CP Army Central Spring Smackdown Sweet Sixteen Predictions

KLONDIKE, Battle Venue – This weekend, armies will battle tooth and claw in order to advance to the Elite Eight Round, due to an army going into lockdown, we already know one army that will be advancing – but let’s see who that is.


[1] Ice Warriors vs. [16] Army Republic

The first battle of the Spring Smackdown puts the Ice Warriors against the Army Republic. The Ice Warriors are currently ranked first in the community while the Army Republic is giving off a lot of size, experience with a rank of only sixteen. The difference in the ranks here will cause several problems for the Army Republic.

I think this one is really a no brainer, the Ice Warriors currently have all the cards and due to their first place rank – are the kingpin army going into the tournament. The strength of the Ice Warriors will most likely be too much for the Army Republic to handle.

Prediction: Ice Warriors

[3] Water Ninjas vs. [14] Snow Ninjas

Unfortunately here, the Snow Ninjas have been put into lockdown and therefore they can not compete this saturday against the Water Ninjas – unless CP Army Central can find a replacement army, the Water Ninjas advance to the Elite Eight round in which they will face either the Ice Warriors or the Army Republic.

Prediction: Water Ninjas

[5] United Troops vs. [12] Air Force

There’s a lot of controversy with the United Troops as of late. Recently Albaro published a post on the site stating that the army would be merging into the Doritos of CP however it’s now being said that the United Troops are in fact not merging. The Air Force recently have made their new generation part two and are steadily increasing in the ranks.

This is once again a case of a CPAC Army taking on a SMAP Army. The United Troops Army are coming off a big victory in the SM Army Press Spring Showdown tournament and look to win this one as well. Their rank on the Top Ten would also suggest that the sizes of the United Troops will just be too big and too much for the Air Force to handle.

Prediction: United Troops

[8] Marines vs. [9] Chaos

According to Top Ten rank alone, this should be the closest battle that we see in the Spring Smackdown tournament. The Marines are 8th, while the Chaos are closely advancing on them in 9th place however this week, Chaos hasn’t really been making much noise in the community and have been quite idle recently.

While this contest has all the makings of being the closest, the Marines, much like in the Top Ten will most likely be able to judge take the edge over the Chaos army who have been more quiet this week.

Prediction: Marines

[2] Doritos vs. [15] Ice Hounds

The first round of day two will see the Doritos who are 2nd place take on the Ice Hounds who have found themselves growing in the last few weeks now at 15th place. The difference in top ten ranks here talks for themselves as the Doritos and Ice Hounds have 10+ ranks separating them.

While the Ice Hounds are moving up the ranks fast going from 19 to 15 in a matter of a week, the Doritos of Club Penguin will serve to be too much for the developing army as they outnumber them. Ice Hounds may be able to sneak a victory however with a use of tactics though it seems unlikely.

Prediction: Doritos

[4] Army of CP vs. [13] Underground Mafias Army

A new entrant into the Spring Smackdown sees the Underground Mafia Army regroup. The UMA were not featured in a Top Ten this week while the Army of CP managed to get back into the Top Five getting 4th place on the CP Army Central Top Ten. With the ACP already having recruits and the UMA only just reopening this seems quite clear.

For the ACP, this will be a normal event with their normal troops. The UMA however will need to call in old troops as well as new troops as the army has served as inactive over the space of the last few weeks. The ACP will most likely be able to take this victory due to them already being established.

Prediction: Army of Club Penguin

[6] Nachos vs. [11] Lucky Troops

In yet another CPAC vs. SMAP battle, we see the Nachos take on the Lucky Troops; yet another army that just made it into the Spring Smackdown. While the Nachos are fully prepared for war, the Lucky Troops have been unstable with the firing of Evilangel recently, while the Nachos appear to be fully ready to go into combat.

With the Nachos generally doing well in tournament settings as one of the best pure tactical armies – the Lucky Troops will have enough problems let alone the clear size difference to between the two battling forces.

Prediction: Nachos

[7] Rebel Penguin Federation vs. [10] Redemption Force

In another battle that has the full potential to be a close one is the Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Redemption Force as they are both near to each other in terms of top ten ranks. There have been several known leadership changes for both. The Redemption Force have suffered the loss of Reacon while the RPF has gained Silverburg.

Due to factors like the above, it seems apparent that the Rebel Penguin Federation will be able to take control of the battle due to their superior sizes as of late as well. The RPF can take advantage of the loss of a leader for the RF and that’s exactly what they will do.

Prediction: Rebel Penguin Federation 

What do YOU think? Who are you picking to win in the Sweet Sixteen Round? What do you think the eventual final will be?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer


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  2. lmao

  3. Nachos v IW for finals 😛 GO NACHOZ

  4. We have an army called Penguin Strikers and the main leader is Layton and im a Leader

    • Okay cool. When you have had events post them on your website.

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