CP Army Central Spring Smackdown Day Five Recap

KLONDIKE, Battle Venue – Day Five saw the Light Troops of Club Penguin take on the Ice Warriors in a battle filled to the brim with controversy. During the battle, there were many comments made about the way that the Light Troops were playing, but did they manage to win?



One of the main comments that was made about today’s battle was that the Light Troops used members and staff from Oldcp, a private server that is sponsored by Light Troops. For many, they saw this as a reason to disqualify the Light Troops from the battle as a result of he no allies rule but the ruling was made to allow it due to the fact that Oldcp isn’t an army and therefore is legal.

Then there were botting and multilogging allegations. Upon being made, our judges checked majority of the stamp books for the Light Troops and they were all different and majority had many stamps – stamps that are gained from playing the game over a series of time so any multilogging allegations were chucked out.

We then went to the ownerpool to address the botting situation. The claims were that Waterkid disconnected from Club Penguin and at the exact same time, so did 10 other users who were standing directly in a straight line with Waterkid. Ice Warriors then told us that they had a video of this so we decided to look at the video of the battle below:

As you may be able to tell from the above video, the allegations made by the Ice Warriors were false and a terribly disappointing end to a close tactical battle. 10 troops did not log off with Water, in fact it was only three and we’ve dismissed this as simply a glitch.

After a 30 minute battle at the Stadium and Ice Berg, the judges decided it was time to vote. The decision was made to vote 2-1 in favour of the Light Troops. The Light Troops will now face either Nachos or RPF next week in the Spring Smackdown finals.

What do YOU think? Will the Nachos be able to defeat the RPF tomorrow? Did Light Troops deserve the victory?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer


8 Responses


  2. Damn you threw everything at LT, allies, mutlilogging and botting. Cut them some slack.

  3. #FunksEffect

  4. Did anyone else realize that the title says, “S/M army press spring smack down”

  5. IW was desperately trying to find excuses so they wouldn’t look bad losing to LT. How about having some integrity and accept the defeat? Or is that too hard for IW leaders to do?

    • To be fair, it wasn’t the IW leaders compalining. It was the owners and majority of mods.

      • Yeah, The butthurt warriors need to sit down, Admit defeat and learn what respect is 🙂

  6. for it CPAC

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