarkin with Waterkid’s assistance LOL

  13. I got mentioned despite my only help was investigating and offering advice 😀

  14. Coff and Zack just wasted their precious time.

    • Ayy lmao where are you these days

  15. I liked it though 😦

  16. “Statement regarding recent inappropriate content on CPAC”

    shit, I thought you were finally addressing all the new reports quality :////

    • Reporters***

      Suckle my genitalia.

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