Top Ten Armies of April 2015

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – After we settle back into school following the Easter Holidays, several armies have seen rises, falls and also deaths. We’ve seen the return of legendary armies such as UMA and Army Republic this month – but which army has done the best in April 2015?

1. Doritos of CP [79] [19.75]

2. Ice Warriors [77] [19.25]

3. Water Ninjas [69] [17.25]

4. Light Troops [65] [17.25]

5. Army of Club Penguin [63] [15.75]

6. Nacho Army [60] [15.00]

7. Redemption Force [52] [13.00]

8. Water Vikings [46] [11.50]

9. Rebel Penguin Federation [43] [10.75] 

10. Air Force [38] [9.50]

For those close to the Top Ten, check out our partner, SM Army Press.

The first number, next to the armies name — [79] for the Doritos, [77] for the Ice Warriors, etcetera — is simple addition. For every first place ranking through the month, an army received twenty points. For every second place ranking, an army received nineteen points. For every third place ranking, eighteen points, and so on, until eleven points for every tenth place ranking.

So the numbers you see like 40, 33, 22 is simple addition of the army’s Top Ten places – collected by Zing King To. Also, if an army was on the SMAP Top Ten, additional points are attributed to the army’s score — for example, if an army is placed at 1st on SMAP for a week, then the army gets 10 points for that week, similarly, if another army is at 10th on SMAP it gets 1 point for that week, and so on.

The second number — [19.75] for the Doritos etc. — is an average of the month’s score, which is also surprisingly simple. The total for the Water Vikings — the number 46 — was divided by the number of weeks; four (5th, 12th, 19th, 26th).

What do YOU think? Will the Doritos of CP remain army of the month in May? Will the Water Vikings ever recover from this huge fall?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer


14 Responses

  1. I think this is perfectly and correctly accurate

  2. Where’s mufc

    • 2 places behind man city

    • About to get destroyed by Crystal Palace.

      • Crystal Palace is back?

        • Well, we beat City and we beat Sunderland but we’re doing terribly right now like United.

  3. PBK best nation

  4. WN clich 3rd ;o

  5. where is fish warriors and ching chong clan this is bs

    • 45th place to 31st hasn’t been revealed yet.

  6. Reblogged this on kenismbeliever and commented:

  7. RPF should be #1 by now we just maxed 40+ beating DCP

    • If you haven’t realised, it’s now May.

  8. come on bepboy9 of the water vikings step ur game up!

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