Clash of the Empire: Snowball Showdown

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – CPAC are proud to announce that we will be running coverage on the OldCP tournament ‘Clash of the Empire: Snowball Showdown” between Club Penguin Armies and OldCP Houses.

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OldCP is a Club Penguin Private Server that has a unique twist. On the server “White out”, people can go onto the server and actually engage in an actual fight with snowballs. You are separated into houses or armies. You then log onto the “White Out” server and throw snowballs at the enemy team. When you hit an enemy with enough snowballs, it will be a kill and add onto your House/Armies overall total.

At the end, the server will count up how many kills each army/house has got and the winner will be the one with the most overall kills. Once you get killed, you will re spawn in a different room. I am now going to play the game and show you exactly how to work it on the server.


Upon entering the server, the server will be locked to only the houses and armies competing in that event. For example, if you are a member of Ice Warriors, when you enter the server, you will type in the space bar the following:

  • /js IW
  • /outfit IW

By doing that, you will be in the Ice Warriors team and you will also be wearing the official Ice Warriors uniform that OldCP will automatically add onto the server to make it easier for you. Once you have joined your official army, you will then be free to go around the Island using the map.

Once you have moved around the map, you can then find someone from the opposing clan. Under the penguins name will be the squad that the penguin belongs too. If they are on your team, don’t throw a snowball at them, but if they are a member of another team – you can.


As you can see in the above picture, I used my map as a member of the ‘Evils’ squad to find BugginsACP who represented the ACP squad. I then launched an attack with snowballs, this can happen through the use of the “T” button like normal. Once you have injured someone enough, above their name will come up +1 kills. It will then send that person to another room to regenerate before they can rejoin the game.


At the end of the match, a box will come up informing us that the Match Ended and will also tell us who got the most kills and what team they were on. As you can see from the game that I just played in, the three teams were Evils, ACP and Goods in which I defeated both teams. Each match will be ten minutes.


There are several different snowball variations that can be used on the island with my favourite being the Fire Ball. You can change your snowball by clicking on the question mark button on the speech bar, then clicking “Change Snowball”.

If you would like to watch footage from previous events that have been contested on the “White Out” server, you can watch these two videos.

CP Army Central will be posting the official timings for each match up on this post. This post will be the official base for all timings and questions you have in regards to the Snowball Showdown. The bracket is below.



House Random Productions vs. Doritos of CP

11:00am PST 12:00pm MST 1:00pm CST 2:00pm EST 7:00pm GMT


House Wizards vs. Army of Club Penguin

2:00pm PST 3:00pm MST 4:00pm CST 5:00pm EST 10:00pm GMT


As more events happen, we will update this post more with those times. For all the armies competing, we suggest you get your troops registered on the Private Server now and hold practice battles and trainings on White out in order to prepare for what promises to be, one of the most fun tournaments we’ve ever had covered on CP Army Central.

What do YOU think? Is your army ready to prove that they are the best around? Are you registered on OldCP yet? Comment!

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer 


62 Responses

  1. Any chance ST could participate?

    • Damnuuuuu

    • Roberto is the person in charge of accepting armies. I’ve spoken to him and there isn’t any more spots available.

      You can however help an army or a house if you still want to be involved with the event.

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  3. Good post Zing by the way though

    • Thanks. 🙂

  4. I’m guessing HRP (House of Random Production) are the Marines, since you used our custom penguin.

    • No, it’s just a group formed on oldcp. He probably used your custom due to the fact that they have no official uniform or custom of that matter.

  5. Nachos will go to semi finals vs DCP as DCP will win ACP at quarter finals and Nachos will win BMA at quarter finals. So 1 finalist will be either DCP or Nachos, betting on Nachos.

  6. gg Roberto grabs every single ip in armies and does a massive ddos

  7. Badass bracket and match cards. I feel like i am watching WWE King of the Ring *wary*

  8. Can WN be in this?

    • You guys already denied when I first asked, spots are now full.

  9. nice graphics

  10. Sounds like fun! Let the battles begin 🙂


  12. Who made these GFX?

    • I myself made the poster at the top of the post, not sure who did the bottom vs posters because I was on vacation.

  13. I’m Cabin0416 and I’m surprised how much work they put into this project of oldcp

  14. LOL wow how embarrassing

  15. The good oi days =) I was BugginsACP in the picture by the way. ):

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