Water Ninjas Chat Compromised; Light Troops and Redemption Force Blamed

COLD FRONT, Water Ninjas Empire – The Water Ninjas have been rising up the Top Ten this week but that was nearly brought to a halt today after the Water Ninjas chat was attacked by “Paradox”. This however has been confirmed as false. Instead, the fingers point solely at Light Troops and Redemption Force.

On May 5th, the Water Ninjas chat was compromised by “Paradox”. Paradox are known in the community for taking over the Ice Warriors chat, this of cause being confirmed on the Paradox official twitter account. The main owners on the chat at the time was Lord Ninja and Paradox.

The Paradox user was banning people on the chat and thankfully, SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer Garrett was on chat to observe what happened and also take pictures as the events transpired –


By clicking on the above picture, you can enlarge it to see several references to the Light Troops on the chat, an army that has no links or affiliations to the Paradox group, or so we believe. The Light Troops have a known history of defacing and taking over chats so it’s possible that they could have been framed for this…

As far as Paradox go, the Paradox always announce via Twitter when they are responsible for a chat deface – they did this for the Ice Warriors, but not the Water Ninjas. It seems highly unlikely that Paradox would do this as they can’t reap any benefits from it – furthermore the Paradox didn’t announce it on their Twitter account.

img (1)

Once it had been decided that Paradox wasn’t involved in this site hack, as the last take over the Paradox did was of the XAT chat, Bruteforcer back in April – Ice Warriors’s adviser, who has a known dislike for the Light Troops decided to blame them as well as their associate, Camelogical.

The Light Troops and Camelogical weren’t the only people blamed – as were the Redemption Force’s Reacon. As for the Light Troops however, Dan made this post on the Water Ninjas site putting full blame on the Light Troops:

Well waterkid, Ask ninja he was the one who gave me pass because he didnt knew how to put BG. and before pointing some one LOOK AT YOUE SELF. I use to be in camelogic 4 months ago but i left them from the time they starting hitting me off. And one more thing it wasen’t me who told camelogic to hit voyo, toy, elmikey, Albert off. LOOK AT YOUR SELF THEN SPREAK. IF YOU CONTINUE THIS KIDO THING, I SWEAR TO GOT ILL NOT LET YOU BE IN CP ARMIES.

As you can see from the post, Dan applies all blame onto Waterkid before announcing that he used to be a member of “Camelogic”, despite the fact that the group is in reality called “Camelogical.” Dan also said he stood up to the group once before when they started ddosing people which lead to this response on the Light Troops website from Waterkid:

The Light Troops or ”Camelogical” have nothing to do with your chat deface. The real culprit is Dan, your supposed ”AUSIA Leader”. That noob goes on Camelogical’s xat chat on a regular basis and begs Vex & Titan (Camelogical leaders) to allow him to be accepted into Camelogical.

On Saturday or Sunday, the Water Ninjas chat was defaced. A null named ”Camelogical” was main owner. I can confirm that this wasn’t Vex or Titan. That null named ”Camelogical” made me an owner. He also made Max, Roberto and Jayden owners. That null then deownered Roberto and said, ”Rob you’re an asshole” (but this supposed ‘Camelogical’ used your instead of you’re and a instead of an). Then ‘Camelogical’ deownered everyone except me. Then 5 minutes later, Dan resets chat as main owner and says ‘CAMELOGICAL HACKED US’ and banned me.

Today your chat got defaced again and Dan was the main owner who reset chat to ‘fix’ it. I don’t know why you guys hired such an autistic person like Dan, because right now he’s just playing with you guys. Camelogical is a group that consist of two people: Vex & Titan. I have been friends with Titan since 2012. Vex & Titan have no idea who the Water Ninjas even are. So if you guys want to stop your chat getting constantly defaced, then stop letting such a Camelogical wannabe get main owner (Dan).

PS: Neither Vex or Titan were online during BOTH of these attacks. I only went on Water Ninjas chat on Saturday/Sunday because Max told me Camelogical hacked them. I arrived home from school today to get PC’s saying I ”hacked” WN chat, when I wasn’t even online. 

Not only does Waterkid deny any involvement, he also downright blames Dan who has yet to deny it. Waterkid also states that Dan isn’t actually a member of the group, rather a wannabe who wants to join. I’ve seen Jazzer on the Camelogical chat before asking them to hire him in which Vex has banned him, so Waterkid’s story does indeed check out.

At this point, many ruled out the Light Troops as Waterkid’s time zone would mean that he would have been in his educational establishment. With Dan desperately trying to remove blame from himself, the blame was then turned onto Reacon, leader of the Redemption Force as this picture come to light…

Credit to Garrett.

Credit to Garrett.

Once again, by clicking the picture you’ll be able to enlarge it. In the picture, Reacon is seen telling Clover “this is what you get for hopping” before insulting with him a racial slur. This is a move that some would call unbecoming of a leader and it’s that post that led to Reacon being spoke to by SM Army Press CEO, Garrett.

Garrett found Reacon online the Army of Club Penguin chat in which Reacon states that he didn’t hack them, they just gave him owner as he got online declaring he was the new leader. Interestingly enough, Reacon said “gave me owner” and not “gave me main” like most people would and all leaders have so it’s unknown still whether Reacon received the password and if he did, who gave it to him.

What do YOU think? Did Reacon deface the Water Ninjas chat in order to exact revenge on Clover for Army Hopping? Did the Light Troops have anything to do with this?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief


23 Responses

  1. Dan even failed renaming the pools to the correct names LT chat uses. If I was to deface a chat, everyone knows I always put pornographic images everywhere. The fact that Dan posed as Paradox too is hilarious.

    • Yes we all knew that


      • Woah there that is racist

  2. “YOUE SELF”

    • That’s copied directly from the post on the Water Ninjas site; not me making a mistake 🙂

      • Zing you need to give Dan some grammar lessons…

        • The grammaratical errors are real

          • And now i’ve probably spelt that word wrong (WARY)

  3. The amount of times all the white people in RF said “nigger” or “nigga”

    • nigger

      • Racism alert oh noes guys

  4. Lots of drama in armies right now.

  5. oh sht

  6. Whenever I read about some “drama” in CP armies I always find myself reciting these lyrics:
    “With so much drama in the LBC
    I find it hard be Snoop Do-Double-G
    But I some how some way
    Come up with funky ass shit like every single day”

  7. Lol.

    • Delete it please ^

      • Truth to be told that Ant has been a leader for 1 hour and said “jk” right after that.

      • They wont because almost everyone here is a lazy ass

  8. WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK, here is what frikken really happened. I was on chat the entire time. Somebody named Camelogical was the one who hacked chat multiple times. (Including Sunday’s hacking). He was the main owner every time. The only reason I was able to help save us was do to the fact that he thought I was on his side. For the first 10-15 minutes yesterday (Monday) said “Camelogical” was posing as Waterkid101 (LT Leader) I came to chat and he asked if I wanted to help him. He offered me “LT Leader” due to this being my only chance of possibly saving the WN. I said yes. “Waterkid” then told me to give him the pass, because of the crazy way he hacks chats he doesn’t get the pass he gets some sort of link. Now this whole time I was talking to Dan (WHO WAS IN THE BANPOOL SO IT WASN”T DAN) and I told him that “WK” had asked me for the pass. Dan told me to give him the pass as soon as I found it. Now the day before Angel had given me the pass in a picture. Now while I was looking for this picture, Reacon came to chat, for the heck of it I guess, and by this time “waterkid” had changed there name back to Camelogical. So the now Camelogical gave Reacon ownership idk why and honestly neither did Reacon, he was just there for no reason. IT WASN’T REACON OR DAN. After about 15 minutes of searching I finally found it. Gave it to Dan. Dan quickly got ownership reset chat and changed the pass. AS SOON AS HE CHANGED IT HE GAVE IT TO ME. We were able to get it restored, but not more then 15 minutes later Camelogical struck again. The chat was reset and this time I myself was banned because Camelogical had seen that I was no longer on his side. Dan took the old pass somehow and was able to get the chat pass back and restore chat. Gave me the pass and peace was restored. No more hacks that day. But It was somebody named Camelogical. I hope this has given some insight. If any reporters or anybody have any questions PLEASE CONTACT ME I am always on just come talk to me.

    • You da real MVP if you actually took time and read all of that.

    • This would be so much easier if you used paragraphs.

      • Paragraphs are hard

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