Waterkid Leaves Pirates For Light Troops

ICEBOX, Light Troops Empire – The Light Troops have seen Waterkid rejoin them after leaving earlier in the week for the Pirates army. The Pirates website is also now apparently up for sale.

On May 19th, my fellow reporter Lord Albaro posted on Waterkid taking leave from the Light Troops in exchange for a leadership position in the Pirates Army. That post can actually be seen by clicking here. Only a day after this however saw Waterkid take to the Pirates blog in order to announce his return to the Light Troops.

Yup, I’m going back to the Light Troops. Predictable right? Anyways if you’re interested in having the Pirates site (domain & CSS) then just talk to me.
@Andrew24 & Roberto: You guys were talking about bringing back the Pirates? I can transfer the domain ( or transfer this site to you guys if you’re still interested.

Apologizes to the remaining Pirate vets that were interested. I wanted to bring back everyone but I couldn’t considering people like Ace Firekan6 and William112 are gone forever. I got too caught up in my nostalgia. I recruited for the Pirates in a day and people were right, it DOES attract a lot of people. Hopefully the right person comes up to me to lead the Pirates this summer, but for now, goodbye!

Waterkid didn’t resign his role as Pirates leader out of disrespect for the army or anyone else. He instead credited him taking leave with him originally being blind. Waterkid had much success in the Pirates Army and with people like “Ace, Firekan6 and William112” not being in the army anymore – Waterkid doesn’t feel at home in the Pirates any more.

This post seemingly started the quest to find a brand new leader for the Pirates Army as Water did state that he was open as well as looking forward to somebody coming to him and announcing their intentions of becoming the leader of the once great Pirate Army.


The post included the above picture that can be clicked to enlarge shows Roberto stating that Andrew and himself have got intentions to bring the Pirates back and they could certainly be crowned the newest leaders of the Pirates Army.

In fact, Waterkid has also actually stated that he is willing to transfer the site over to Roberto and Andrew24 if they want it with no price concerns mentioned.

There has been one comment left on the post by Pongo3010 on May 23, 2015 at 8:20 am UK time stating that he actually hopes he’ll be allowed to lead the army. We are yet to get a comment from Waterkid about whether he will leave the reigns for the Pirates Army in the hands of the Pongo or not.

What do YOU think? Did Waterkid make the right decision to focus on Light Troops? Will Roberto, Andrew or Pongo be the next leader of the Pirates Army?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer


14 Responses

  1. pirates is a class army wish someone could make them and stick it



    • More possible he forces a merge to LT again.

  3. Zing, get ready to remake the post you made on tuesday 😉

    • *Keyboard Mode Intensify*

  4. If Waterkid picks Andrew and Roberto I would still join Pirates for any rank. I love the army.

  5. Mind blowing news! Unexpected!

  6. this shit aint news why do you even post this

    • Go find the definition of news and get back to me.

  7. this isnt news anymore

    • I remember when CPAC was run by you, every ACP event would be posted on CPAC. All I would see on CPAC were things like:
      “ACP trains on [insert servername here]”; “ACP recruits on [insert servername here]”; “[insert name here], ACP 6ic, retires from armies”
      Yet you think this isn’t news? A relevant figure retiring from an army? Lol okay.

      • That isnt true and the point is Water is constantly switching from Pirates to LT that nobody really cares anymore.

  8. Pirates has a great amount of potential. With the right leaders, you could be looking at CPAC’s future top army. Go Pirates go!

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