[PB In Review] Doritos of CP vs. Army of Club Penguin

Breeze, Battle Venue – The Doritos of Club Penguin and Army of Club Penguin battled earlier this morning in an AUSIA battle on the server Breeze. With AUSIA becoming increasingly better in armies, we take a look at how this battle went.

On May 1st, the Doritos and Army of Club Penguin (ACP) logged onto the ACP capital of Breeze and competed in a Practice Battle in the Ice Berg in order for one army to achieve AUSIA dominance with the recent fall of the Water Vikings.

The Doritos of CP currently hold the number 1 spot in the army community while the Army of Club Penguin have fallen out of the Top Five as of late only receiving the 6th spot – but a win for them in this practice battle would be very good at proving they are still a force not to be messed with in the community.


The impressive AUSIA battle took place in the Ice Berg with both armies having very good tactics. Throughout the battle there was a clear and consistent winner in terms of size with the Doritos of CP maxing a size of 21 becoming “the first AUSIA division to max 21 this week.” The ACP however fell short of the Doritos sizes giving up sizes of +11 as they only managed to get 10 troops on due to a lack of an AUSIA leader.

Purpleslime4 took to the ACP website to address the battle believing themselves to be the winners of the Practice Battle. Here is an extract from the post:

Hey guys, Purp here! Today the pure ACP AUSIA force (hey I know I’m UK, but I kept having connection probs..) battled against the Doritos. No owner came to the event due to important stuff, so I came around 15 minutes before the event ended for this battle. Kudos to Agent Ryan, Mortico Kale, Blases and Abhi wholed the event brilliantly, Star helped too, and we won the battle due to DCP logging off early because apparently most of their troops had to go to school (battle ended at 8am EST- ooo!).

As you can see, the ACP claimed victory due to the Doritos of CP logging off Club Penguin as their troops had to go to school. The Doritos of CP disagreed with this decision, making a blog post entitled “AUS PB against ACP – Victory!”. Here is an extract from that post as well:

Hey DCP!

Amazing Ausia PB against the Army of Club Penguin today, maxing 21 and averaging 20 while ACP managed much smaller sizes. Thank you everyone who attended and congratulations on being the first Ausia to max 21 this week! Family Forever!

The Doritos also claimed victory in the battle due to their big sizes of a max of 21 and like they said – that is the biggest recorded AUSIA size of the week as they congratulated their troops.


As you can see, once again a battle has ended with a disputed winner – based on the pictures alone, it appears that the Doritos of CP had the advantage throughout the battle but ACP of cause is claiming that the Doritos surrendered to them by logging off early.

What do YOU think? Do you believe the Doritos did enough to win the battle? Or do you think the ACP’s claim makes them the true victors? 

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer


7 Responses

  1. 1ST, GOOD POST.

  2. Decent battle by the looks of it.
    Good post too.

    -Rocky Balboa

  3. CSY coming through in the clutch. Well done DCP.

  4. It looks like DCP has improved on the AUSIA force.

  5. ACP executed more tactics and they did tactic after tactic very quickly. DCP may have won size advantage however ACP winning tactical advantage AND DCP logging off 8 minutes early should and does result in a win for ACP.

    That is my opinion. After all, it is just a PB.

    • As a participant in the PB, I would say tactics were rather equal. Both of us had decent tactics – ACP might have had more perfect ones but perhaps it is easier since you had less people to co-ordinate? I think DCP kept the ball rolling for quite a while so we definitely weren’t just dominant in terms of size.

      Well since DCP dominated for like the first 20 minutes, and I didn’t want CPAC to say its mislabel, I told them to log off as it was apparent we won the size war – so I could quickly post before 9:00pm JST. I do realize that this decision was erroneous but it’s not like you guys had a “pure Ausia” as ACP stated – I’m pretty sure Blases is US.

      All I want to say is, DCP dominated for the first 20 minutes of the PB with a 21-10 score. Even if all our troops logged off (and I sincerely doubt that since I, and a couple of people were on even after I told people to press b and log off), ACP took dominance in the last 7 minutes with a 10-0 score. I think it’s safe to say ACP didn’t win.

  6. Practice battles don’t set specific times for when the event starts and ends, this is just a cheap excuse for ACP to try and claim victory for their unimpressive sizes. If there was no agreed end time (which I do not believe there was) then, in theory, both armies had the right to log off at any given time.

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