Kingfunks4 Drives “Drew Crew” from Ice Warriors || The Recurring Problem of Career Leaders

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors — Twelve days ago, Kingfunks4 was re-appointed as leader of the Ice Warriors, a position many consider to be the hallmark of his career. This came following the return of the army’s creator and one of the community’s greatest legends, Iceyfeet1234. Following months of political wrangling between the old and new guard of the army, it seems that the new guard has finally been banished.

I am proud to announce that I will be again taking the leadership of the Ice Warriors in an attempt to try and continue the success the army has seen in the past year. As leader, I want to restore the lost bond with the retired troops of the army – which is something maybe that the army has lacked recently, as this is a key part of success that we will have in the future. The veterans will play a key role in building the army, as well the new troops and the current ones that we have.

Kingfunks4, Ice Warriors Leader [5/20/15]

There are several things Kingfunks4 is negatively remembered for — among them, the failure of the ACP under his watch and his mediocre leadership of CPA Central — but he smashed all expectations when he took over as Ice Warriors Leader following the departure of Ben/Surfersboysc. Funks, alongside Tes7, led the Ice Warriors to multiple strong-showings in tournaments, and re-affirmed their strength in war when necessary. The Ice Warriors held strong positions in the Top Ten throughout the administration.

It was on February the 3rd of this year that Albcoolio announced the appointment of the Drew Crew in the Ice Warriors, with his initial post naming Andrew24, Spyguy22, Final Chaser and Jester as the new leaders — it also announced Hulk as the army’s new Second-in-Command. In an early interview with CPA Central, Iceyfeet1234 expressed hope that the Drew Crew would not negatively affect the Ice Warriors, despite a small rebellion arising soon after their hiring. He had this to say:

CPAC: Do you think hiring Andrew and others can lead in a formation of rebellion, as they were in Light Troops, who were invading Ice Warriors and trying to kill Ice Warriors?

Iceyfeet: Andrew told me time after [time] that he loves IW, but just dislikes a couple of owners that were dragging down the army. A very small rebellion started, but [we] have ended [that by] negotiating with them.

It was not only the past of the leaders that angered many IW troops — multiple members have been indicted with scandals involving multilogging and DoSing — it was also a departure from the traditional appointment process. Following the ACP’s fast-tracking of both Sercan and Jerry in late 2013 and early 2014, the Ice Warriors were likely the most conservative army remaining, in terms of appointment process. This process — of staying with the army and learning its ways for many years, before maybe achieving leader — was completely smashed with the hiring of four leaders who had been at war with the Ice Warriors not so long ago.

Surely, it has been a bumpy road for many veterans of the Ice Warriors, as well as the Drew Crew and those that came with them. For both parties, a conflict of interest existed — IW veterans fought against the change in mentality, upset to see the traditionalist army they loved change so quickly. On the other hand, members of the Drew Crew struggled to implement a system more akin to other armies they had taken part in. Never before in the history of this community, except as a member of a large alliance in a World War, had the Ice Warriors been at the center of the year’s largest war until 2015. This, undoubtedly, can be attributed to placement of the Drew Crew at the helm of the army, and the rivalries that exist between today’s leaders. Conflict between Mustapha10 and the Drew Crew was bound to erupt, no matter what army they were taking a leadership role in.

It seems, even after the retirement of Andrew and what was seen as the Drew Crew’s slow departure from the army, that their presence on IW Chat has continued to create problems for the current administration. In the end, what may have been the undoing of career leaders in the Ice Warriors is the army’s discomfort with the change in a family attitude. Kingfunks4 addressed this earlier this evening, when he banished prominent members of the Drew Crew from IW Chat.

Andrew, Gtu, Final Chaser and Spy are indefinetily [sic] banned from the Ice Warriors chat for scaring new recruits away, causing a negative atmosphere, supporting IW opposition and anti-IW campaigns. Any attempts to unban them will result in a punishment, as this action has been taken to improve the army and create a family-like, positive atmosphere.

To many, this may seem to be a largely irrelevant move taken against retirees in the army, who will not affect their battlefield movements in the coming months. While this may be true, it is an important step for those who feel that morality in armies is almost nonexistent. It is a small step taken against the bastardization of a legendary army, the Ice Warriors — which I noted as one of the community’s eight major problems. The Drew Crew, specifically Andrew24, have shown their talent on the battlefield and have shown their capability to lead a major army. In this move, we see the current Ice Warriors administration — Funks, Icey, and Ghost — sacrificing what may be a few weeks of solid top ten placements to clean up the negative atmosphere and reputation with which the Ice Warriors have been viewed since the Drew Crew was hired. Ghost, who came in with the Drew Crew — though not as a leader — seems to have distanced himself from the Crew somewhat, in favor of remaining with the army.

We reached out to a variety of people — Ice Warriors moderators and members, owners in the army, allied leaders, and members of the Drew Crew — to compile their reactions and comments on the situation. First, we spoke to Mortico Kale, a high-ranking Ice Warriors Mod, to Beast4262, who attends IW events, and to Legend Rare, Ice Warriors Head Major. We asked them which of the two parties (Drew Crew and the Funks/Icey Administration) provided for a more successful Ice Warriors, and in what terms. Their responses largely identified in favor of the current IW Administration.

Mortico Kale: Funks/Icey definitely. All the Drew Crew have provided to IW is a taste of zero democracy and full dictatorship in the army. The Drew Crew getting fired from IW is the best thing that has ever happened to us as they are without a doubt the worst leadership IW has ever seen. They’re f***ing idiots. Give Funks some time to get comfortable and IW will be first in the [CPAC] Top Ten consistently — not second, not third, first.

Beast4262: Well when the Drew Crew first came they made IW successful, but after a while they became cyberbullies. The Funks/Icey group are getting worse sizes than the Drew Crew when they first came here. Well, actually they get about the same sizes. But I’m going to go with the Funks/Icey group so far.

Legend Rare: I like the Funks/Icey group best.

Following this, we posed this same question to WarriorsRevenge/Ryan, Ice Warriors Second-in-Command, as well as to Cody, Ice Warriors Third-in-Command. Responses among the owners were somewhat split. We also asked Bam117, newly appointed ACP Leader, for his thoughts on the situation due to ACP’s historic alliance with the Ice Warriors.

Ryan: I have never exactly been a “Drew Man.” IW was quite powerful under Drew’s leadership as far as size goes, but it goes without saying that IW lost international support and respect under Drew. I believe IW is better off with Funks, as at least we have the support of the community and we are united within ourselves now.

Cody: I feel like the Drew Crew provided a more successful IW. My reasons for this are as follows: When Funks/Icey were leading, Funks was mainly focused on the UK, which was really good, but the US was crap at that time, and Icey hardly came on IW so its hard to consider him with Funks. But when it was the Drew Crew, not only the US [division] improved, but the entire UK, US, and AUSIA improved — an entire army benefit, you could say. So while Funks could only improve one part of IW, the Drew Crew improved the entire army.

Bam117: Overall I hand it to the Drew Crew. When they were brought in the overall size and motivation increased, and the recruiting was good. It’s hard to say [if] Funks/Icey has done any real work, as they may just be living off the bits and pieces of the Drew Crew’s [accomplishments]. Funks/Icey came in AFTER the Drew Crew had built IW up to an extent.

We attempted to get comments from multiple banished members of the Drew Crew. We reached out to both Andrew24 and Spyguy22, neither of whom responded to our requests for comment. We did receive a response from Final Chaser, when asking for his reaction to their recent removal. He said the following.

Final Chaser: Well, he will end up regretting it. He’s power hungry — he thinks he has more authority than Iceyfeet himself, and that will end up hurting the army sooner or later. 

Opinions are split, and much of the split may come down to what these members value more — achievement on Club Penguin or the atmosphere they have identified as “IW Chat” for such a long period of time. Though this is a step in favor of morality, it is worth noting that it will likely not be a ripple felt throughout the community — in a few days, positions will be open and there will be armies for the Drew Crew to hop into; new armies will need new talent.

We have seen, throughout 2014 and 2015, how breaking the fundamental rules of our community does not dry up opportunity for the rule-breakers. It is the apathy with which most armies view a history of cheating and detrimental influence that silently allows the problem to continue, and affect more impressionable recruits. It is why, despite feeling so strongly that the decision made by IW tonight was right, I feel even more strongly that it will be futile in changing anything outside of their army. In a few days, the Drew Crew will again come knocking. And, as always, those who answer will refuse to consider whether or not their history of multilogging, cronyism, and exploitation of this week’s army to carry out their personal vendettas should preclude their hiring.

This story may have further developments — it is unclear at this point if the Drew Crew plan to reform an old army, or if their support in the Ice Warriors is strong enough for a rebellion to take place. Any updates that come across our wire will be represented here. As always, your thoughts and comments are welcome. 

The Bluesockwa Brothers

CPA World Media Chairmen


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  6. Kingfunks actually is a great leader considering hes led Water Vikings, Ice Warriors, ACP, DCP I think, and GT IF I am correct and other armies too I believe

    • He led them. That doesn’t mean he made them bigger.

      • True but he did great with some armies compared to others


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  8. Funks has had his failures, but when it comes to something he can commit himself 100% to, he usually does well. Look at WV and IW under him. Biggest? No, but his troops were loyal to the army. Armies he leads usually have the good recruits.

    • I agree and that is kind of what I was trying to say myself Lol

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  16. Lmao. Despite the fact that final is a close friend of mine, drew crew does increase size but they’re all fucking idiots. they just want to slap people around and make every army their wet dream about past cppa. Hiring drew crew to lead means completely making your army theirs and losing all pride in the process.

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