Former Water Vikings Leader Stromae Returns

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – In a glorious turn of events, former leader Stromae has returned to the Water Vikings after several months of being away from the army. He has officially joined the army as a Water Vikings Commander.

On April 9th, Strom took to the Water Vikings website to announce his return to the army after several retirements from the army. Here is the full post as seen on the website:

Greetings WV,

As many of you know I have been absent from WV for a few months now. Due to a large amount of retirements and a complete reshuffle of the owner-line – I have decided to return to the Water Vikings. plz clap

Once again, I stand alongside an elite set of leaders and WV Legends:  Bepboy, Buddy, Dash and Rose. I have been in various armies with all of these throughout the years, and I firmly believe they are the people who can restore WV.

However, we can not do this alone. As many of you know, we have open applications for UK/US/Ausia Owners. I encourage everyone reading this post to apply. If you want to play a major part in this historic restoration and go down as a WV Legends, I advise you to apply.

This will be slow and tedious, and with your help WV will be at the top again.

As you can see, Strom has announced a complete reshuffle of the owner line. His return to the army, however, might just be the most shocking and possibly beneficial change to the owner line. He will be standing with people who can only be considered legends of the Water Vikings as stated above.

Strom has fully acknowledged that the road to making Water Vikings number one will be “slow and tedious” but it is certainly a challenge that Strom appears to be fully ready to accept and also make an attempt to beat.


It’s important to note that while the Water Vikings aren’t number one, and they certainly aren’t in a Golden Age, the Water Vikings are an army that has been making a lot of progress this year. They are the only army in the entire community to remain in the Top Five all year-long.

While there are problems in the army, Strom won’t have the job of having to start from scratch. He will be able to build the army up further from the success that has already been built up in recent months by the star-studded leadership that they already have with the likes of Dash.

What do YOU think? Will Strom rejoining the Water Vikings be the thing that finally pushes them to the top? What impact will Strom make on the army?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor In Chief and SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer


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  2. cool

  3. Welcome back, Strom.

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