Doritos of CP Fire UK Leader, Max43810

SUMMIT, Doritos of CP Capital – After spending the last few months as a devoted advocate for the Doritos Army, an army he claimed to be his family, Max43810 has been unexpectedly ousted of power.

Although Max wasn’t the official DCP Leader; his rank of highest UK Troop and UK Leader holds significance in the army as he had jobs such as recruiting too. As of this writing, no official statement has been released about the firing however a post entitled “LOL @Max43810” was posted onto the site.

As I logged onto the Doritos of Club Penguin chat, I got spammed with multiple private chats from the one and only, Max43810. He was telling me that he got fired and that Mustapha is using me. I knew that Mustapha would never use me seeing as we go way back, and this was just an act, because he was fired. Max has tried to get me to leave the Doritos of Club Penguin, all because he got fired. And to that I said…


Mr. Rodgahs, DCP Leader In Training announced that Max had made an attempt to get him to quit the “family” by using the bias claim that Mustapha is simply using him. Rodgahs appeared to have rejected this idea telling Max that he can pity him, and that he is staying.

Max is attempting to break the family apart. I will not allow this. It’s like as soon as he got fired, he turned his back on everyone in this family. I will not stand for this. I am not the only victim of Max’s actions. He has told plenty of other Doritos troops to leave. So far, he has not been sucessful. Families do not break apart that easily, and this one definitely won’t.

Below, you will find another picture of Max attempting to make Pippio, leave the Doritos of Club Penguin.


Yet another owner in the form of Pippio this time was asked by Max to quit the army that he once called his family. The army that Max devoted so much time to, spoke so highly about – and he is now attempting to remove troops from the army. Rodgahs stated that “Max is attempting to break the family apart” and from the pictures above, that claim certainly appears to be evident.

Last but not least, I am warning you all, if Max43810 private chats you ANYWHERE and tells you lies about the Doritos, to leave the Doritos, etc. ignore him. We will not allow Max43810 to corrupt the Doritos. We are a growing family. This is an example of how easily someone can turn on you, and can really rage quit, just because they got fired.

I would like to share that, before this Max and I got along really well. We would talk everyday, and talk about what we can do to help the Doritos. I was shocked to see how quickly he turned on me, and told some of the Doritos troops to leave. Max got angry about getting fired, which is understandable, but to reach extremes, to which he is telling the troops to leave is unacceptable.

I will not stand for this.

Rodgahs concluded the post warning Doritos not to acknowledge Max and that he will not stand for the action. We are yet to learn what that means aside from a simple ban which appears to be the only thing the DCP owners could do in order to silence Max. Since his firing, Max has made several claims towards the Doritos, mainly towards Mustapha10, the Doritos leader.

DISCLAIMER: The following picture is currently unproven, so read at your own risk.

Pictured above is a picture of Doritos of CP Leader, Mustapha10, allegedly announcing to Max that Andrew24 won’t be on for this battle as he’s been ddosed. For those who don’t know the context, the DCP and Ice Warriors have been exchanging ddos threats recently, which could make this seem appropriate. However, there is no proof that validates this picture yet, and as such, it should not be taken as legitimate. Max has also claimed that Mustapha10 engages in multilogging, but again, there is no proof to validate these claims, as CPA Central has yet to conduct a thorough investigation of these claims. Again, neither of these claims should be taken as legitimate quite yet.

It’s yet unknown what Mustapha10’s response is to these claims and he wasn’t available for an interview. It will be interesting to see how this story develops and what else Max will reveal.

What do YOU think? Are the Multilogging Allegations True? What will happen next in Max’s Club Penguin Army Career?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief 


73 Responses

    • Mustapha multilogged logged 4 penguins on to the UK event yesterday, highlighted below.
      All of those penguins can be found on the website:

      • WTMFH

      • multiloggers

      • Zing may have stole this from me, but this ones mine 😀

        • How did I steal it from you? It’s really not my fault you were taking too long to post. If you are going to post something, claim it on the staff site and then post it there and then. The site isn’t going to wait for you.

          Also Zakster actually kik’d me to do this post because it was taking you too long so if you have a problem with it, speak to him.

          • I think he was joking.

            • If you were joking, Sorry! Kik me for dick pics

              • kinky

      • Is this the first time he’s multilogged?

        • Okay, but can you explain the picture about the ddos?

        • wot

        • When I was in DCP we went on null on 1 penguin. Everything here is what Musty tells all the owners and Max is taking everything out of context. Also the fact he saved these pics show he was never part of the ”fam”.

      • Max shut up Your just mad KID

    • You and I have had our arguments but think DCP made a stupid decision removing you. Made their UK division biggest in armies.

      • You weren’t saying that when he was apart of the incredibly close and lovable “DCP family.”

        • I love how they use a family approach. But there’s one flaw. You see, if someone is fired, you keep it low key and say they resigned, not say that they are literally Hitler.

      • Think you’ll find I’m not mentally challenged and that my firm would do you nonce boy.

  1. Normally I try to run
    And I might even want to hide
    ’cause I never knew what I wanted
    ’til I looked into your eyes
    So am I in this alone?
    What I’m looking for is a sign
    That you feel how I feel for you
    Baby please don’t let me go

    For you Max ❤

  2. I don’t dislike him but I will like post (WARY)

    • Aww thanks bae

  3. Rest In Pippios, Max. *Straw*

  4. How can an EiC be allowed to make a post like this that has numerous deliberate stabs at Max. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a post like this from Zing.

    • EIC? What theF is that

      • Editor-In-Chief. Some admin rank.

    • You’re SMAC. That makes your opinion irrelevant, and I was actually asked to make this post. Now why don’t you sit down, and let the real reporters do their jobs, okay darling?

      • And the least professional comment of the 21st century goes to…

        • Leader of the Toast Army telling me about being professional.

          • I’m not upholding a brand. I do as I please because my actions don’t represent something as big and universal as CPAC. When I act immaturely, my actions reflect myself. When you attack people for their role, call people’s opinions irrelevant, and insult people who hold positions in the industry, it reflects upon CPAC. I recognize my faults, and the fact that you need to make a jab at me to save face furthers my comment about unprofessionalism.

            • to save face? No bruv, you had ago at me… I had it right back

    • Edited, and I have to agree here.

    • Preach, Bep

  5. Max was loyal give him credit for that

    • Until he lost his power and started trying to harm the army, proving he never truly cared about the army – instead he only cared about his position and power in the army.

      • Valid point. We don’t however know why he was fired yet. Maybe he didn’t agree with the multilogging and threatened to expose it and that’s why he got fired?

        • “Maybe he didn’t agree with the multilogging and threatened to expose it and that’s why he got fired?”

          There’s speculation and then there’s fucking speculation.

          You speak about the allegations against DCP as if they’re proven, treating “the multilogging” as an absolute… smh

          Your job is to report the news, not to make up the news.

          • That was a comment, not the post. In the post, I report the news – In the comments, I debate about it. Fucking learn the difference.

            • You’ve obviously already made up your mind about if these allegations are actually legitimate, without any solid evidence to back it up. How can you be expected to post in a neutral way on this subject when your views are like this?

              • It’s not about my views. Quite simply, Musta trusted Max enough to give him UK Leader, so of cause he’d trust him to say this sort of stuff. DCP have a known history of ddosing. Max wants revenge so he would reveal secrets. A picture that looks quite real has been posted.

                These are not my opinions, these are all facts.

            • Still don’t understand why people make such a big deal out of multi logging! XD

              Also, if Max was once “loyal” he wouldn’t want to bring harm to the army, right? Posting images that may or may not be faked isn’t exactly “loyal”. He has also, allegedly, made more than 7 troops leave!

              • He’s tried to make more than 7 troops leave. He’s succeeded in 0. Doritos are loyal, minus the occasional cancer cell (Max) within the otherwise healthy body.

                • I’ve seen people on chat come online and be like “GUYS IM LEAVING” and then found out it’s Max on a VPN. XD

                • What about that brain cancer?


                  • I cri everytim

                    • kk

                    • 😦

                    • bby ily

    • True he was. I did say that for the last few months he’s been sticking up for them (Y)

  6. Motivation (Videos) For ALL CP Armies That Haven’t Achieved First So They Won’t Quit Until First On CPAC’s Achieved

    • Should of listed ffdp – the pride

  7. LMAO

  8. What is ddos?

    • It’s when someone turns your Internet off for like 4-5 minutes.

      • It’s usually 30-60 minutes or longer actually.

      • Oh, crap. I have been threatened for that once. Thank you anyway 🙂

  9. Max clearly faked those pictures, CPAC’s a joke now….

    • If you can give us proof, we’d love to see it… unless you’re just one of those guys who claim “FAKE BIAS” without any logical reasoning?

      • Shots have been fired snap

        • More like smap.
          See what I did there? Because SMAP. *awkward laughter*

  10. Welp now everything is going to get more controversial my anus is ready for the butthurtness coming shortly

  11. Reblogged this on Club Penguin Satire Club.

  12. One man doesn’t make a division; this guy got a little in over his head

  13. When Army Hopping Goes Wrong

    • LOL

  14. Good post, mostly because it shows my post. (WARY)

  15. The pictures are CLEARLY faked. Anyone with common sense can tell that Max is simply infuriated that he got booted out of the army because he’s too incompetent.

    The person who wrote this post clearly had reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity. #SARCASM

  16. Max deserved this completely lmao. If I was mustapha, I would of fired him day 2 for being the most annoying mother fucker in armies tho.

  17. Musty the Multi logger 😦 I swear if you do that again i’ll break ur penis

    • With what your teeth?

      • No lol with waterkid’s ass ofc

  18. Why are you guys all of a sudden up in arms about Musta multilogging? We all know he’s been doing it for the past 5 years.

    P.S. Hey musta, how’s your parrot? 😉

  19. Max also did the same to Brad, DCP 2ic.



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