Spring Smackdown II: Day Four Recap

It’s the fourth day in the Spring Showdown II tournament and the second round of the Elite Eight. Yesterday we saw the Light Troops and Ice Warriors advance leaving only two more spots left in the Final Four round, also known as the Semi-Finals. This round concluded the Elite Eight and we now know who will be competing next week.



  • Nacho Army vs. Doritos Of CP
  • Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Army of CP


Nacho Army vs. Doritos of CP

Each week, CP Army Central releases a prediction post written by Zing King To. Outrage was sparked when I predicted the Nachos to win this battle despite being the underdogs, but not as much outrage as at the start of the battle when Nachos doubled the Doritos numbers. The Doritos amassed a total of eleven J-Bombs in the battle with a size of 24 whereas the Nachos managed to max 29 trying out a new “Family Failed” tactic. As a result of a 3-1 victory, the Nacho Army took home the win.


Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Army of CP

The last battle of day two was the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Army of CP. Seven minutes before the battle, the ACP actually surrendered but eventually took back their surrendered three minutes later setting this battle into gear. Upon the RPF having the size control, the Army of CP employed the tactic of turning black to “sabotage” them. This tactic didn’t work and the Army of CP shortly surrendered after it giving the victory to the RPF. 



CP Army Central thanks you all for being a part of the Spring Smackdown’s Elite Eight round and hopes you look forward to the Final Four as much as we do. As a result of the last two days, next week will see the Light Troops of Club Penguin face the Ice Warriors on Saturday while on Sunday, we will see the Nacho Army take on RPF for the final spot in the Spring Smackdown II finals.

What do YOU think? Are you happy that Ice Warriors, Light Troops, Nacho Army and RPF won their respective battles? Who will win in the semi-finals?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer


22 Responses

    proud of ya acp.

    • just about sums up the capabilities of their ownership right now, wtf were they thinking hahah

  2. Viva Los Nachos

  3. I don’t see a picture of the RPF vs ACP battle.

    • Yeah it’s the picture of ACP surrendering…

      • (ono)

      • Put a picture from the battle.

      • ACP chat is not battle.

        • I get that, we post the picture that best represents the battle…

          The best picture that represented the Nacho/DCP battle was that clusterfuck of colour and the Nachos saying “SUPERMAN” as they won.

          The picture that defines the RPF/ACP battle is the surrendering picture as it shows not only how strong RPF was, but also how weak ACP were.

          • I’m not falling for it.

          • A picture defining the battle would be one of the battle.

  4. nacho pride server wide

  5. Go nachos!

  6. ACP will be back and stronger than ever. Come summer, of course.

    • -_- Bayleef just.

      • I have a question I didn’t com to the event Because I went with family But did it not says “no allies” and I see That you LT were With Nachos so what :S I’m confused.

        • Hey Epicgirl. Okay, not all of Light Troops were asked to help the Nachos. If all of LT were asked to help, Nachos would have maxed 50+

          As for the Doritos, they weren’t asking single people to help, instead they were asking to call full armies such as the RPF.

          • -_- Alright then


    • Yup. RPF were the biggest army of the day, good job. (Y)

  8. This is what happens when you let jack lead an event

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