Bam117 Receives Leadership In Army of CP

BREEZE, Army of CP Capital – Only a few months ago, the community was shocked when Bam117 made the transition from the Doritos family to the ACP ownership. That change has now seemingly paid off for Bam117 who has been given the spot as Army of CP leader.

On May 27th, CP Army Central were notified that after numerous attempts from armies like the Nachos and several ACP troops to get Bam117 into power, it has finally happened. The ACP saw one of their most disappointing losses last Sunday when the army only managed to max a size of 7 in their tournament match with the Rebel Penguin Federation.

The loss made many worry for the ACP as it became evident that a clear change in an entirely new direction is what is needed for the army. It now seems that Ahmed agrees with the decision to give Bam117 the role as leader.

A picture of the RPF vs. ACP event.

A picture of the RPF vs. ACP event.

The picture above is a direct screenshot from the RPF vs. ACP event taken seven minutes into the event. Quite clearly, the ACP were outnumbered by the other army and many saw this as a really bad sign for the ACP who had hyped the event for the entire week.

For those who don’t know what hyping an event is, it means to recruit and also to advertise an event – something that the ACP did for a long time, yet they only managed to get 7 troops online before being forced into a surrender. Bam117 now hopes to fix this problem that has been created as he takes over the Army of Club Penguin.

I managed to get an exclusive interview with Bam117 about his new role as leader in the Army of Club Penguin and what changes he will be bringing into the army.

Interview with Bam117

How do you feel about your new role as leader?

I feel good about it and I’m ready.

Why did it take this long for you to get leader?

That’s because ACP is more of a traditional army – things like this take time but are extremely worth it in the end.

What changes do you plan to make to the Army of Club Penguin?

The changes will be the overall size and motivation; Ahmed has done a splendid job keeping ACP together now it’s time to push for a rise.

Will we be seeing any other promotions or demotions?

How the hell am I suppose to respond to that?

Any other comments?

Join ACP or I’ll kidnap your mother! 😉

As you can see from the above interview, Bam is happy to be leader in the Army of Club Penguin and seems to be fully prepared to make the much-needed changes to the army in order to propel the army to the glory that it once had. Bam is ready to develop ACP how it needs to be and hopes that his run as leader will be an effective one.

Zing King To

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief


34 Responses

  1. they will still be shit

    • Cool story remind me what you did in GT?

      • more than you’ll do with ACP

        • but you didn’t do anything in GT

          • sonic rekt

        • You do anything at all ._.

          • didn’t***

    • Tempah, I think you are just one of those guys who gets permanently stuck in his ‘edgy retirement phase.’ Constantly looking for fights with people and situations you have no real knowledge of…

      • you’re probably right

        thx 4 saving me!!

  2. Typos and grammar mistakes. Review post

    • Name one?

      • “Doritos family” should be “Doritos fam”

  3. I honestly think that jewish named ahmed should retire and give up. He haven’t did shit for the ACP and he won’t.

    • Luis he actually has lmao they may not have been first much under him but hes a good leader

    • “He haven’t did” Oh boy, I see why you work for SMAC

      • Haha. Hasn’t.*

      • >”Typos and grammar mistakes. Review post” (Don’t get me started on how this is already grammatically incorrect)
        >”He haven’t did shit” (Consider “He hasn’t* done* shit)

        I bet the only mistake Luis found was that Bam should have said “Luis is getting leader!!11!!!!”

    • And you did better? Luis you are the cum stain on the blanket that is this community.

      • ^

  4. It’s about time…

  5. He deserved this for some time now, even though Bam did get owner in ACP generally fast, ACP is not in a place to be picky, which for some reason they seem to be. Now with Bam at Ahmed’s side, maybe we’ll see the ACP come out of the shadows.

  6. About damn time

  7. Bam will become one of the most greatest ACP leader in the future soon.

  8. I cri cuz Luis wants to quit CPACC even though his posts are gold

    • Luis is a jackass anyway

      • Nuuuu

  9. Remember when achieving leader in ACP meant something? Just like IW, ACP has turned into another “army-hopper” clan.

    • Yuri, why did you leave SMAP? You should come back

    • One person who hasn’t been in ACP for very long gets leader… Now ACP is immediately an army hopper ‘clan’? Lol ok

      • Mrtchy don’t utter a word you pathetic and useless bogan. You got ACP leader in like 5 months, which proves my point yet again. Don’t bs about how you were in ACP back in 2009-2010. There was a time when you had to literally stay active for 2 straight years to gain ACP leadership (ex: Slider, Ken, Mchappy ect.)

  10. ACP on the rise! :mrgreen: I know Bam will do good in ACP as leader.

  11. Good post Zingster 😀

    • Thanks 😀

      • No problem 😀 your my friend4life

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