Spring Smackdown II Elite Eight Predictions

Klondike, Battle Venue – Last week saw sixteen armies compete for a spot in the ‘Elite Eight’ tournament round of the Spring Smackdown. As the name alludes, the Spring Smackdown unfortunately only has a total of eight spots as we say goodbye to eight.



  • No allies.
  • No entering the designated room before the judge says to do so.
  • No leaving the designated room unless the judge orders.
  • Bots, hacking, and otherwise malicious behavior is not allowed in the slightest.
  • We will be judging you on size, tactics and consistency.
  • Judges may not be banned on participating armies’ chats.
  • Depending on the severity of the rule broken, the offending army can be penalized with any of the following: Subtraction of a judge’s vote, disqualification from tournament, or removal from CPAWM activities.
  • The judges reserve the right to deem unlisted things as offenses if they do see fit.
  • The first round battles will be 20 minutes each, while the quarter & semi final battles will be 30 minutes each with a room change at the :15 mark. The final battle will be 45 minutes with a room change at the :15 and :30 marks.

Saturday, May 23rd

Ice Warriors vs. Golds

The first battle of the Elite Eight sees the Ice Warriors take on the Golds Army in their first real big test since returning last week to the army community. In some ways however, this will be a test for both armies. For the Golds, it will be a test to see if they have rebuilt enough and for the Ice Warriors; it will be a test to see how they fare with the loss of Andrew24 from the armies leadership. I do believe however the experience factor of the Ice Warriors will come into play, giving them the victory.

Water Ninjas vs. Marines

In one of the more interesting battles, we see Water Ninjas and Marines; two armies who can be just as good as the other on any given day as they have proven in the last few weeks. In terms of size however, the advantage would probably go to the Water Ninjas who have proven their dominance with their Top Ten. The Water Ninjas have proven they can get the sizes they need, and I believe they will do that this Saturday.

Sunday, May 24th

Doritos vs. Nachos

NOTE: Nachos will be RED for this battle.

In the first battle of the second day, the Doritos of CP which has proven it’s strength despite multilogging allegations will face off with the S/M Army of the Nachos who have got the very valuable asset of Beeky, Puckley, Edd and BrassAssDash. The Doritos will have to try different things in order to keep up with one of the best tactical armies of all time. With the leadership they have, they will be able to call in the Veteran Troops as well as perfect Tactics, I believe the Nachos will scrape the victory here.

Army of CP vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

While a few years ago, this could main event a tournament battle, many are now saying this will be the most lopsided battle of the tournament. Both armies have seen a significant improvement as time has gone on with the Army of Club Penguin aiming to prove their dominance in divisions other than just the AUSIA while the RPF are trying to prove that they are worthy of the number one spot. I believe that the greed for success of the RPF will propel them to victory in this battle. 

What do YOU think? Will the Ice Warriors halt the Golds return celebrations? Will the Water Ninjas drown the Marines? Will the Nachos have a tactical advantage over the Doritos? Will the RPF continue their hunger for absolute strength and domination?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer


13 Responses

  1. Nachos over Doritos… Is this a joke?

    • No. Nachos always call it the vets for this event, combined with the IW, LT who hate the DCP, It’s gonna end up being

      Nachos, IW, LT, Retirees vs. DCP

  2. Nachos over DCP? I wouldn’t bet money on that lol

    • No. Nachos always call it the vets for this event, combined with the IW, LT who hate the DCP, It’s gonna end up being

      Nachos, IW, LT, Retirees vs. DCP

      • Isn’t this a no allies battle?
        Plus I thought IW was now DCP’s ally

  3. Nachos is gonna max like 10 anyways.

    • lol

    • yep. we maxed 10. OHH GREAT JOB DCP, YOU WON. fuck off

  4. Dude, Honestly I think you’re being a bit too hopeful on that Nacho win…

  5. Everyone stfu. Nachos will dominate at this battle 😡

    • nachos have good tactics but in size matter dcp would win

      • We will judge based on Size and Tactics.

  6. Goodluck Golds.

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