Statement Regarding the Recent Unauthorized Access to CPAC

Hello all. 

If you had viewed CPA Central in the past forty minutes, you may have noticed a series of posts that went up on the site without prior administrative approval. All four — three duplicates — were posted by Cody, who is a reporter at CPA Central and Ice Warriors Third-in-Command. His account was compromised through the installation of a RAT — it is unclear at this point if this group, who purports to be called Lust, is legitimate, or if this is similar to other recent RATing attempts.

The post CPAC Special Report: Beware of Lust was not written by Cody; it was also not approved by the senior staff of CPA Central. We became aware of the account’s compromising soon after the posts were released, and we have removed the news story, which was posted three times in direct succession. Following this, in a post called Powers or DDoS (an incorrect title as a single user cannot be DDoSed, only DoSed) the group shared the DOX of Apollo, a member of this community, for reasons currently unknown. We apologize for this lack of scrutiny, and we acted as fast as possible following the issue Cody faced. We also apologize that Apollo’s DOX was projected to our viewing audience.

We will continue to investigate this issue, but for the time being I advise you to watch yourself. Since we do not at this time who was responsible, and since we cannot put any names to Lust (other than the pseudonyms members of our community are going under), we here at CPA Central advise you to use caution: avoid the usual suspects, and do not click links from nulls or users you do not trust. Exercise caution, and there will be little room for worry.


CPA World Media



18 Responses

  1. Only click links from trustworthy people like [Redacted for Breaking Rule 4: giving little shit about the idea that RATs are a real problem, one that ruins work and careers.]

    • Hahaha thats what you get for not using your head you dumbass

  2. My god, thats scary.

  3. I got ratted last year by Jessie, seeing that she took over my main account in IW site and got defaced. The pages were being removed, and some pages was to put Jessie as legend, creator, and swearing.

    • The reason why l got ratted is because l downloaded the xat generator that gets you to have free xats and days, with a weird link by Jessie and Qwerty

      • don’t worry ill protect u bby

  4. Who comes up with these retarded group names

    • Retards or just plain moronic dumb queers

  5. These faggots trying to ruin peoples lives by destroying their comps with their haxxor, ddosing, doxing, and faggotry skills lmao and yet I’ve been untouchable

  6. I’d like to report that these people we Noods and SaW. Yes SaW has been on xat lately. Last night I was on “lust” and they were threatening me to hand over my powers or they’d release my “dox”. To get this clear, the only true thing on my proclaimed dox was my instagram, the other shit was false due to me using my phone’s internet to check the site out. Noods is claiming to be Red’s Leader and the Red’s site is an IP Grabber. Just like to get this clear, thanks. Plus why would I live in Florida like ew.

    • Yeah the only thing SaW can actually dox is your instagram account.

    • Saw’s a scrub. He’s been on Hackforums for years trying to get help with stuff, he even tried to hire someone to hack CPAC years back (his account name is Feephill, obviously). No reason to be scared of him or any group he’s in.

  7. I swear to god my penis is so fucking hungry when I am horny that it makes me sad at myself that I am 20 and still havent had a girlfriend, fucked any bitch, or played naked doctor yet and I am fucking handsome too and its hard to control, cring (WARY)

    • I probably shouldn’t have that oh well for the lulz hehe

      • Shouldn’t have done that* oops

  8. lol

  9. Reblogged this on Club Penguin Army Comedy Central and commented:
    Cody Has Been Saved From The Evil That Is Haxxxors

  10. Lord.

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