Clash of the Empire Day One Recap


Today, the first army CP Army Central covered OldCP tournament started with two of our armies taking on two of the houses from OldCP. The Doritos of Club Penguin and the Army of Club Penguin represented our community today against the House Random Productions and the House Wizards.

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  • Doritos of CP vs. House Random Productions
  • Army of CP vs. House Wizards


The first battle that occurred on Day One saw the House Random Productions take on the Doritos of CP. The Doritos are one of the biggest armies involved in Club Penguin Warfare today. They hold the 2nd Top Army in the entire community position. The House Random Productions holds the record of 8th place for the most kills in OldCP with 1691. The Doritos of Club Penguin however are not in the Top Twenty.

The battle started out with House Random Productions occupying the Beach and the Doritos occupying the Plaza. As to be expected, there was a lot of killing as people attempted to occupy the Town. For the majority of the battle, the Town was successfully controlled by the Random Productions as the Doritos saw themselves retreat to the Plaza and other rooms several times suggesting that they are “getting slaughtered” as one DCP Troop quoted.

The scoreboard appeared on the Private Server which calculated the winner. The winning squad was the Random Productions with an ending max of 20 troops while the Doritos had the end max of 11 troops losing the battle.



The last battle of the day was that of the House Wizards facing off with the Army of Club Penguin. Despite the House Wizards being one of the bigger houses and also one of the more organised, the Wizards haven’t been known for their skills in killing whereas the Army of Club Penguin has been doing the most training in preparation for this event and hold the 5th place spot making the ACP the most experienced army in terms of killing to play tonight.

Representing Club Penguin Armies, the ACP started in the Beach while the Wizards started in the Plaza with both armies once again trying to occupy the town. At the start of the battle, it was a big back and forth exchange between both ACP and Wizards but the Wizards eventually got the upperhand with the ACP controlling rooms such as the Plaza, Mountain and Dock for the majority.

The scoreboard appeared to signal the end of the battle. The Wizards won the tournament with 189 kills of ACP soldiers. The House Wizards outnumbered the troops of the Army of CP proving once again why they are the biggest house in the OldCP community.


The next battle will see the Nacho Empire represent the Club Penguin Army community in a bid to try to do what Doritos and ACP couldn’t do. The Nachos are encouraged to get their troops signed up and training on the OldCP game. A replacement will also be found for the Blue Miners Army who recently died.


What do YOU think? Will the Nacho Empire be able to successfully represent the Club Penguin Army Community? Will the winner be a House or an Army?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer


22 Responses

  1. cp armies got stomped by oldcp

    • Not much of a surprise either seeing as the oldcp armies or whatever they call them play on oldcp 24/7.

      • they play the role play server. the warfare server is hardly ever touched. they just fucking outnumbered us.

        • CP armies haven’t dedicated any time to this game at all so I’d hope they’d beat us.

  2. oldcp is better than newcp

  3. Can we just move to this shit already? Firstly, doing intense, explosive and competitive snowball-gun battles on a specialised CP server is arguably more fun and interesting for recruits and current members of the community than standing in lines doing emotes. Let’s face the facts- when we autotype, we advertise “fierce, awesome wars” to recruits. We make them feel like they’re set to being a defender of CP. Then, they ask what we actually do in battles and we say “we make lines and do emotes on cp”. They are generally disappointed and leave out of boredom in a week.
    Now think of how it would be if we told them that they could in fact take part in actual WARS with explosions and PVP on club penguin.
    Like it or not, oldcp is better in the long term for armies. We’ve run newCP for nearly 10 years and, while it was fun while it lasted, CP’s current gameplay has become stale. Isn’t it time for change, a new way of playing CP?

    • I agree with Maxy

    • I personally agree with you for the most part, but I would be lying if I said that oldcp is flawless. For one, its extremely easy to camp in one room, I personally believe that there should be something like spawn protection that lasts like one second when you enter a room. Also, I believe that they should show the health bar. Other than those few nitpicks through, the game is amazing. Just think about how far we could go of people were generous enough to code for us. We could have weapons, bigger rooms and etc.

      • OldCP is by no means perfect and has many flaws. It needs expanded, immersive gameplay (more weapons, rooms, cover), balancing to health and damage, lagfixes and glitch patches. I’m saying that if we look at the bigger picture, oldcp is far superior to cp, especially when oldCP is perfected.

  4. OldCP is probably the biggest evolution in armies since 2009

    • oh look who’s back yay 😀

      • hahaha 😀

  5. ive gotten 22 kills on that server in ine game

  6. Reblogged this on OldCP Blog and commented:
    Thanks! -Cyberwolf

    • Appreciate the reblog!

  7. ACP suck I 1v6 them

  8. We can’t leave a game we we’re BASED on plus it will be to much of a hassle to redirect them to old cp, if you don’t want to stand in lines/spam smiley faces just have snowball fights on cp.

    • a) how is it too much hassle? We’ve already moved many people into oldcp without problems.
      b) Snowball fights on CP are useless. Snowballs don’t do anything on CP.

  9. I believe it is important that we remain open to change and stay adaptable for the better of our community.
    Should Club Penguin continue implementing measures that will impede the growth of the community, which will subsequently lead to us ceasing from existence, then we would be left with no choice but to migrate to OldCP. The paramount topic to debate about now is whether we should migrate now, or migrate later.
    But either way, leaving Club Penguin for another platform, whether it is a CPPS or an entirely different game, is apparently inevitable. That is unless Club Penguin decides to halt its plans, which I doubt will ever be happening. Hence, it is important that we do not rule out the idea of shifting platforms, as it will eventually be the only way out. Staying conservative even when Club Penguin is trying to eradicate us will certainly do the community no good.

  10. Whenever we move to OldCP, we surely do know how to find out who won the invasion/defense/ practice battle.

  11. The thing that needs to be fixed though is people can kill you in 1 hit but when you fire snow balls at them it takes 5-10 hits for you to kill someone.

  12. Oldcp sucks although Nachos will go to semi finals!

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