Doritos of CP Declare War on Dark Warriors

SUMMIT, Contested Doritos of CP Nation – After ending their war with the Nacho Army, the Doritos once again find themselves in the center of a war but this time, they are taking on the statistical number one army in the community, the Dark Warriors.

Some people will probably say that they’ve been indeed waiting for this post to be published for the last week so this declaration doesn’t come as a surprise to many. The post was written by Mustapha and entitled “Declaration of WAR against the Dark Side”

Hello, Troops!

The Dark Side has recently attacked our sacred capital, and captured it successfully. This was met with retaliation like no other and we got our capital back. But that isn’t enough. They will now feel the wrath of the Doritos Empire.You’ve awaken the beast once again. And when the not so “unstoppable” Ice Warriors did the same, the lived to regret their mistakes. This shall be no difference. DCP is more than just an army, we’re a family, and we made you. Now we will end you.

DCP ownership

Ever since we’ve embarked on this great journey to restore the Doritos Legacy, we’ve been met with envy. Even hatred; coming from those who wish to oppress us. They want to stop us, year after year they have failed. Except this time, we are no longer little kids. We have been dominating since we were kids, and we pretty much grew up together in a sense. That is why we are family, we never give up on one another. We are now educated and experienced, this is no longer the DCP that you thought you could push around. Even then, you had failed. Now… We will fight until the end.

As you can see from the above, this war is anything but one for fun. This war has been built up with hatred and also with pride. These two forces that have rival’d for so long want the chance to prove that they are the better army – for the DCP, it’s a case of pride and proving to the Dark Warriors that they are the next big thing.

During the Nachos vs. DCP war, we saw the Dark Warriors get involved in the combat in which the Nachos and Dark Warriors took the Summit capital successfully. DCP then announced that they won the server back despite not following the basic rules that the defenders are to follow the invaders.

The Doritos have also forgotten about a third army that declared war on them with that being the Nacho SS. While the Nacho SS have yet to sign a treaty with DCP, the Nacho SS also have laid claim to the Summit server as they invaded it successfully.

The Armistice signed between Nachos and DCP.

The Armistice signed between Nachos and DCP.

Since this armistice was signed however, Mustapha has been caught by Puckley claiming to have never lost a war and also insulting the Nachos. With the Nacho SS still legally in the war as they were not involved in the above armistice, it’s possible that the Nachos will use the Nacho SS in order to provide help for the Dark Warriors.

With the Dark Warriors and Nacho SS both at war with the Doritos of CP, it will surely be interesting to see who manages to take the victory here. At the time of this writing, the Dark Warriors nor the Nacho SS have commented on this war declaration from the Doritos.

What do YOU think? How will the Dark Warriors respond to the Declaration of War? Will the Nachos or the Nacho SS have any implications on the result?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer


7 Responses

  1. That picture from Halo is from reach, and in read everyone dies meaning dcp leadership is about to die

    • lol

  2. Expected but who will you think will win the war?
    Thumbs up for DCP
    Thumbs down for DW

    • down

  3. I sense major hardcore orgasims erecting from this upcoming war (WARY)

    • Rocky, wanna talk to you.

  4. Who should i help mhmmmm %shifty Mhmmm dw was my birth army but i left to acp and DCP is ACPS bro allie Mhmmmmmmmm

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