Kingfunks4 Replaces Andrew24 As Ice Warriors Leader

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital – This week has seen one of the most notable changes to the Ice Warriors in the last few months occur as Andrew24 has stepped down from the army leaving Kingfunks4 as the newest leader of the Ice Warriors.

On May 20th, Kingfunks4 took to the Ice Warriors blog to post about his “reinduction” to the Ice Warriors, an army that he had formerly commanded and his plan to restore the army to its former glories as well as restore the bonds broken by Andrew.

Hey Ice Warriors!

I am proud to announce that I will be again taking the leadership of the Ice Warriors in an attempt to try and continue the success the army has seen in the past year. As leader, I want to restore the lost bond with the retired troops of the army – which is something maybe that the army has lacked recently, as this is a key part of success that we will have in the future. The veterans will play a key role in building the army, as well the new troops and the current ones that we have. Andrew has undoubtedly done well, but as always there are things that can be improved in any army.

A few immediate changes are being made:

  • The ranks will be changed from the current ”Level” system to the original system of rankings, with named ranks for each position.
  • In roughly a week at least one new owner will be chosen to replace imminently leaving people, as well as Andrew.
  • All retired leaders will have owner reinstated onto chat, while all retired owners will have moderator reinstated.

As you can see, Kingfunks4 wasted no time in making the changes that he believed to be relevant such as replacing the owners that the army had lost with Andrew’s leave from the army. He also announced that the retired leaders would be getting owner on the chat and that the ranks will be changed.

Funks didn’t appear bitter towards Andrew in the post stating that he has “undoubtedly done well” however Funks certainly did appear to want to change a few things that Andrew had done in the army believing that these changes would be only for the best.

First Ice Warriors event under Kingfunks4.

First Ice Warriors event under Kingfunks4.

Kingfunks4 has proven time and time again that he is successful as a leader of the Ice Warriors and hopes this generation will be nothing but the same. Since Funks has been a leader in the Ice Warriors, the army managed to defeat the Golds in the Spring Smackdown II tournament and will now go on to fight the Light Troops army next Saturday for a spot in the finals.

The Ice Warriors are currently ranked second place on the CP Army Central Top Ten, only a few points shy from the first place army; Dark Warriors. This is a good sign for the Ice Warriors as it doesn’t appear that they are falling as a result of losing Andrew but that could just be because of Funks taking charge.

It’s unknown what will now happen with the Federation of CP, an army that Funks has announced his intentions of leading. It would seem that Funks will now not join the Federation instead focusing on the Ice Warriors but it’s yet to be seen.


I managed to get an interview with Ice Warriors creator and leader, Iceyfeet1234 about how the Ice Warriors future currently looks now that Kingfunks4 is back in the army.

Interview with Iceyfeet1234

How has the loss of Andrew24 affected the Ice Warriors?

It’s hard to say since its only been a few days some of the veterans rejoined after he left, but I think they still need to catch up on armies before they can have a great effect when helping IW.

How has the gaining of Kingfunks4 benefited the Ice Warriors?

He’s been a huge help with our UK Division. He’s also convincing more of the vets to come back.

Is Kingfunks4 here to stay or is this a “Come and Go” deal?

He’s here to stay, but I’m not sure how long.

How do you feel going into your battle with Light Troops at the Spring Smackdown?

Pretty confident. Water’s obviously going to ask people from CPPS to help, but I think we can still beat them.

As you can see, Iceyfeet1234 is confident that the Ice Warriors are going to continue to grow under the proven loyal Kingfunks4 leadership. Icey is also happy about the veterans that have joined the army as well as the way that the army currently looks heading into the future.

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer


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