Midnightwave Retires From Redemption Force

THERMAL, Redemption Force Empire – In a week plagued by retirements, we see yet another one. This time in the form of Midnightwave from the Redemption Force.

On April 17th, Midnightwave took to the Redemption Force blog to post a rather short retirement or as he called it, “a like temp retirement” stating that he probably will be back in about a month. The full post can be seen here:

Due to me not being active anymore i have decided to stop and retire. I´m too busy with life and i have my wifi fucked up so i need to get if fixed. I´ll probably be back (IN RF) in like 1 month or earlier. I need a break because i am really busy at the matter. I wish good luck to Reacon and Chuck. I apologize for leaving at a bad time, but you have to be a active leader if you wanna be a leader of a good army, and i´m NOT active. Good luck and i promise you i will be back and i won´t be joining any other army except for RF. This is like a temp retirement.

–Midnightwave Former RF Leader

As you can see, Midnightwave gave the common reasons for retirement such as being too busy with life. While some might say that this isn’t a valid excuse, things like school often do consume large chunks of our life. Midnightwave also credited his wifi as being a reason he can’t continue on.

This retirement certainly doesn’t look like it will be forever as Midnight said he will “probably be back in like 1 month or earlier”. While this isn’t confirmed due to the terminology of the word “probably”, it does appear apparent that Midnightwave will see himself return to the army one day.

Towards the end of the post, he apologised to Reacon and Chuck for leaving “at a bad time” but believes it to be for the better due to the fact that he isn’t active enough in the army realising himself to be a not very good leader due to his inactivity.

Most Recent RF Event

The Redemption Force will most likely see a slight decline as most armies do after losing a leader. Due to Midnight not being that active, it shouldn’t do too much damage to the army as they will be able to have room for a new active leader to take over the army along with Chuck and Reacon.

I made hope to get an interview with an owner in the Redemption Force but there were none active and Midnightwave has seemingly already left the community.

What do YOU think? Will the Redemption Force fall due to the loss of a leader? Will Midnightwave return to the army soon?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer


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  1. thats some shitty picture

  2. needs more llamas

  3. who?

  4. Third retirement

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