[Editorial] Light Troops And The Brilliance Of OldCP Sponsorship

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters, Zing’s Desk – Last weekend, we saw the Light Troops take a spot in the Final Four of the Spring Smackdown tournament as a result of them beating the Water Ninjas. Many however complained about this as a result of the Light Troops having support from Oldcp. Is it against the rules? Or is it simply brilliant strategy?

Note: The following post is an editorial and contains the writer’s personal opinion. It does not represent the views of CPAC as a whole.

When I say Waterkid, what do you think? Troll? Jerk? Leader perhaps? Regardless of whether or not you like Waterkid as a person, he is one of the smartest members of the CP Army Community and that’s a fact we have to live with. Waterkid has managed to take the Light Troops and turn it into one of the kingpin armies of this community as proven last week.

This week, the Light Troops hope to maintain their winning streak in the Spring Smackdown II with a victory against the Ice Warriors. The Ice Warriors however have complained about the fact that the Light Troops have used OldCP members in their battles and believe this to be the plan for this week. Some Ice Warriors have even said, that’s a violation of our no allies rule.

  • No allies.
  • No entering the designated room before the judge says to do so.
  • No leaving the designated room unless the judge orders.
  • Bots, hacking, and otherwise malicious behavior is not allowed in the slightest.
  • We will be judging you on size, tactics and consistency.
  • Judges may not be banned on participating armies’ chats.
  • Depending on the severity of the rule broken, the offending army can be penalized with any of the following: Subtraction of a judge’s vote, disqualification from tournament, or removal from CPAWM activities.
  • The judges reserve the right to deem unlisted things as offenses if they do see fit.
  • The first round battles will be 20 minutes each, while the quarter & semi final battles will be 30 minutes each with a room change at the :15 mark. The final battle will be 45 minutes with a room change at the :15 and :30 marks.

Above is the most recent copy of the CP Army Central tournament rules. Some are stating that by having OldCP at their side in the tournament battle, the Light Troops are breaking the first rule. The first rule simply states “No allies”. OldCP is not an army. OldCP is a bunch of people who have expanded out from Club Penguin – they aren’t bots, soliders or multilogs.

Having troops from OldCP online for your events is the exact same as having recruits online for your events. Waterkid knows that and therefore provided OldCP with a cash amount in order to sponsor him and that has been very successful. This was great thinking by Water and clearly made a difference in the Light Troops event.


During the Spring Smackdown II event, under the OldCP game, the Light Troops chat could be found.  This meant that everyone who connected to OldCP also connected to the Light Troops Club Penguin XAT Chatbox allowing the Light Troops to fill up two chat pools getting a rumoured 70+ on chat during the event.

People have a problem with Waterkid’s method of using OldCP users at the event, but what actually is the problem? Could it be that you didn’t think of it first? Could it be that you simply don’t have the resources to make it possible?

OldCP has served as a valuable asset for the Light Troops and shouldn’t be seen as a reason for any possible punishing of the army like many are calling for. I managed to get an exclusive interview with Roberto, a key administrative figure in OldCP. This is what he told me:

Interview With Roberto

Why do the Light Troops have their banner displayed above the OldCP Game?

Because they pay me.

During last weeks tournament event for the Light Troops, their chat was directly under the game – Why was that?

LT chat wasn’t under the game.

During the tournament, I was alerted that there LT were on Oldcp asking people to come, I went onto Oldcp and under the game was the LT chat, it was there for about two hours, why was that?

If it was then I must’ve not been online when that happened, Damen probably put it there. LT and OldCP are under a partnership so we help them in some of their events, but that’s changing soon, since I was offered a better deal by another army.

Can you give us an inside as to what army this is?

BMA hah

Will Oldcp be helping the Light Troops this weekend in the Spring Smackdown II against the Ice Warriors?

Probably not, because I’m about to finalize this deal with BMA.

The BMA is a thorn in the side of Waterkid and now they are taking his sponsorship on OldCP. Roberto has appeared to be clearly all about the money presenting him as nothing more than a smart business man. It now unfortunately for the Light Troops appears that they wont be able to recruit from OldCP anymore unless of cause they can make Roberto an even higher offer.

What do YOU think? Do you agree that OldCP is a smart way to get troops when you need them? Will Waterkid be able to outdeal the BMA?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer


16 Responses

  1. 1st

    • Anything intelligent to say?

      • Nope.

        • Atleast you’re honest. Respect bro.

          • Thanks bro.

  2. 2nd

    • Anything intelligent to say?

      • :/ *thinks*

  3. 3rd

  4. Fourth

  5. what the hell is Roberto talking about lol DAMEN owns oldCP and all the money business is done with him, not Roberto

    • Actually DrMatt and I were talking about how he’s transferring the funds on OldCP to BMA

      • Not anymore.

  6. “Regardless of whether or not you like Waterkid as a person, he is one of the smartest members of the CP Army Community and that’s a fact”

    Damn. Do your tonsils really hurt from Waterkids 2 incher that bad…?

  7. Waterkid is yet again being a hypocrite, he tells rocky to get a life but waterkid is spending money on his light troops. Someone should tweet maximbady pictures of waterkid of xat being a hypocrite and make max react to this stupidity overload of water.

    • I’m not spending anything on LT, so why don’t you tell this to DrMatt?

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