Spring Smackdown II: Day Two Results

SSIIThe Spring Smackdown II continued today in what turned out to be an average day for the tournament with quite a few strong showings from several different armies. Read on to find out the results of Day Two.

Battles –

  • Doritos of CP vs. Ice Hounds
  • Army of CP vs. Shadow Troops
  • Lucky Troops vs. Nachos Army


Doritos of CP vs. Ice Hounds

The DCP and Ice Hounds battle was thrown into doubt this week due to people believing that the Ice Hounds are an army that is dead. However, today that suspicion seems to be confirmed as there was no sign whatsoever of the Ice Hounds, not on their chat or on Club Penguin. The Doritos of CP however did have a good size online but won regardless due to the fact that Ice Hounds did not show up. Due to the Ice Hounds of CP Forfeit, the Doritos of CP advance to the Elite Eight Round. 


Army of CP vs. Shadow Troops

This was called the closest battle of the tournament so far with the ACP starting off with a size of 26 and the Shadow Troops with a size of 17 as they begin to close the gap. Both armies had a good tactical showing and it was a lot closer than many people actually predicted it would be so good job to the Shadow Troops for proving they are more than just a flash in the pan however, only one army could win. In a 4-1 vote, the ACP advance to the Elite Eight Round to face the Doritos of CP. 


Lucky Troops vs. Nacho Army

The next battle seemed pretty straight forward when it come to deciding a winner. The Nacho Army are always very successful when it comes to tournament battles, while the Lucky Troops are only maxing sizes 2-5 in the last few days. The match started and the Nachos only had 7 online due to them not being able to log on, the Lucky Troops however had 2. The size for the Nachos did increase, while the Lucky Troops maintained their low sizes. The battle resulted in a 3-1 victory for the Nachos.


Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Redemption Force

We then arrive at the last battle of the Spring Smackdown II which sees the RPF take on the Redemption Force. Going into the battle, the favourites were the RPF who had been achieving huge sizes as of late, while the Redemption Force suffered from a deface that saw them lose their opportunity at claiming a spot in the SMAP or CPAC Top Tens. The battle was short lived as the Redemption Force surrendered. Due to this surrender, the Rebel Penguin Federation advance to face the Nacho Army. 

What do YOU think? Will the Nacho Army avenge their loss to the RPF for the 2013 Legends Cup? Will ACP continue their rise against the Doritos?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer 


9 Responses

  1. LUCKY TROOPS :mrgreen:

    • Lost

      • YAY

  2. Nice

  3. Why isn’t RPF in the bullet list at the top & why no picture for RPF? IS THIS A CPACONSPIRACY? (new word)

    • The bullet list was a formatting error on my part, the picture thing was because I usually take the pic half way into the battle, but RF logged off before that so I couldn’t get a pic.


  5. Who was the judge that voted ST?

    • We cant say

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