Spring Smackdown II Final Four Predictions

KLONDIKE, Battle Venue – We inch closer and closer to the Spring Smackdown II tournament saying goodbye to yet more armies last week. We now have four talented armies still left in the hat and it’s all to play for.



  • No allies.
  • No entering the designated room before the judge says to do so.
  • No leaving the designated room unless the judge orders.
  • Bots, hacking, and otherwise malicious behavior is not allowed in the slightest.
  • We will be judging you on size, tactics and consistency.
  • Judges may not be banned on participating armies’ chats.
  • Depending on the severity of the rule broken, the offending army can be penalized with any of the following: Subtraction of a judge’s vote, disqualification from tournament, or removal from CPAWM activities.
  • The judges reserve the right to deem unlisted things as offences if they do see fit.
  • The first round battles will be 20 minutes each, while the quarter & semi final battles will be 30 minutes each with a room change at the :15 mark. The final battle will be 45 minutes with a room change at the :15 and :30 marks.

Saturday, May 30th

Ice Warriors vs. Light Troops

The Light Troops have been at the centre of attention this week after their debatable recruiting methods and conversations with Club Penguin staff. The Ice Warriors however also have had a spotlight on them this week with a huge change in leadership losing people like Andrew and Albc but gaining Kingfunks. This battle is sure to impress with both armies being around the same size usually. It’s going to come down to who can recruit the best in preparation, and due to their alliance with Oldcp, it seems that the Light Troops have the advantage.

Sunday, May 31st

Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Nachos

Both the Rebel Penguin Federation and Nachos had outstanding performances last week in the Elite Eight Round. The Rebel Penguin Federation was the biggest army that attended the event, while the Nachos shocked everyone except me getting the upset win against the Doritos. I’m going to go on record now and say this will be the closest battle of the entire tournament. The Rebel Penguin Federation will most likely have the size advantage while the Nachos have the tactical advantage. The Nachos always seem to appear to have the tactical advantage and while they wont be much smaller than RPF, the Nachos might just take the win.

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer


8 Responses

  1. K.

  2. good luck y’all!

  3. VIVA LOS NACHOS(dead to the RPF 😮 ) btw I’m betting on IW, not LT.


  4. Hey CPAC. Change the Nacho colour. We are orange, RPF’s black.

  5. RPF will stomp on the nachos.

  6. Nachos are not gonna win

    • It worked last week :$

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