CP Army Central Spring Smackdown II Day Six Recap

KLONDIKE, Battle Venue – We have no finally finished the Spring Smackdown II’s Semi Final Round. Yesterday we saw the Light Troops defeat the Ice Warriors and today we had the predicted as close battle between RPF and Nachos.


Before the battle even began, judges were notified by Ice Warriors second in command Sammie that the Rebel Penguin Federation had asked them and Dark Warriors for help. We also heard that the Ice Warriors would be helping the RPF. Upon going to RPF chat, we saw Ghost giving commands for the RPF troops.

Since the event had not officially begun, no rule was actually broken. Upon entering the battle room, judges counted the RPF troops for Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors. We found 6 Ice Warriors and 4 Dark Warriors. Due to this easily being a result of calling using the friends list, the allegations of alliances was dismissed.


Nachos vs. RPF from the very start was a classic battle that was very close throughout the whole thing. We started off in the Ice Berg and the Nachos maintained a +3 size advantage throughout majority of the Ice Berg. That gap soon closed and the RPF got their sizes up making the battle even in terms of size.

The last room we went to was that of the Stadium in which sizes remained the same for a bit before both armies eventually lost size. The Nachos had a great circle tactic, while inside the circle saw the RPF with their “X” tactic which they remained in for the majority of the battle.

In the end, the judges decided that in a 3-0 vote, the Nachos would be declared the winner of this extremely close battle and therefore go on to face the Light Troops next week?

What do YOU think? Who deserved the victory in this battle? Will the Nachos or Light Troops be victorious in the Spring Smackdown?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer 


7 Responses

  1. bias

    • jelly

      • jam

        • butter

          • And last but not least, bread!!! lol. Nachos will dominate at the Battle. Since the 2nd round I had a feeling, a really good one for this tournament. 😀 GO NACHOS!

            Note to LT: The light may hurt the nacho, but it won’t melt it, despite, the nacho will go in front of the light (sun) and save the world and other armies from burn heat! E+6

    • What exactly was bias about this post?

  2. Cheating

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