Editorial: Cowardice and Lack of Sportsmanship

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters — The Nacho Army recently declared war on the Army of Club Penguin and while there have been several defences and invasions of servers, there has been a lack of fighting, rendering this war to be believed by some as simply pointless.

Note: The following post is an editorial and contains the writer’s personal opinion. It does not represent the views of CPAC as a whole.

The Army of Club Penguin have been known to use their AUSIA Division as a way to increase their Top Ten rank and to easily invade servers without resistance. As the popular saying goes, if you’ve got it, flaunt it, and that is what ACP is doing. ACP smartly is taking advantage of their major-time AUSIA Division that most armies simply don’t have…

…In fact, “the ACP Ausia Division is the sole reason that ACP is still even a contender for the Top Five Armies each week” is a comment that many people make.

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Above are the statistics for the Top Ten Armies this week. I am now going to subtract the AUSIA Division rankings and see exactly where on the Top Ten the army would be without the AUSIA Division – shouldn’t really matter to their score too much, right?


Well, that’s half the community proved wrong then. The ACP actually raised their rank in the Top Ten to 5th place, knocking the Water Vikings out when I removed the AUSIA Division from the rankings. Now, while the Top Ten actually rises in the ACP’s favour, it’s not the only thing that rises in ACP’s favour.

The majority of the war battles that ACP win are AUSIA invasions and defences. The ACP have the worst US Division out of all the Top 6 armies. They also have the worst UK Division out of the Top 5 armies. What the ACP lack in US and UK during wars, they make up with their AUSIA division, using it as a sort of method for being sneaky and underhanded, as some would call it.

Greetings ACP.

Our AUSIA division invaded the server Sleet from the Nachos, and as usual the Nachos did not show their faces. We averaged 15 and maxed 18, so a very well done to you all. Thank you to those who came on today, and I believe that we can easily improve as a division from here on.

acpevent12 money

Above, you see the start of an AUSIA result post from the Army of Club Penguin. They talk about how they successfully invaded the Nachos’ server of Sleet. It’s a pretty normal result post but there is one line that I want to zoom in on. One line that I want to highlight in that entire post. The line I’m talking about is “and as usual the Nachos did not show their faces.”

It seems that the ACP are quite proud that they are taking servers with no resistance with their AUSIA division, a division that the Nachos barely have. Is that really a reason for the ACP to be as proud as they quite clearly are here? I don’t think so. Sure, they are getting servers, that’s amazing. What’s not amazing is how it seems the AUSIA division is the only way of getting those servers.

The ACP are hiding behind their AUSIA Division. It’s the only thing that is acting as a safe haven for them. Without an AUSIA Division, the ACP are defeated in war. They are defeated by the Nacho Empire – but does that make ACP cowards, or the Nachos themselves?

The Nacho Army is an empire that throughout time has proven itself to be magnificent. They are one of the best tactical armies in the community with several achievements behind them. One thing that the Nachos do have however, is the Nacho SS – a “division” of the Nachos. This means the Nacho Army can easily take back the servers with their UK and US.

How fun is that? ACP takes the server in the morning and then the Nachos take it back in the evening! That seems fun! This cycle then continues until the world ends. On a serious note however, it’s important to ask – What’s the point in having this war if there isn’t anything really being achieved?

While several would call ACP cowards for just fighting with their AUSIA and not UK and US, some might call the Nachos cowards for even declaring war on an army that simply can’t fight back in those areas. Taking servers when the other clearly can’t fight isn’t respectful. It shows a lack of sportsmanship that has been a problem in armies for far too long now.

I leave you with this. Leaders of the Nacho Empire. Leaders of the ACP Nation. What is the point in this? This isn’t a war, it’s a game of Pass the Parcel with servers. ACP takes it in the morning, then Nachos get it again in the evening. War is good in the community – but why not declare war on someone who can actually give you a fight?

What do YOU think? Should ACP and the Nachos declare WAR on someone who can actually fight back with the same divisions? Who’s going to win the ACP-Nacho war? Comment.

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor In Chief and SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer 


42 Responses

  1. No offense but they both need to attend any event even if the division isn’t good. That’s how armies grow.

  2. Btw first ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  3. As a Nacho soldier, I agree with this post entirely. It’s just all these events saying, invasion of Fjord, invasion of Blooblah, defense of Wakatootoo etc. I believe Ahmed is a power-hungry leader and maybe there should be an addition to ACP leadership. And when I saw the post “Declaration Of War” I was so excited for tense battles, close calls and all that, but all we have is either Invasion/Defence and “Random Server Name”. This war has gone on for too long, and there is such an easy solution, if Ahmed was willing to add a few leaders alongside him. Last time I checked, ACP was a democracy and Nachos were the Empire.

    • I wanna invade Wakatootoo 😦

      • Wakatootoo is a 5 bar server. It’s always full so we have to fight for it on Bloobah which is 1 bar.

    • >still waiting for nachos to explain why ACP’s leadership concerns them in ANY way

    • Wow how much do your leaders brainwash you.. stop calling me power hungry without knowing what is going on 😉

      • Because people can brainwash you over xat….Yeah ok then 😉

  4. Although AR and Sheep were one of the first armies to actually implement the Ausia division and I mean no disrespect towards Ausia leaders and soldiers, I’d be lying if I said I enjoy wars more with them.

    There are only a handful of quality Ausia leaders in armies so what does an army without an Ausia division do? They are forced to make up for it with either their Euro or US force. That’s fine for them, but in war is creates situations as they are seen in this war. Boring and senseless wars.

  5. Right after I work my butt off doing that philosophy post, you’ve stole my views and you’re copying me about sportsmanship. We’re going to have a long talk.

    • Its rather a follow up to ur post rather then copying.

      • True.

  6. Then again, it’s not such a bad post.

  7. good post

  8. ass>

  9. this post was unnecisary even if it favored the nachos

    • Oh no, I’d hate to write an “unnecisary” post.

      • lol

  10. Wars between ACP and the Nachos have been pointless for about 2 years now. Nachos win most or all US events and ACP wins most or all of the rest. It goes back and forth until everyone is bored and a poorly-thought-out treaty is signed. I’ll never understand why people continue to try the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome.

    • y don’t you lead acp and make a meaningful war then. You’re still more active than the current leader. 🙂

      • If he was leading nachos would be begging for a treaty right now.

        • Stfu no good hopper

        • If he was leading there wouldn’t be a war in the first place.

  11. I love how you just add in “editorial” in order to cover up all of the bias.

    • …That’s what an Editorial is.

      • You forgot to added the Ausia…

        • What?

          • You forgot to added the Ausia for IW…

      • Editorials are basically Hitler, if you didn’t include that almighty powerful word, you would have been fired. I demand your removal from CPAC immediately.

  12. Yeah we haven’t had a contested UK event.

    • Only one, where they maxed 5

  13. Honestly, The only army I see that could beat ACP is Water Vikings due to them actually having good sizes in all 3 divisions.

    • IW has an ausia division :/

  14. >tfw you’re trying to greentext on WordPress

    srsly stahp

  15. Lmao, this post made me laugh. This is Zing’s way to say “fuck you” because he got banned on ACP chat.

    • Hardly… it’s my way of saying “Grow up and actually do what this community is for” and Ig got unbanned minutes after (Shrug)

      • You’re still pretty mad though. It’s ok, thanks for helping Nachos in their AUSIA events!

        • I aint mad. I said I was gonna help Nachos in an event and apparently that makes me a n ACP enemy who wants them dead even though it wasn’t even a defence/invasion.

  16. This point has been made since 2013. Allow me to point you to an editorial by Kingfunks4 that pointed out the typical Nacho-ACP war cycle: ACP takes servers by using the AUSIA division, Nachos takes servers by using the US division, UK battles could go either way. Thus, a Nacho-ACP war would always be a tie. (Link to Funk’s Editorial)

    As others have stated, a Nacho-ACP war is frankly pointless. There will not be a different outcome if the factors involved are not changed. Unless some sort of war strategy can be devised by the Nachos that can nullify ACP’s AUSIA division’s gains, or if the ACP can nullify the Nacho US division, then the stated ‘war cycle’ will continue endlessly.

    A statement from the post: “The ACP are hiding behind their AUSIA Division. It’s the only thing that is acting as a safe haven for them. Without an AUSIA Division, the ACP are defeated in war.”

    You could also likewise say that the Nachos are hiding behind their US division and it is the only thing that are a safe haven for them. Without the US division, the Nachos would also be defeated.

    While I understand that the US division is a more traditional way to fight a war, and that most people are from the US, this does not lessen the AUSIA division’s worthiness in a war. Using an AUSIA division against an army that cannot win in an AUSIA battle is like using a US division against an army that cannot win in a US battle. I think that after two years, it is time that we start thinking of the AUSIA division as some new, novel and perhaps ‘dirty’ technique. You have had two years to try to find a way to counter an AUSIA division. It is not the ACP’s fault that you have not yet found a way.

    • preach.

  17. Why didn’t I see this?

  18. This war is giving me flashbacks *shudders*

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