Matthew4901 Takes Temp-Leave from Army Republic

BERG, AR Empire – The Army Republic UK division commander, Matthew4901, takes a temp-leave from the army due to the half-term break.

The Army Republic have been consistent the past few weeks, getting around 7-8 on Club Penguin. After Club Penguin was temporarily down, presumably due to DDoS attacks and updates, the Army’s UK division went quite inactive. With no events for weeks and on May 7th a post was released based on hiring new Co-Leaders for Matthew. This revelation from Matthew that he is taking a short leave will definitely take an even large toll of the division.

The army has been struggling on a whole to hold events in the UK timezone after the issues on Club Penguin. Matthew and Sapper (Army Republic Leader) both posted separate posts on this issue. After this period of inactivity Burr, AR legend, released a post designed to inspire the army back into shape. He introduced new auto-typing lines and encouraged the people of the army to do more for the army, if they want it to rise. Burr announced:

This will be a quick post for those with the power to change AR.

I am very pleased to see AR ran with stability without Vinny and I at the helm, however it is time for you guys to kick it into gear. I see these leaders and owners with a potential to really take AR back to the golden ages. AR hasn’t seen world power status since early 2014. It is honestly sad to think about how long it has been since people really feared the republic. This isn’t a post meant to dread on what was lost, but rather to incite action and take back what is rightfully ours. It is time that you guys, the new generation of AR take action and lead this army back to the top. Not just Sapper and Orange, but the entire army. Especially the ownership.

-Burr, AR Legend

Matthew4901 first announced his leave on May 20th; the announcement came in a post titled “Standing Down [Just for a few weeks]”. The post was brutally short, indicating he plans to keep the break short and sweet – like the post. In the post Matthew declared:

Hello AR.

I will be taking a break from CP Armies because its the half term in the UK. I will be back on 30th May 2015

Let’s rise UK

-Matthew4901, AR UK Leader

He blames his leave on the half-term; this is unusual. Troops usually become more active in the breaks, not inactive. This may be because Matthew wants to spend time with his family, or just could be a break from the hard work of leading the UK. Either way, he will be gone until May 30th at the earliest, and may be forced back later than expected.

AR in a recent event.

Now what will this mean for the army? I imagine not much. The army was struggling to hold UK events as it is, and his leave will not affect the end product. It is not like he is gone forever or needs to be replaced, but he is gone for a week at the most. Given the fact he is not contributing anything to the Top Ten score, I predict the Army Republic will carry on steady till he returns and hopefully then they can hold a UK event.

AR in a recruiting event.

What do YOU think?

Will his leave matter? Will AR stay steady? Will they be affected?

Let us know in the comments below!


SM Army Press Editor-in-Chief

CPAWM Reporter


5 Responses

  1. This post was made by Brigade3, not myself. It was originally posted on SM Army Press but the Army Republic is part of CPAC. This post is CPAC news.

  2. Nice post!

  3. Who?

    • How can you not know who Matthew is? He’s one of the creators of the legendary Cloud Warriors!!!!

  4. your replacement step at least he did better in Ar than you

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